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    Kikuyu Entrepreneur offering Rabbit Farmers ready market

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    Elias Kabiru, (left), the founder of Kimka Rabbits with his wife selling rabbit products at the Central Kenya National Show in Nyeri County on 15th Sept 2017. 

    One agribusiness association is offering ready market for rabbit farmers in Central Kenya and beyond. Majorities of the Kenyan youth are now embracing agribusiness as a full time job but are lacking ready market for their produce.

    Elias Kabiru is the founder of Kimka rabbits, the promoters and suppliers of rabbit meat, by products and breeds. He uses rabbit meat to make sausages, kebabs and pies with the help of his wife.

    The rabbits are purchased from rabbit farmers at a cost of 5,000 shillings but may vary according to the breed. Elias was one of the exhibitors at the Nyeri Agricultural Society of Kenya show that was held between 13th and 16th September 2017 at the Kabiruini show grounds in Nyeri County.

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    The exhibition brought together farmers and business people from different parts of the county and the neighboring counties of Nairobi, Kiambu, Kirinyaga, Murang’a, Nyandarua and Nakuru.

    When Farmbiz Africa visited his stand, he was busy selling rabbit samosas and sausages which he sold to various visitors at the show.

    “Rabbits require less land, they grow fast, have high quality meat and high in protein when compared to other meat products” said Elias. He started by rearing 10 rabbits in 2006 but due to the lack of ready market for his rabbits he decided to add value to the rabbit meat so as earn income from it. A few of his friends who had promised to buy the rabbits disappointed him by failing to turn up after maturity of the rabbits.

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    Elias sells a kilo of rabbit meat at Ksh. 700; 500g of rabbit sausage at Ksh. 400 and 1 kg of rabbit pie at Ksh. 800, samosas go for Ksh. 50. On a good day at the ASK show he earns between 8,000 to 10,000 shillings.

    In addition to purchasing rabbits from farmers, Kimka Rabbits also trains farmers on the best rearing practices, when and how to harvest rabbits and commercial rabbit production. The cost of the training is Ksh. 1500 per head. 

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    According to Elias rabbit meat is recommended for a variety of health specific specialty diets such as diabetes, gouts and hypertension amongst others. It is also low in cholesterol, low in calories, low in saturated fat, and highly digestible hence suitable for both the old and the young people.

    For More Information Contact Elias on

    Tel:  0733288899 or 0751001922








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