KARI scientists embrace tech to boost researchKARI-scientists-embrace-tech-to-boost-research

Over 400 scientists from the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute can now publish their journals and keep up to date with global scientific trends thanks to a Sh4million fiber optic network installed by data, voice and IP provider Liquid Telecom Kenya.

The network connects 25 Kenya Agricul[...]


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Njoro farmer taps into water harvesting to increase cultivation area
Harrison Agundo for Farmbizafrica

A farmer in Njoro area is perfecting the art of water harvesting which has assisted him in irrigating his farm and managed to increased area of cultivation to 12 acres. This even as the cycle of water [ ... ]

Meteoric demand for fish drives aquaculture farming
Bob Koigi for Farmbizafrica

A growing Kenyan population, expected to hit 55 million by 2020, will create demand for food which cannot be met by existing farming models. Fish farming is one sure way of meeting the anticipated dem [ ... ]

Green revolution feeds continent, tames climate change
Bob Koigi for Farmbizafrica

Major steps in high-yield agriculture achieved during the so-called Green Revolution have not only helped feed the planet, but also have helped slow the pace of global warming by cutting the amount of [ ... ]

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