Electric motorbikes save Nyakach fish from rotMotorcycle

A start up company specializing in designing and distributing hybrid-charging stations for electric motorcycles in South Nyakach is helping farmers and fishermen access markets in time while saving produce from going bad in an area struggling with poor road network.

Charles Ogingo, a mechan[...]


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Vanguard farmer makes a killing with chick nursery
Julius Omondi for Farmbizafrica

An enterprising farmer is cashing in on the pent up demand for superior chicken variety, Kuroiler, in Uganda to brood eggs for farmers with poor brooding practices hampering availability of chicks. D [ ... ]

Rabbit meat and urine offer farmers profitable alternatives
Harrison Agundo for Farmbizafrica

Besides a successful venture in rabbit rearing Humprey Wangila a farmer in Bungoma is now selling rabbit urine and droppings to fellow farmers a venture that is giving him extra income but also shield [ ... ]

Farmers dictate market prices with mobile phones
Harrison Agundo for Farmbizafrica

A mobile phone revolution is redefining how small holder farmers buy and sell their produce, and shielding them from the unscrupulous middlemen who fix prices for their own benefit, with farmers recor [ ... ]

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