Youth restores sanity in Uganda’s pig farmingpigfarming

A 28 year old youth’s desire to improve piggery standards in Uganda has seen him setup a pig production and marketing organization aimed at structuring and empowering pig farmers in a sector that is largely informal with no clear government guidance.

Having embarked on Pig farming in 2009 a[...]


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Climate change threatens livelihoods of fish producers
Bob Koigi for Farmbizafrica

Up to 10 million jobs in the fisheries sector stand to be lost as a result of exacerbated changes in weather in Sub Saharan Africa with a 10,000 reduction in fish production from Kenya and Ethiopia, t [ ... ]

Fertilizer free farm becomes Nyanza’s food basket
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In a small village in Nyanza area, a farm has caught villagers attention and attracted thousands of visitors from as far as Nairobi keen on learning how it manages to produce bountiful harvest with no [ ... ]

Uganda targets triple yields with coffee farming manual
Julius Omondi for Farmbizafrica

A coffee farming manual that outlines farm management, pest and disease control and post harvest handling of coffee hopes to increase yields to 3 tonnes per hectare from the current 600kgs in Uganda a [ ... ]

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