Scientists target silkworms to contain Malaria

Scientists at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology are using the small factories that silkworm use to produce silk, to manufacture unique antigens on the spot that are key in diagnosing Malaria, with a successful trial expected to greatly curb Malaria spread while creat[...]


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Enterprising youth hatches fortunes with chicken sourcing business
Victor Amadala for Farmbizafrica

When Denis Musungu 26, quit his job as a hotel manager at one of the leading firms in Nairobi and started selling chicken, his mother was apprehensive. She even invited a renowned sorcerer from the vi [ ... ]

Three layered bags stem post harvest losses, aflatoxin
Julius Omondi for Farmbizafrica

An improved air tight three layered bag is promising Makueni grain farmers reduced post harvest losses and aflatoxin causing fungi at a time when the region has borne the brunt of poor drying that has [ ... ]

Fertilizer loan to fastrack smallholder farmers’ crop production
Julius Omondi for Farmbizafrica

Western and Nyanza smallholder farmers are counting on a low cost agricultural input loan to boost their production and yields at a time when timely access to seeds, fertilizers and finance has slowed [ ... ]

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