Climate change threatens livelihoods of fish producers

Up to 10 million jobs in the fisheries sector stand to be lost as a result of exacerbated changes in weather in Sub Saharan Africa with a 10,000 reduction in fish production from Kenya and Ethiopia, the most affected countries, putting a strain on food security according to a report by Inte[...]


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Fertilizer free farm becomes Nyanza’s food basket
Harrison Agundo for Farmbizafrica

In a small village in Nyanza area, a farm has caught villagers attention and attracted thousands of visitors from as far as Nairobi keen on learning how it manages to produce bountiful harvest with no [ ... ]

Uganda targets triple coffee yields with coffee farming manual
Julius Omondi for Farmbizafrica

A coffee farming manual that outlines farm management, pest and disease control and post harvest handling of coffee hopes to increase yields to 3 tonnes per hectare from the current 600kgs in Uganda a [ ... ]

Camel milk, goat breeding lift Borana’s fortunes
Harrison Agundo for Farmbizafrica

When 24-year old Ralia’s husband left her and their four children, it was like staring into an abyss. That happened five years ago when Ralia was living in Isiolo. At the time, Ralia’s husband wa [ ... ]

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