Experts pitch for once in a day milking to boost produc...

Livestock experts are encouraging farmers to embrace once a day milking to increase the quality and quantity of milk and cut down on feed expenses. The practice which is widely practiced in countries [ ... ]

Young agrippreneur spurs dairy farming with online plat...

A young agripreneur has launched an online market place that is assisting players in the dairy sector buy and sell goods and services online, a venture that has not only pointed farmers to cheaper alt [ ... ]

Bamboo farmers' patience pays off as markets open up

A company in Kenya is training rural and urban communities on growing bamboo, propagating, harvesting and making products, giving income to hundreds and offering a viable alternative to wood that has  [ ... ]

Entrepreneur finds his niche making cucumber ice pops

A wrong entry into cucumber farming has been the inspiration behind Larry Keya’s venture into the making of popsicles, unique ice pops, that are not only earning him more in value addition but turni [ ... ]

Farmers to sell cereals through receipt system, taming ...

The National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) are now welcoming its members to sell their grains virtually, solving a transport problem that has been blocking farmers from accessing ripe markets. The [ ... ]

Company makes cheaper farmer financing a reality

Approximately Sh31.5 million in grants will be released to help farmers with ideas but no funding, yet 70 per cent will return to the donors due to low absorption rate, a trend that has become common. [ ... ]

The man who brought Africa's fastest maturing tomato to...

A wrong seed variety that frustrated farmers has been the inspiration that saw a vanguard agronomist quit his job at a seed company to start a seed revolution, which has metamorphosed into a company t [ ... ]

Online seed tool maps varieties for all 47 counties

Smallholder farmers, agro dealers and extension officers in Kenya can now access the exact seed varieties that suit their planting zones within minutes thanks to an online tool that has collected grow [ ... ]

13 new wasp species to bolster war on pests

Researchers at the international centre of insect physiology and ecology, ICIPE, have discovered 13 previously unknown wasp species in Kenya and Burundi which will bolster the war on pests. The resea [ ... ]

Science teacher’s innovation takes pressure off fores...

A science teacher is trialing an innovation that produces high value compost and heating water for domestic use taking pressure off forests. Robert Sabimana’s innovation is as a result of the passi [ ... ]

Trans Nzoia farmer group captures international maize m...

Kimitu farmers group in Trans Nzoia county has lifted the fortunes of its over 468 farmers by increasing production of maize and increasing farmers access to competitive markets. Trans Nzoia county i [ ... ]

Sorghum project gives Western women financial might

In Khaoya area of Western Kenya, the sound of women singing and cheerfully chatting from an abundant sorghum field draws attention from neighbors passing by. The women’s yips and cheers could be hea [ ... ]

Meru County leads in cultivation of thorny melon fruit

Meru County is leading in the cultivation of thorny melon fruit, one of the most nutritious in boosting the immune system and slowing ageing process. The fruit which is hated by Kenyans due to its sp [ ... ]

App cuts time and cost of connecting farmers

A Ugandan developer is spearheading the adoption of technology in agribusiness with the development of an app that can be accessed and used while offline to ease communication between producers and ot [ ... ]

Flower companies embrace integrated pest management

Kenya flower companies are cutting down on expenses they use in pest control, while preserving the environment thanks to a new range of integrated pest management practices taking root in Kenya. This [ ... ]

Farmers crack regional markets with groundnuts

Farmers in Ukwala area of Siaya county are counting increased earnings with a groundnut project that has shielded them from low yields and poor income from traditional farming of maize and sorghum whi [ ... ]

Taita farmers taste aloe vera’s millions

Farmers in Voi area of Taita Taveta County tired of depressed rainfall and low yields from traditional crops have embraced aloe vera cultivation and value addition, a group venture that is now seeing  [ ... ]

Volatile markets, rebels take toll on Uganda cotton

Prolonged rebel activities in Northern Uganda and the volatile international prices have taken a toll on cotton farmers with global prices halving pushing farmers to alternatives. The Northern region [ ... ]

Africa harmonizes policies to boost fish trade

An ambitious project aimed at improving earnings from fish sector as well as increasing production among sub-Saharan Africa fish farmers has been launched. The project is hinged on the fact that Sub  [ ... ]

Farmer finds millions in courgettes

Joseph Magami is an urban farmer based in Kawempe, a Kampala suburb. For over three years, Magami has been planting egg plant and Nakati in his quarter acre plot for home consumption. However, the int [ ... ]

Farmers, fast food joints find fortunes in Soko shamban...

Over 1953 potatoes farmers in Narok and 17 hotels in Nairobi are a happy lot even though they have never met thanks to a mobile platform that ensures timely delivery of high quality potatoes to hoteli [ ... ]

Fish pond waste water increases milk yields by three li...

Over 300 dairy urban farmers in Uganda who have adopted backyard bucket fish farming are reaping from the symbiotic relationship with the nutritious waste water from the pond once mixed with animal fe [ ... ]

Informal food markets more hygienic than supermarkets,s...

Milk and meat from informal markets, which feeds most households in Africa due to their affordability, is fresher and safer than most of what is stocked in supermarkets a new study now reveals. Scene [ ... ]

Project seeks to harmonize Africa’s fish trade

An initiative to harmonize fish trade in Africa with a view to boosting household incomes for over 12.3 million Africans who directly rely on the sector has been launched. Africa’ fish trade account [ ... ]

Researchers target beer companies with sweet sorghum

A sweet sorghum that yields seven times more than the conventional varieties, can be used for food and liquor production and takes less than four months to mature has been is set to be introduced to K [ ... ]

Commercial farm turns Ugandans into agropreneurs

Ugandan farmers with intent into commercial farming have received a boost with the introduction of training and demonstration sessions at one of the leading commercial farm in Mukono. The farm owned  [ ... ]

Kakamega farmers triple yields with interest free loan...

Kakamega farmers are recording a tripling of yields thanks to an intervention that has made it easy for them to access improved farm inputs at interest free loans. For many years, Farmers from Kakame [ ... ]

Potato farmers find fortunes in value addition firm

Over 4500 Irish potato farmers from Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo are set to benefit from the newly constructed potato value addition firm in Kisoro which will offer ready market and [ ... ]

Telecentre points Tanzania farmers to Kenyan buyers

A telecentre in Iringa area of Tanzania is connecting tomato farmers in the area with Kenyan buyers while assisting the farmers access real time information on market prices in Nairobi and Mombasa as  [ ... ]

Purple tea offers farmers mixed bag of fortunes

The plummeting tea prices and the unstable market globally for the traditionally grown green tea, has seen farmers replace it with the superior purple variety, even as regulators warn research is stil [ ... ]

Pig and bicycle opens up maize business for couple

A pig purchase two years ago, has opened up an avalanche of business opportunities for David, a peasant farmer in Mount Elgon who together with his wife are now involved in the business of buying and  [ ... ]

Pig association assist farmers double pork prices

A 28 year old youth’s desire to improve standards in piggery in Uganda has seen him setup a pig production and marketing organization which is receiving massive uptake among farmers who are now more [ ... ]

Former accountant builds multi million fish hatchery

A trip to South Africa in 2000 by a Kenyan accountant was the inspiration that saw him quit a job to start a hatchery and fingerling rearing venture, which has now transformed into a multi million ven [ ... ]

Vegetable project transforms farms to cash cows

A project to train young entrepreneurs on vegetable cultivation in Tanzania is paying off with thousands of youth commercializing vegetable production and addressing household nutrition. This has kin [ ... ]

Youth eyes Russian market with oyster mushroom

The desire to quench the lucrative Russian market has forced an enterprising Ugandan youth into countrywide farmer campaign to adopt the white oyster mushroom farming. The 24 year old resident of Bwe [ ... ]

Electric motorbikes save Nyakach fish from rot

A start up company specializing in designing and distributing hybrid-charging stations for electric motorcycles in South Nyakach is helping farmers and fishermen access markets in time while saving pr [ ... ]

Rabbit meat and urine offer farmers profitable alternat...

Besides a successful venture in rabbit rearing Humprey Wangila a farmer in Bungoma is now selling rabbit urine and droppings to fellow farmers a venture that is giving him extra income but also shield [ ... ]

Farmers dictate market prices with mobile phones

A mobile phone revolution is redefining how small holder farmers buy and sell their produce, and shielding them from the unscrupulous middlemen who fix prices for their own benefit, with farmers recor [ ... ]

Uganda targets triple yields with coffee farming manual

A coffee farming manual that outlines farm management, pest and disease control and post harvest handling of coffee hopes to increase yields to 3 tonnes per hectare from the current 600kgs in Uganda a [ ... ]

Broiler farm to bridge poultry products shortfall

The entry of global fast food franchises like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) into the Ugandan market has increased the demand for poultry and ultimately given birth to one of the biggest broiler farm an [ ... ]

How a humble vegetable crop changed Gilgil farmers’ l...

A vegetable crop that a farmer chanced on and used as fodder for his livestock has turned into a major export crop and source of income for Kigogo Farmers’ group in Gilgil who are now growing it com [ ... ]

Traders’ pricing sound the death knell for farmers’...

John Mbugua is a farmer in the Kinale area in Kiambu district. It is Thursday morning and he has delivered 300 cabbages from his quarter -acre plot to soko mjinga market along the Nairobi Naivasha hig [ ... ]

Leather city a boost to Kenya’s export earnings

  Kenya is betting on an upcoming leather city to tap into the lucrative leather industry that could generate Sh100billion in annual revenue and create over 20,000 jobs at a time when export of  [ ... ]

Pokot women target export market with unique honey

Over 400 Pokot women are now exporters of a unique honey in an initiative that is empowering them economically while opening up job opportunities in an area that has been frustrated by traditional cro [ ... ]

Bio fertilizer doubles cane yields

A researcher from Kinyara Sugar factory in western Uganda has developed a biological fertilizer that remains active in the soil six months after application, and is correcting the soil infertility men [ ... ]

Uganda records quail farming boom despite Kenya’s fia...

Even as Kenyan farmers count losses after the qual farming fiasco, their Ugandan counterparts are minting a fortune from the rare birds, as Ugandan market expresses insatiable demand. Having been int [ ... ]

Rural SACCO transforms to a milk powerhouse

An association of 35 dairy farmers producing 32 litres a day in the 1990s has transformed into a Sh452million empire that has increased farm gate prices for members while insulating them from market v [ ... ]

The crops of 2015

A meteoric rise in Kenya’s health conscious middle class, a growing appetite for fresh produce by hotels, expanding export market and changing lifestyles have conspired to work in favour of farmers, [ ... ]

Legumes boost Nyeri’s soil fertility and flower produ...

Over 5,500 women farmers in Nyeri farmers are correcting decades of pesticide misuse that depressed soils nutrients and left them impoverished with a new legume and flower growing venture now pointing [ ... ]

Garissa farmers get smart with new age crops

Smallholder farmers in Garissa are teaching their Kenyan counterparts the art of making quick money with smart farming earning some of them upto Sh100,000 a harvest and shunning age old myth of a comm [ ... ]

Tomato growing hobby rises to a multimillion empire

A tomato growing hobby has metamorphosed into a multimillion export venture employing thousands of Kenyans while introducing innovative business models that have redefined Kenyan export market. Ariff [ ... ]

Farmers return to fruit farming on attractive market pa...

Dismal farm gate prices, erratic markets and unscrupulous traders have sounded the death knell on fruit production in the country, but a group of individual farmers are unfettered and have gone ahead  [ ... ]

Tomatoes and capsicum lift youths’ fortunes

Kenyan youth are minting quick money with tomatoes and capsicum which have become the latest high valued crops due to their fast maturity and their growing demand with some youth earning as much as Sh [ ... ]

Farmers replace maize with fish, harvesting fortunes

As tired soils and failed rains take a toll on farms with traditional crops like maize and beans recording unprecedented low yields, farmers are turning to fish farming as a way of boosting income, a  [ ... ]

Companies step up war on horticultural pests with new i...

A growing Kenyan middle class keen on their health and with an affinity for spending is driving the cultivation of horticultural produce especially by small holder farmers. Data from Bridgenet Af [ ... ]

The rosy tale of Mugo Flower Farm

As coffee and tea disappoints farmers due to cut throat competition in the world market which has affected prices farmers get, more farmers are looking at new, and lucrative alternatives with flowers  [ ... ]

Online agribusiness directory brings markets closer to ...

An app that points Ugandan farmers to agricultural services and players, from farm to folk, is being credited with bridging information gap that has been blamed for the dismal uptake of modern technol [ ... ]

Farmers build fish ponds with mud cutting construction ...

A group of fish farmers in Embu County are championing the use earthen ponds as an alternative to the prohibitively priced liners, to stop water loss from the ponds at a time when demand for fish is p [ ... ]

Farmers bear brunt of accessing markets solo

Kenya farmers’ preference to sell their grains on their own is hurting them with majority counting losses from market vagaries and lack of consistent market. At the moment, most of the smallholder  [ ... ]

Kenya losses on Bt cotton fortunes as peers rake millio...

As the world embraces Bt cotton for its superior traits in fighting the voracious Bollworm pest which is responsible for wiping up to 100 percent yields, Kenya trails its regional and international pe [ ... ]

Dairy farmers milk fortunes with new finance model

A new dairy credit financing model is giving anyone interested in dairy farming easier ways of owning a cow, a move that has gained impressive traction in the country on the surging interest in commer [ ... ]

International markets open up to Kenya’s cosmetic lea...

Kenyan farmers engaged in the farming of the little known tea tree also referred to as cosmetic leaves have been smiling their way to the banks as income more than triples buoyed by a burgeoning deman [ ... ]

Nut farmers crack profits as local demand soars

Kenyan nut farmers are a happy lot. The growing demand for the precious nuts in the international market has jumped to unprecedented levels. But local demand driven by health conscious consumers is eq [ ... ]

Kenya looses on leather fortunes as Ethiopia rakes bill...

Low technology, poor marketing strategies and low quality of hides and skins as a result of disease and tick infestation are responsible for the dismal performance of the leather sector in Kenya which [ ... ]

Western Kenya to lead Kenya’s palm oil revolution

Western Kenya is poised to be Kenya’s source of palm oil which could spare the country the agony of spending Sh16billion yearly on imports, if numerous researches and trials are anything to go by.  [ ... ]

Global horticultural bonanza lifts Kenya’s earnings

An annual global horticultural bonanza has assisted fresh produce exporters and farmers diversify markets while meeting face to face with buyers at a time when dwindling export markets are taking a to [ ... ]

Uganda horticultural exports survive EU ban

Ugandan horticulture industry has narrowly escaped a ban on its exports to European Union which had earlier accused it of non compliance of the set safety standards. The commitment by the horticultura [ ... ]

Company tames flower loss by shortening supply chain

  Flower customers loose upto $100million due to poor temperature control along supply chains, with Kenyan flowers being among the worst hit by long supply chain aftermaths. However one compan [ ... ]

Ugandan favourable packaging policy entices Kenya carro...

A favourable packaging policy in Uganda is enticing Kenyan carrot farmers who have long been buffeted by intermediaries who use extended bags to rob. The situation is so dire that a bag of 120kgs goes [ ... ]

Njoro farmer taps into water harvesting to increase cul...

A farmer in Njoro area is perfecting the art of water harvesting which has assisted him in irrigating his farm and managed to increased area of cultivation to 12 acres. This even as the cycle of water [ ... ]

Meteoric demand for fish drives aquaculture farming

A growing Kenyan population, expected to hit 55 million by 2020, will create demand for food which cannot be met by existing farming models. Fish farming is one sure way of meeting the anticipated dem [ ... ]

Wheat farmers lose yields to poor techniques

Kenya's wheat production has been on a downward spiral in recent years, even as demand soars driven by rising urbanization where people are developing an appetite for mass-produced, convenient foods c [ ... ]

How an idea bloomed into a flower enterprise

Behind the Sh10,000 monthly profit each member of a self help group in Nyeri county earns, and a blooming flower business is the sweat and toil story of 11 young people who two years ago had the will  [ ... ]

Farmers stem food waste with low cost drying technologi...

A growing demand for dried foods especially by a rising local market and exports has birthed a new revolution, with the demand which has risen by upto 30 percent seeing smallholder farmers increase in [ ... ]

Organisation connects pastoralists to cash on delivery ...

Kenya's disorganized livestock industry with its subsistence approach, poor quality standards and unfair trade practices has meant that hundreds of pastoralists who rely on livestock for their surviva [ ... ]

Milk container spares farmers milk spillage woes

A unique plastic container that prevents milk spillage due to its designs while easily spotting Mastitis in cows is set to revolutionise dairy farming at a time when poor milk handling has been blamed [ ... ]

Backyard fish farms increase household incomes

Maurice Okoth, has been a fisherman in Lake Victoria for the last three decades. But dwindling stocks and strict fishing rules by the government has seen his fortunes and earnings dip in the last few  [ ... ]

Farm loan pegs interest on soil conservation

A lending institution is giving farmers affordable loans and pegging the interest on the quality of soil conservation that a farmer is practicing in a transformatory model that combines farmers’ acc [ ... ]

Value addition efforts inspire farming for export

Passion fruit farmers in Rift Valley have been earning a quarter from the sale of passion fruits compared to the price of the value added product, in a sorry state of affairs depicting how farmers are [ ... ]

Hotels demand for tomatoes more than triple young farme...

A decision by a group of young men to dump their small businesses that used to earn them at least Sh500 each a day and delve into tomato farming is finally paying off now seeing them earn Sh2700 each  [ ... ]

Profit and loss sharing credit model entices youth to f...

Farm Capital Africa, an investment platform for sustainable agribusiness activities, is redesigning lending culture in the continent, thanks to its  unique model where it offers its clients both  [ ... ]

Enterprising youth hatches fortunes with chicken sourc...

When Denis Musungu 26, quit his job as a hotel manager at one of the leading firms in Nairobi and started selling chicken, his mother was apprehensive. She even invited a renowned sorcerer from the vi [ ... ]

Mobile tool connects farmers to timely market informati...

Ugandan smallholder farmers are benefiting from an ambitious innovative ICT mobile phone initiative that offers weather reports and up-to-date market information about changes in prices for agricultur [ ... ]

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Greenhouse farmers' ignorance lead to yield loss (2)

Lack of requisite information on greenhouse farming and management is turning against majority of farmers who rush into the promising venture buoyed by the good returns,with failure to observe simple  [ ... ]

Farmer extracts millions from bee venom

Adolph is not your ordinary bee farmer. While most of the farmers keep bees for their by products like honey or wax, he has found fortunes in extracting bee venom in his 50 acre piece of land, a ventu [ ... ]

Bees create sweet times for semi arid area farmer

A farmer in the arid Matungulu district of Eastern Kenya is shielding himself from dry spells by embracing climate resilient farming like beekeeping and has become a model to others as thousands of cu [ ... ]

Tobacco to bamboo project heralds low cost housing

A project aimed at encouraging farmers to move from the volative tobacco farming and embrace bamboo farming in Nyanza and Western regions is proving successful with more farmers embracing the practice [ ... ]

How an idea bloomed into a flower enterprise

Behind the Sh10,000 monthly profit each member of a self help group in Nyeri county earns, and a blooming flower business is the sweat and toil story of 11 young people who two years ago had the will  [ ... ]

Pact gives Kenyan flower exporters easy US access

A bilateral agreement between Kenya and United States of America to have certain Kenyan goods among them flowers enjoy preferential treatment has doubled sales, foreign exchange and created job. Mike  [ ... ]

Fighting aflatoxins an orphan at a time

Behind rows of worn out desks, a feeble table, old tins and a group of 30 youngsters aged between seven and seventeen, is the survival story of a group trying to reverse the devastating effects of a t [ ... ]

Markets open up to Samburu camel milk

A project that gives women pastoralists market for their camel milk is insulating them during dry times when men migrate with animals in search of pasture and water leaving them vulnerable. Dubbed Sa [ ... ]

Tomato plant sale lifts school’s fortunes

Students at Chisare Secondary School of Western Kenya are earning their school income with the sale of tomato plants in a classic example of how agriculture is helping schools sustain themselves. Stu [ ... ]

Campaign transforms war zones into kitchen gardens

An agricultural organization is rewriting the farming script in the former war ravaged Northern Uganda with the introduction of small scale organic vegetable farming a venture that has seen the locals [ ... ]

Enterprising farmer cuts a niche in banana flour

An industrious farmer from western Uganda tired of the meager earnings from his bananas has decided to delve into value addition, making banana flour which has not only tripled his earnings but protec [ ... ]

Demand for food colour pushes Kwale farmers to bixa cul...

As demand by hotels local and international intensify for bixa which is the raw material for food colour, farmers at the Coast where the crop grows well are emerging as the ultimate winners with deman [ ... ]

Uganda pig farming booms as pork consumption leads in A...

Pig farming in Uganda has recently emerged as a lucrative enterprise thanks to a growing demand for pork in a country that leads in pork consumption in Sub Saharan Africa with statistics from FAO and  [ ... ]

Export farmers go green to fast track accreditation

A project that trains farmers to embrace high environmental standards in production making their goods competitive in the export market is on takeoff with 150 farmer members now actively involved in t [ ... ]

Kenya’s animal feed industry chokes on exorbitant pri...

The Kenya animal feed subsector is a troubled one. With the feed prices on an unabated upward trajectory, and a finger pointing contest between feed producers, the Association of Kenya Feed Manufactur [ ... ]

International markets open up to semi arid Kenya’s bi...

A not for profit organization is working with farmers in arid areas to tap into their natural resources and diversify their income with a honey beauty products venture in Laikipia and Samburu areas be [ ... ]

High value fruits birth saving culture among Ukambani f...

Behind the over 500 grafted mangoes, 800 orange trees, 150 tangerine trees and tens of pawpaw trees all producing over Sh1million is the make or break farm story on Judith Mwikali Musau who has learne [ ... ]

Model scales finger millet production in Uganda

Commercial production of finger millet in Uganda is being halted by farmers’ lack of precise drying mechanism which leaves millers with the added responsibility of drying the millet themselves. Thi [ ... ]

Tanzania farmers bet on farm project to double income a...

Over 100,000 smallholder farmers in Tanzania’s major breadbasket zones are expected to more than double yields, access low cost fertilizer while finding competitive markets thanks to a host of proje [ ... ]

Farmer group turns sunflower into a Sh80million yearly ...

The decision to dump cotton on low yields and embrace sunflower has been the spark that has transformed Moroto farmers into oil processors which has seen them earn upto Sh80 million yearly. As it was [ ... ]

Sorghum sourced instant noodles target modern customers

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology has collaborated with Nissin Foods Holdings from Japan to open a processing factory that is manufacturing locally flavoured instant noodles sourc [ ... ]

Kenya flower industry on a boom trajectory

The emergence of new markets coupled with heightened marketing will see Kenya earn $531million from the floriculture industry with industry players projecting some 125, 000 tonnes of flowers will be e [ ... ]

Palm tree beehives earn farmer Sh3million yearly

Lack of capital to acquire modern beehives was a blessing in disguise for Tom Okello who hatched the idea of creating an improved version with palm trees, which has now grown into an empire housing 17 [ ... ]

Farmbizafrica wins in Africa Media Awards

 Farmbizafrica was recently feted in the Africa Climate Change and Environmental Reporting media awards that were organized by the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) and funded by Unite [ ... ]

Tea tree earns farmers fortunes

Impoverished farmer Julius Munyiri had struggled for years to provide for his six children on his 1.2 acre plot of land located at the foothills of Mount Kenya. Droughts, marauding wildlife and market [ ... ]

KARI develops fast maturing horticultural produce

The Kenya Agricultural Research Institute KARI has raised income prospects for horticultural farmers with high yielding and fast maturing varieties at a time when demand for Kenyan produce in the inte [ ... ]

Dairy, courgette farming earns farmers sh400, 000 month...

A loss making stint at greenhouse farming in the semi arid area of Narok was the eye opener for a retiree who has now found fortunes in diversified agriculture and now earning courgete, vegetables and [ ... ]

Kenyan women replace men as coffee champions

Kenyan women are delving into farming and marketing of coffee single handledly a departure from the past where their roles were reduced to picking berries with men taking over marketing and policy mak [ ... ]

Enterprising youth earns from sugarcane juice

A childhood love for sugarcane for Charles Odira has metamorphosed to a juice making enterprise that is earning him five times more than he earned selling the cane and earning him nationwide recogniti [ ... ]

Rare birds earn farmer Sh15million yearly

A decision to invest Sh2million in rearing rare birds has paid off for lawyer turned farmer who now earns upto Sh15 million yearly in sale of meat, feather and bird’s tail. Peter King’ara saw a g [ ... ]

Kenyan middle class drives fresh juice processing

A high demand for processed fruit juices among Kenya’s expanding health conscious middle class is seeing new entrants who are upstaging traditional giants in a market model that is benefiting smallh [ ... ]

Kisii farmers triple earnings making banana queen cakes

A group of women in a savings group buffeted by banana glut in Kisii area have found fortunes in value addition which has tripled their earnings while opening up new business ventures that has provide [ ... ]

Agrochemical companies turn to farmers to fight counter...

As the war on agricultural counterfeits intensifies, agrodealers in the country have unveiled a new strategy that focuses on training of farmers who are the victims of the vice that accounts for 15 to [ ... ]

Kericho pumpkins find market in EU

A new deal between Kericho farmers and a UK based company has sought to boost farmers earnings through direct export of agricultural exports to the European Union and a technology that increases the s [ ... ]

Chilli variety takes the weep out of farmers’ barren ...

Farmers in Homabay District who have traditionally decried low yields due to poor soils have found solace in chilli farming now earning them over Sh1,000 a week in exports, ten times what they earned  [ ... ]

Farmers turn to pig breeding for quick returns

Enterprising livestock farmers buffeted by dwindling pasture and rising cost of feed are turning to pig breeding, which has been birthed by a growing interest in pig farming and high prices for pig pr [ ... ]

Kenya sets 2015 deadline for flower growers code

Kenya has set a deadline of end of 2015 to complete the implementation of a national mechanism of compliance for all players in the sector. This coming at a time when customers in the key export mark [ ... ]

Flower breeder brings superior varieties to farmers’ ...

Behind the many flower varieties in the country that have adapted to local climatic  conditions and fetching a fortune for growers is the dedication and resolve of a man who has invested time and [ ... ]

Contract farming doubles income for Bomet farmers

A potato contract farming model by snack maker Deepa Industries Limited has delivered a win win for the company and farmers with the farmers earning more in farmgate prices and the company now getting [ ... ]

Farmers ditch coffee for watermelon on quick returns

Quick returns and ready market for watermelons is seeing Central Kenya farmers ditch coffee, a long time darling, with some farmers reaping upto Sh200,000 from watermelon on the same acreage that had  [ ... ]

Kenyan mum finds market in German’s love for Kenyan t...

A passion in tea blending coupled with experience in serving various tea blends to international guests has seen one Kenyan entrepreneur ride on growing demand in Germany where the beverage is becomin [ ... ]

Entrepreneur creates flower market for Nubian community

A degree in nautical technology was the first step in a journey that would culminate in a flower export business that has lifted the fortunes of the Nubian community at Kibera slums, thanks to the eff [ ... ]

Former casual labourer creates cassava value addition e...

A visit to his aunt for business idea became the light bulb moment for Alex Ombuto who has found a fortune in cassava root which he adding value in making crisps, snacks and nutritional porridge in a  [ ... ]

Former teacher finds money in honey

A decision by Margaret Ogaba to quit her teaching career and concentrate on bee farming has catapulted her into being one of the leading commercial bee farmers in Uganda producing over one tonne of ho [ ... ]

Arid area farmers find fortunes in Aloe vera sap

Residents of the arid Baringo county are courting the drought resistant aloe vera to earn a living in an area where crops have failed to sprout, and now earning upto Sh20,000 a month from the sale of  [ ... ]

Farmbiz wins continental award

Bob Koigi, Farmbiz lead journalist and editor was among winners in the 2013 Africa Media Challenge , a continental programme of reporting grants that is meant to encourage innovative, multi-media stor [ ... ]

Cooperative model connects farmers to supermarkets

A farmers’ cooperative has delivered Uasin Gishu farmers from the burden of poor market prices, tripled their earnings and exposed them to market opportunities, in a model that is now being credited [ ... ]

Milk bulking emerges as farmers’ new cash cow

A group of farmers who traditionally sold their milk to milk hawkers are now tripling their income and yields by collecting the milk together and selling it to registered cooperatives with a litre now [ ... ]

17 year old girl behind rabbit cooperative and village ...

Being expelled from school for lack of school fees was the spark that inspired 14 year old Laetitia Mukungu to start a rabbit cooperative movement, a move that has metamorphosed into a behemoth now su [ ... ]

Camel project protects women pastoralists in dry spells

A project that gives women pastoralists market for their camel milk is insulating them during dry times when men migrate with animals in search of pasture and water leaving them vulnerable. Dubbed Sa [ ... ]

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Farmbizafrica is a farmers' news website that was launched in April 2010 to satisfy the thirst for information for farmers who have realised the impressive returns that lie in the farming and agrobusi [ ... ]

World consumes more fish than beef

For the first time in modern history, the world farmed fish production has toppled beef production with annual fish production in 2013 reaching 66 million tonnes compared to beef’s 63 million tones. [ ... ]

Goat farmers milk their way to fortune with investment ...

Lucy Wairimu a once jobless middle aged woman who lived on handouts is now a proud owner of over ten goats that supply her with over 30 litres of milk daily fetching her some Sh2,000. Lucy is among t [ ... ]

Horticultural farmers go back to school to chase lost e...

Horticultural farmers are learning new and superior ways of growing their produce at special schools  with the aim of boosting exports at a time when Kenya is facing numerous bans. The schools o [ ... ]

Bishop turns relief dependent households into exporters

An initiative by a Yatta bishop to get households out of relief aid has turned over 2,000 households into net exporters. For the last five years residents in the Yatta district of Eastern province hav [ ... ]

Ugandan farmers court urine to boost soil fertility

Ugandan farmers buffeted by low yields have turned to human urine to fertilize soils with scientists approving urine as rich in nutrients necessary for plant growth. Scientists have found that urine  [ ... ]

Sorghum emerges as crop of choice for dryland farmers

A growing demand for Gadam sorghum by brewers coupled with its ability to withstand harsh climatic condition is making it a crop of choice among farmers in arid areas with farmers earning upto Sh2, 00 [ ... ]

Pricey timber imports spawn shortage

Kenyans’ rising demand for now 38m cubic meters of timber a year, coupled with the low levels of local supply and soaring import prices, is now causing an acute timber shortage. Statistics now in [ ... ]

Nakuru’s smallholder farmer doubles yields growing cr...

A farmer in Nakuru has embraced use of non conventional methods of growing crops from farm to folk and is recording double the yields than he traditionally did on the  same piece of land even as  [ ... ]

Kenya reclaims banana export markets after ban lift

Kenyan farmers are among thousands in Africa set to resume export of banana, avocado and citrus to Europe and South Africa after the countries lifted bans blamed on an invasive fruit fly and which has [ ... ]

Western farmers unite to beat labour costs

Traditionally used for pooling resources for social support, chama savings groups in western Kenya have now moved to pooling labour on farms, cutting labour costs by up to 40 per cent. Various savi [ ... ]

Chamas move to farms saving members labour costs (2)

Traditionally used for pooling resources and assisting members in social support, Kenya’s savings groups fondly referred to as chamas have now moved to the farms assisting members reduce cost of lab [ ... ]

Scientists close in on eliminating deadly tsetse fly

ICIPE scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding the life cycle of the tsetse fly, raising hopes of biologically eliminating a fly that kills cattle worth $4bn a year in Sub Saharan Africa.  [ ... ]

‘Superfly’ threatens future of millions relying on ...

Scientists are sounding the alarm on a tiny, fast breeding insect that wipes cassava in minutes which they say could threaten millions of Africa, with cassava being the third most important source of  [ ... ]

Smartphone boom inspires life saving livestock apps

The boom in smartphones in Kenya is now inspiring a new set of apps meant for livestock with early interventions hailed for rescuing thousands of livestock endangered by emerging diseases. Food and A [ ... ]

Beekeeping project entice farmers with quick money

A project to draw farmers to the neglected bee farming is yielding results with farmers in the trade now earning upto Sh400 for a kilo of honey and spending less on space and expenses. The initiative [ ... ]