‘Superfly’ threatens future of millions relying on ...

Scientists are sounding the alarm on a tiny, fast breeding insect that wipes cassava in minutes which they say could threaten millions of Africa, with cassava being the third most important source of  [ ... ]

Smartphone boom inspires life saving livestock apps

The boom in smartphones in Kenya is now inspiring a new set of apps meant for livestock with early interventions hailed for rescuing thousands of livestock endangered by emerging diseases. Food and A [ ... ]

Beekeeping project entice farmers with quick money

A project to draw farmers to the neglected bee farming is yielding results with farmers in the trade now earning upto Sh400 for a kilo of honey and spending less on space and expenses. The initiative [ ... ]

KARI launches feed making machine to preserve dwindling...

The Kenya Agricultural Research Institute has come up with a low cost machine that makes livestock feed from crop residue in a move aimed at preserving dwindling pasture while saving the environment w [ ... ]

Microfinance pours in cash and inputs for farmers

Small holder farmers in Kiambu County can now access credit and input finance easily thanks to an innovative firm, Tendo Micro Finance. The initiative aimed at spurring production using modern farming [ ... ]

Farmer cuts niche in turkey farming

Patrick Mwangi an enterprising farmer from Mathioya County is rewriting the rules of agribusiness in poultry farming having shrugged off temptations of joining the quail craze but focusing on the more [ ... ]

How a dream hatched largest chicken empire in East and ...

Kenya is experiencing a boom in poultry rearing, buoyed predominantly by growing demand for poultry and its product with an upbeat local and international market. Most of the poultry farmers are small [ ... ]

Milk hawking lifts farmers’ prospects and economy

The liberalization of informal milk markets in the country has now seen producers, vendors and consumers reaping large from an improved value chain as the dairy sector records the highest turnover eve [ ... ]

Dried nettles draw fanatical uptake among health consci...

Farmers in Rift Valley are domesticating nettles, a high valued vegetable that was traditionally farmed by native communities along the Mau forest as demand soars dictated by a health conscious middle [ ... ]

Growing vegetables and fruits tames water wastage, rese...

As warnings get issued that Kenya’s agricultural water use is surpassing sustainable levels and adversely affecting food security, biodiversity researchers say that agrobiodiversity practices like g [ ... ]

Cereal farmers grow incomes with storage wares

Kenyan cereal farmers long buffeted by post harvest losses and poor farm gate prices have found relief in a new scheme that allows them to store produce until a market shortage while using it as colla [ ... ]

Purple passion fruit project points farmers to ripe mar...

A farmer group in Western Kenya is assisting thousands of households find markets for their purple passion fruits in a venture that has attracted top partnership including Coca cola and Bill& Meli [ ... ]

Farmers return to coffee as global demand hit new hig...

As global demand for coffee reaches unprecedented highs, Kenyan farmers are replanting what they uprooted decades ago due to its poor returns and this time even the government is keen to reap from the [ ... ]

Father of roadside farming earns Sh30,000 monthly suppl...

Ezekiel Muli has perfected the art of roadside farming and is now feeding hundreds of dust infested Mlolongo and Athi River neighbourhoods in a venture that earns him Sh30,000 a month from harvesting  [ ... ]

Milk processing plant takes urban dwellers back to farm...

On a cold, early morning in this small community, women and girls are already working on farms. Bent over and holding short hoes, they tease the hard, unyielding earth, submitting it into production.  [ ... ]

High value fruits birth saving culture among Ukambani f...

Behind the over 500 grafted mangoes, 800 orange trees, 150 tangerine trees and tens of pawpaw trees all producing over Sh1million is the make or break farm story on Judith Mwikali Musau who has learne [ ... ]

Urban youth ditch ties for overalls and gumboots

A mixture of improved farming methods and lucrative markets for modern crops is now luring more youth into agribusiness and shunning the myth that it is a poor man’s job as a new breed of young smar [ ... ]

Kenya women farmers neglected despite driving agricultu...

Kenyan women make 80 percent of all farmers in the country according to the World Bank yet challenges like ownership of land and access to finances means that they never get to enjoy the fruits of the [ ... ]

JusTea assist tea farmers increase earnings by 20 perce...

A Vancouver based NGO is helping Kenyan tea farmers increase their earnings by upto 20 percent by removing market bottlenecks like the middlemen in tea processing. Currently farmers earn about one per [ ... ]

Project breeds high value beans for canners

A project to widen bean varieties for canning has yielded fruits with the country now boasting of four high yielding varieties to be supplied to the canning industry which since 1960 has relied on the [ ... ]

Western farmers grow incomes with Grevillea trees

Western Kenya farmers have planted over 2million Grevillea trees with an aim of hitting 5million by 2015 in a project meant to provide income from the quick maturing trees while fighting climate chang [ ... ]

Uganda’s agricultural body points frustrated farmers ...

Five years ago Kansiimire Francis could not feed his young family and despite his tireless efforts in agriculture; his two acre farm barely gave him the returns to support him. Frustrated, the father  [ ... ]

Farmer finds niche making milk formula

A dairy farmer is reaping from his own milk formula that combines creamy milk from Ayrshire cows with that of Friesian, a move that has not only given him a wider market but also opened doors for valu [ ... ]

Ugandan farmers to go modern with US farmers’ support

A group of successful American farmers is set to train their Ugandan counterparts on modern farming to increase yields and address weather changes at a time when yields across East Africa have depress [ ... ]

Farmer clusters point potato farmers to stable markets

A farming model that places potato farmers in clusters to grow high quality potatoes which they sell to Nairobi processors is giving farmers guaranteed markets and tripling their yields at a time when [ ... ]

Former town boy harvests millions farming in arid area

In a tiny village of Kyumbuni along Kithimani market in Eastern Kenya, two greenhouses stands out from swathes of dry barren land. The greenhouses can be confused for a project owned by the locals wea [ ... ]

Women group finds competitive edge in traditional veget...

A group of enterprising farmers in Kericho County are riding on the growing demand for traditional vegetables, having now expanded acreage under cultivation and ventured into value addition activities [ ... ]

Farmers harvest millions with cosmetic leaves

Kenyan farmers engaged in the farming of the little known tea tree also referred to as cosmetic leaves have been smiling their way to the bank as income more than triples buoyed by a burgeoning demand [ ... ]

Kenya flower growers change tact to win Western hearts

Kenyan flower growers, who have moved on from open auctions to long-term direct sales contracts and heightened health and social standards, are now turning to making the world’s most fashionable and [ ... ]

Farmers earn credits, double yields with soil fertility...

In a bid to earn carbon credits, over 60,000 smallholder farmers from western Kenya are doubling their yields through adoption of improved farming techniques, a move that has also helped them increase [ ... ]

Western households go commercial with soya cultivation

Over 1000 Mumias farmers have gone fully commercial in the cultivation of Soya bean in an empowerment project to lift households out of poverty being championed by Promassidor company the makers of th [ ... ]

Pastoralists bet on new market model to double profits

A livestock market in Northern Kenya is assisting residents dictate market prices and shielding them from middlemen with residents now reporting upto 50 percent more profit thanks to the growing deman [ ... ]

LEAF farming connects farmers to European retailers

A project that trains farmers to embrace high environmental standards in production making their goods competitive in the export market is on takeoff with 150 farmer members now actively involved in t [ ... ]

Soaring fish demand turns farmers into overnight millio...

A programme meant to boost food security in rural areas four years ago has created a booming fish market, which has seen pioneer farmers rake millions as demand for fingerlings soars both locally and  [ ... ]

Farmers use anthills to fertilize soils

Farmers in the Yala area of Siaya county are using anthills to fertilize their soils in the sandy soils at a time when the price of chemical fertilizers has gone beyond their reach. In a discovery tha [ ... ]

Sossi cultivation boom births unique value addition ven...

After a successful trial, soya farmers in Western Kenya have now moved beyond cultivation of the nutritious bean to adding value that produces among others sossi yoghurt, flour and beverages in a mode [ ... ]

Women group spins income with silkworm rearing

A group of women in Western Kenya are recording a doubling of earnings as they delve into rearing of silkworm for production of raw silk which is seeing them diverge their farming while easing pressur [ ... ]

Five new kale varieties rekindle commercial cultivation...

Sukuma wiki farmers in various areas of the country are recording a harvest boom thanks to new five improved lines that are positioning farmers to new markets for a crop grown by 90 percent farmers an [ ... ]

Farmers access loans with their harvest thanks to recei...

Cereal farmers in the country can now access short term finance using their harvests as collateral thanks to an initiative from East African Grain Council (EAGC) and Chase bank. Dubbed warehouse rece [ ... ]

International markets open up to semi arid Kenya’s bi...

A not for profit organization is working with farmers in arid areas to tap into their natural resources and diversify their income with a honey beauty products venture in Laikipia and Samburu areas be [ ... ]

KARI targets Kenyan women with farming enterprises to b...

Women account for over 65 percent of all workforce in the country yet they never get to enjoy the fruits of their hard labour. Data shows that in Kenya women account for paltry 5 percent of all regist [ ... ]

Model connects finger millet farmers with processors to...

Commercial production of finger millet in Uganda is being halted by farmers’ lack of precise drying mechanism which leaves millers with the added responsibility of drying the millet themselves. This [ ... ]

Slum dwellers earn from livestock waste briquettes

A project that is recycling livestock waste in three Kisumu slums is offering vital lessons on recycling and putting waste into proper use at a time when the waste eyesore in Kenya’s slums is so ent [ ... ]

Bitterless aloe vera opens market opportunities for Wes...

A rare Aloe vera variety is enjoying impressive uptake among households in Western Kenya thanks to its superior medicinal value with the company behind its introduction now targeting commercialization [ ... ]

Western farmers guard cultural identity with indigenous...

A group of farmers in Western Kenya have embraced cultivation of indigenous crops in a bid to help preserve cultural identity, a move that has seen them improve their health due to the high nutritiona [ ... ]

Passion opens international markets for farmer associat...

A group of fourty farmers have found solace and market guarantee with passion farming in the wake of dwindling coffee and tea prices which has now seen them attract foreign investors who have been wow [ ... ]

Health conscious middle class drives fanatical uptake o...

Traditionally reduced to just carrying luggage and thus christened the beast of the desert, camel is emerging as an important animal among Kenyans and East Africans, with its meat and milk enjoying im [ ... ]

The rise and rise of banana farming in Kenya

Kenya’s banana is now primed among leading commodities in returns to farmers both in the local and international markets overtaking traditional commodities, but the journey to this success has been  [ ... ]

East Africans warm up to indigenous vegetables as food ...

Broad leaved African nightshade (Solanum scabrum) long vilified by many households across East Africa and relegated to being orphaned crops are now enjoying fanatical uptake thanks to rising prices of [ ... ]

Tracing technology helps farmers beat stringent export ...

As small scale farmers struggle to meet the stringent export markets which are locking them from the lucrative business, new innovations are now being developed to position the farmers to give farmers [ ... ]

Naromoru farmers process fortunes with safflower ventur...

Farmers in Naromoru area who were introduced to the oil rich safflower growing by the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) have now moved into extracting and processing their own oil from the  [ ... ]

Mushroom group points farmers to international market

A group of Mushroom farmers in western Kenya have turned to associations to market their produce, and also develop affordable spores in the absence of a clear market chain. The Ministry of Agriculture [ ... ]

Fruit project introduces over 50,000 farmers to organiz...

A project aimed at bringing over 50,000 smallholder farmers in Uganda and Kenya to the fruit value chain is delivering a win win situation for farmers and Cocacola the financiers of the project as far [ ... ]

Milk chilling plant changes fortunes of 6800 Rift farme...

A milk chilling plant in Metkei area of Keiyo District built by farmers in the area has not only saved them the agony of milk glut but has increased their source of income while giving them a bargaini [ ... ]

Commercial honey harvesting takes root as demand grows

Traditionally practiced as a hobby with simple logs, bee keeping is emerging as a big business with farmers delving into commercial honey harvesting buoyed by burgeoning demand both locally and intern [ ... ]

Meru farmers expand market with barcoded dairy products

The pain of selling milk and its by products to local small scale market by Meru dairy farmers has resulted in the Meru Goat Breeders Association (MGBA), getting the farmers’ products barcoded now g [ ... ]

Kenya’s wheat production dips on poor farming techni...

Kenya's wheat production has been on a downward spiral in recent years, even as demand soars driven by rising urbanization where people are developing an appetite for mass-produced, convenient foods c [ ... ]

Farmers record doubled yields with nitrogen fixing fert...

Smallholder farmers involved in legumes are counting a doubling of yields thanks to an organic fertilizer that increases fertilizer through its nitrogen fixing bacteria. The fertilizer dubbed ‘Biofi [ ... ]

Households warm up to soya as prices of alternatives sk...

As the cost of living bites, making traditionally affordable nutritious meals in Kenyan households a luxury, companies are positioning themselves to provide cheaper but equally nutritious options. Th [ ... ]

Ugandans’ scramble for orange fleshed sweet potatoes ...

Over 55,000 Ugandan farmers are reaping profits and improving family health from growing Orange fleshed sweet potato as demand across the country intensifies due to the crop’s superior nutrients esp [ ... ]

Milk preserving technology extends shelf life by 30 day...

A new milk preserving technology that preserves up to a month has helped over 3,000 dairy farmers cut losses they have been experienced in milk going bad and the glut that has dominated the dairy indu [ ... ]

Traditional flu curing plant catapults farmers to inter...

Frustrated with the poor returns from the traditional farming of cereals, farmers in Siaya have discovered a goldmine in morbdick, a plant they have traditionally relied on to cure flu and cold and wh [ ... ]

School leavers delve into algae farming creating a mult...

A three year journey into a rare kind of farming has culminated into a business venture worth millions for the 35 school leavers of Galaxy United Youth Group from Kakamega who have been farming nutrie [ ... ]

Super nets spur plants' growth

Vegetable and fruit farmers in the country may have struck gold with the emergence of a new variety of nets that not only reduce the usage of pesticides by over 90 percent but also enhance fast maturi [ ... ]

Women group builds schools from fresh produce sales

A group of five single women who benefitted from an organic farming training have managed to build two day care schools in Ruiru at an amount of Ksh 700,000 with the proceeds they have gotten from sup [ ... ]

Project lifts Central Kenya farmers through mixed farmi...

 An ambitious ten year program that was set up in early 2000 at a tune of US$18.1m  to enable the over  42,000 households in arid and semi arid areas of Central Kenya cross the poverty  [ ... ]

Laikipia farmers delve into online trading with knowled...

A community knowledge centre in Laikipia West District has come to the rescue of the area farmers who have incessantly decried exploitation by middlemen in the sale of their commodities and lack of a  [ ... ]

Ugandan farmers triple profits with processing machines

In a bid to deepen the adoption of value addition in agribusiness, a farmer based agricultural organization; National Agricultural Advisory Authority (NAADS) in Uganda is funding smallholder farmers w [ ... ]

African orphaned crops get academy

Over 100 traditional orphaned crops in Africa that were threatened for extinction have been rejuvenated and safeguarded through the establishment of the African Plant Breeding Academy, a move that spe [ ... ]

Transparency project increases coffee farmers’ income...

A four year coffee initiative meant to promote simple measures of coffee handling and financial transparency has raised incomes of over 50,000 smallholder farmers by as much as four fold and created h [ ... ]

Chinese scientists spur Ugandan fish farming with metal...

Chinese scientists have taken a lead role in spurring Uganda’s fish industry with the introduction of a new technology to boost commercial fish farming. The new model of cage fish farming focuses on [ ... ]

Passion fruit marketing centers tip the scales in favou...

Over 1000 passion fruit farmers in Kwale County now have market leverage thanks to recently launched Farmers Produce Collection and Marketing centers, which will allow them to participate in price neg [ ... ]

Fledgling Canola market stalls on lack of seeds

A new wave of Kenyan farmers is deepening the growth and adoption of Canola buoyed by a fanatical uptake of its oil by the health conscious with its oil preferred for its ability to tame chronic disea [ ... ]

Coffee farmers switch to horticulture for profits

Hannah Wairimu has never regretted uprooting 100 trees of poorly performing coffee from her two acre piece of land and replacing them with a variety of horticultural crops. Within five years of her in [ ... ]

Maize farmers bypass volatile markets, sell directly to...

Over 50,000 maize farmers in Mt Kenya area have doubled their income by selling their maize collectively to processing heavyweights like Unga and Afya Millers, a break from tradition where they were s [ ... ]

Sh500million passion plant changes fortunes of 12,000 E...

Over 12,000 farmers in Eldoret have scaled passion fruit farming through contract farming as the demand for processed fruit from Europe and Middle East soars, with processing companies setting shop in [ ... ]

Markets open up to food solar drying project

A project launched two years ago to assist Murang’a farmers preserve surplus produce and stem glut has now opened international marketing opportunities as buyers from as far as South Sudan scramble  [ ... ]

Superior mango varieties lift Kilifi farmers’ fortune...

Over 2,000 farmers in Kilifi county are recording 10 times more mango yields thanks to five new commercial mango breeds launched by Kenya Agriculture Research Institute, as part of a drive to take the [ ... ]

Farmers scale up sorghum farming as brewers come callin...

As the cost of raw materials for producing beer brands get to an all time high, brewers are looking for cheap alternatives with some sorghum varieties being preferred. This has seen farmers across the [ ... ]

Cattle rearing hobby propels farmer to top position nat...

A ten year cattle rearing hobby of rearing cattle has transformed into a fully ventured award winning commercial dairy farming, with Kalia Farm becoming a milk powerhouse in the semi arid Ukambani reg [ ... ]

Barley rises as crop of choice as farmers seek new fron...

As vanguard farmers explore various ways of maximizing on land use and reaping more from farming, cereal production seem to be their forte. But forget the traditional maize and beans, a new crop has b [ ... ]

Revamped ginneries spur cotton production countrywide

A growing number of cotton ginneries coupled with rising prices of cotton prices in and out of the country has seen more farmers go back to a crop they abandoned in the 90s due to poor pay. The invest [ ... ]

Kwale farmers delve into bixa farming as markets open u...

Farmers in Kwale county have stepped up cultivation of bixa shrub as markets open up to the highly valued product used as a raw material in processing food colouring with demand by local processors no [ ... ]

Mobile app eases loan application and access for small...

An innovative social enterprise firm empowering smallholder farmers in the country has developed a messaging mobile application in a bid to stem shortage of agricultural extension officers who link up [ ... ]

‘WAPI’ draws 0000s of Kenyan women to market orient...

 ambitious program geared towards empowering over 300,000 smallholder farmers in the country has been initiated by UN Women in partnership with Amiran Kenya, a move that is aimed at equipping wom [ ... ]

Food drying doubles smallholder farmers’ income, stem...

A growing demand for dried foods especially by a rising local market and exports has birthed a new revolution, with the demand which has risen by upto 30 percent seeing smallholder farmers increase in [ ... ]

Companies entice farmers to grow on their behalf to tam...

As demand for Kenya’s traditional vegetables like Amaranth and African night shade hits unprecedented highs, buoyed by a health conscious middle class, companies are courting farmers to grow the see [ ... ]

How maize cobs are fighting weevils in Rift Valley area

Farmers in Rift valley area are saving upto 60 percent of their yields, thanks to a low cost innovation by one of their own that destroys weevils by only using maize cobs. Weevils, which have drill-li [ ... ]

Low cost pest control methods save farmers’ shillings...

Farmers buffeted by the voracious bean fly pest which has defied conventional pesticides, are now finding solace in cheap home made solution like papaya soap water, and are reporting saving upto 30 pe [ ... ]

Juhudi Kilimo lifts 0000s of farmers with low cost fina...

Smallholder farmers in need of financing can now not only acquire agricultural asset finance without collateral but also double it with expertise knowledge on the best husbandry methods to triple thei [ ... ]

Private companies delve into seed supply to bridge biti...

More than 1.3 million Kenyan farmers have land but no seeds to plant. This, coming at a time when over 10 million Kenyans are still food insecure. To the farmers who have access to the seeds they rely [ ... ]

Top 5 maize varieties in Kenya

As planting season takes course, farmers across the country are grappling with that maize variety that can take less space, yield more and is resistant to both drought and pests. While thousands of va [ ... ]

HIV+ farmers lead in cultivation of rare veggies, growi...

A nutritious farming project in Vihiga County that inculcates people living positively with HIV through cultivation of traditional vegetables and legumes with high nutritional value has been the local [ ... ]

Onions give farmers competitive bargaining power

A model that allows farmers to access markets directly and determine prices as a bloc is steadily gaining ground in Kenya, a breakthrough that is now seeing farmers triple seasonal earnings through co [ ... ]

Semi arid farmers turn barren land to multi million agr...

Two years ago, two in every five households in Mbike area of Makueni could not afford a decent meal in a day as vagaries of weather and poor farming information conspired to rob them off income and de [ ... ]

Farmers diversify income playing extension officers

Thousands of ordinary Kenyan smallholder farmers are diversifying their income by being village advisors and suppliers of agricultural inputs thanks to an innovative approach that is also helping agri [ ... ]

Multipurpose fertilizer prolongs shelf life of Ugandan...

Farmers in Uganda are cashing in on a new type of fertilizer that not only doubles yields but also enables plants to be tolerant to the fungal and bacterial diseases like blight in addition to prolong [ ... ]

Ready market, good prices entice Western Kenya farmers ...

Over 1000 smallholder farmers in western part of Kenya have tripled earning after diversifying growing the traditional maize and sugarcane with soyabeans which also acts as a food supplement. Soyas b [ ... ]

Residents find reprieve in cheap duck oil

A group of young enterprising youth in Mabatini area of Mathare slums are cashing in on the rising demand for oil from ducks that they rear, a demand buoyed by the affordability and nutritional value  [ ... ]

Innovation delivers produce to mama mboga’s doorsteps...

An Innovative student has initiated a program that is aimed to bring merchandise that is sold by mama mbogas to their doorsteps of customers, a move that not only promises to curb the rampant insecuri [ ... ]

Coastal hotels scramble for 'makutis' creating milliona...

Long held as a cheap alternative to the expensive roofing materials, palm branches commonly referred to as makuti are fast rising as a symbol of prestige and cultural attraction in coast hotels, a phe [ ... ]

Farmbiz journalist voted UN FAO Kenya journalist of the...

Farmbizafrica has done it again. The lead journalist Bob Koigi was recently voted the UN FAO Kenya journalist of the year in the FAO media awards 2013 beating hundreds of contestants. Bob Koigi’s a [ ... ]

Flexible rabbit loans incentivize farmers to rear more

A financial incentive that allows farmers interested in rabbit farming access loan at a cheaper rate, get free and regular checks on their rabbit from animal experts and a guaranteed ready market is p [ ... ]

Ugandan biofuel plant fights mosquitoes and oil price ...

An innovative researcher in Uganda has created a biofuel plant whose oil is not only providing a cheap alternative for the Ugandans’ clay lamps, and the expensive candles, but also providing a free  [ ... ]

Model triples market price for farmers, enticing 0000s

Over 200,000 smallholder farmers across Western and Nyanza regions are selling their produce at triple the market price thanks to a value addition oriented firm that buys directly from them, assuring  [ ... ]

Financial model pays farmers to produce more

A low cost financing option that allows farmers to stock grains awaiting competitive market prices while taking cheap loans to keep on farming has been in the offing, and now saving hundreds of farmer [ ... ]

Farmers own high yielding cows thanks to leasing model

Five years ago, Alphonse Kimemia would never have dreamt of owning the high yielding Fresian cow. The breeds were a preserve of the rich and the large scale dairy farms. He had to contend with his low [ ... ]

Kenya sets eyes on tea seed oil production, rivalling S...

Kenya is poised to be the second African country after South Africa to commercially produce the highly priced oil from tea seeds, in a new groundbreaking discovery that could see tea farming embraced  [ ... ]

Red light technology allows farmers to grow crops in re...

Farmers can now grow crops in basements and dark rooms without worrying about sun or rainfall thanks to a transformatory technology now in Kenya that promises to open new frontiers of farming especial [ ... ]

Kenyan farmers reap from meteoric rise in global demand...

A growing number of smallholder farmers in Kenya are breaking even, by dumping traditional low yielding, poor paying produce and embracing rare herbs whose demand has skyrocketed internationally with  [ ... ]

Half acre city farm rakes Sh750k monthly

In a classic example of what land maximization can do, a half acre farm in Ruai area just 20 kilometres away from Nairobi's city centre, is raking over Sh750,000 a month having specialized in greenhou [ ... ]

World bets on Red Maasai to up dwindling meat and wool ...

Samburu pastoral herders are getting international support in conserving their neglected Red Maasai sheep, known for its resistance to sheep's stubborn parasites that have been blamed for upto 40 perc [ ... ]

Mathare families fly with rooftop farming

Behind overlapping shanties and overcrowded streets is a novel roof gardening project in the Mathare slums of Nairobi that has been feeding over 109 households while providing income to slum women str [ ... ]

Group creates year round ready market for fresh produce...

Growing up in a small farm in Limuru, Sylvester Maina and Arnold Ngari witnessed first-hand how lack of ready markets affected their families and communities as they struggled to get serious buyers an [ ... ]

Narok farmers turn local tanks into farm springs

Maasai farmers in Lekuton area of Narok are insulating themselves from drought through low cost, locally assembled spherical tanks that are assisting them harvest runoff water to supplement irrigation [ ... ]

Soko Maua blooms on consumers’ spending power

Behind a growing local market for flowers is a novel project launched five years ago to encourage local consumption that has now more than doubled, in what industry players attribute to a growing midd [ ... ]

World’s new industrial use for soybean promises fortu...

The humble soybean could become an inexpensive new source of a widely used chemical for plastics, textiles, drugs, solvents and as a food additive according to scientists, offering an export window to [ ... ]

Mobile phones spare Western Kenya soils

Every planting season, Mercy Nelima rushes to her local agrovet to get the best fertilizer. But at every harvest her acre of land produces lower yields than the previous harvest. This even after inves [ ... ]

Company trials distance stevia cultivation for farmers ...

A farming model that allows farmers and middle class Kenyans with no land but interested in growing stevia is promising over Sh300, 000 in annual earnings from an acre as demand for the crop used to m [ ... ]

Markets open up to mango farmers with competitive price...

Heavens have smiled on the over 2,000 households who now easily access over 40 new markets, added value to over 20 products and built over 30 savings scheme, in an ambitious programme dubbed Mangoes f [ ... ]

Farmers make Sh10million yearly growing ‘wonder plant...

Quick guaranteed returns and a burgeoning market for bamboo products is driving the fanatical uptake of the wonder tree, with farmers returning Sh10 million yearly for an acre of bamboo which has the  [ ... ]

East African farmers warm up to hibiscus farming

Kenyan farmers are warming up to growing hibiscus commercially, inspired by their Ugandan counterparts who have grown income threefold from the therapeutic plant, as health conscious consumers drive l [ ... ]

Tree nurseries shower Makueni farmers with millions

Two years ago, two in every five households in Mbike area of Makueni could not afford a decent meal in a day as vagaries of weather and poor farming information conspired to rob them off income and de [ ... ]

Kenya bets on new potato variety to up exports

The Kenyan government is set to import a high yielding disease resistant potato variety from Netherlands which will assist the over 800,000 farmers expand their market as hotels and processors shun lo [ ... ]

Potato farmers double earnings from collection centers

Over 8000 smallholder potato farmers from Elgeyo Marakwet have taken measures to mitigate increasing pitfalls like exploitation by the middlemen and lack of guiding policies to protect producer welfar [ ... ]

Kenya taps into green farming to up exports

In a bid to diversify and increase its exports while reducing the effects of climate change, Kenya is hoping to go fully green on farming for export by 2015. And in a move to hasten this switch over,  [ ... ]

Ostrich farming rises on new markets

A rising demand for meat and feather locally and internationally has created a new breed of millionaires who have abandoned traditionally farming in a move that is paying double what they used to earn [ ... ]

Central Kenya farmers replace money with manure

Farmers in Central Kenya are exchanging animal manure from each other with no money involved, a model that is shielding them from the erratic supply and cost of synthetic fertilizer as the rest of Afr [ ... ]

Kilifi farmers rake fortunes fattening crabs

Fishermen in Kilifi are turning to crab rearing and fattening to salvage their earnings as fish stocks in the area dwindle, a venture that is now returning more than triple what they were earning sell [ ... ]

Isinya farm creates more than 50 jobs supplying directl...

At a time when studies show that over 40 per cent of Kenyan small scale farmers continue to be buffeted by market vagaries, suffering over supply or lack of markets, Daniel Muiruri is struggling to me [ ... ]

Tea farmers triple earnings with unique certification

Over 6000 Iriani tea farmers have increased their earnings threefold through selling their tea to Fairtrade certified buyers, a model that has earned them higher premiums, and giving them a chance to  [ ... ]

Farming responsible for a third of harmful gases resear...

One third of all greenhouse-gases emitted in the world come from food systems, from fertilizer manufacture to food storage and packaging according to a study which now recommend farmers to switch to a [ ... ]

Health conscious customers drive cultivation of neglect...

A little known yam variety native to Western Kenya is fast replacing bread among the area's middle class, giving the yam farmers an economic upper hand as retail stores compete to stock it to meet the [ ... ]

Loitoktok farmers fight middlemen with contract farming

Smallholder farmers in Loitoktok struggling with market access and poor farm gate prices of traditional produce are now embracing contract farming delving in to lucrative horticultural produce like Fr [ ... ]

Kenya bets on Hass Avocado to up exports

Kenyan avocado exporters are exuding confidence that the recently shipped Hass variety to Europe will record high sales than the previous season's as farm management practices and rigorous training to [ ... ]

Vegetarian artist flies in rare vegetable farming

Mr. Kamande Njenga has never liked animal products. In fact, he cannot recall the last time he consumed them. Influenced by health grounds, he also couldn't stand watching animals being slaughtered, a [ ... ]

Busia farmers angle for cassava market with processing ...

Over 10,000 farmers in Busia have increased cultivation of traditionally neglected cassava after chipping machines introduced in the area opened up market opportunities to a crop that still remains un [ ... ]

Smallholder farmers hatch fortunes with rare birds

Quail farming is enjoying fanatical uptake in Central Kenya on rising demand for the bird's meat and eggs, with an egg retailing at upto triple the price of a chicken egg. The birds are also farmers'  [ ... ]

Uhuru farm builds school for IDPs from lettuce sales

Behind the motto 'Uhuru Shamba: Produce with a Purpose', lies a story of job opportunities, access to education and a ray of hope for dozens of families whose plight was forgotten, after they suffered [ ... ]

Polythene like bags increase produce shelf life by 30 d...

Fresh produce farmers can now preserve their produce for over 30 days without going bad thanks to new polythene like post harvest bags now cushioning farmers from avoidable losses that cost the world  [ ... ]

Exporters' scramble for Kenyan nut pushes farmers back ...

Over 450 macadamia farmers in Taita Taveta county are now increasing acreage under cultivation following a market deal with a foreign company that could see farmers sell the produce at double the pric [ ... ]

Experts pitch for commercial tree farming

Agroforestry experts are advocating for a change in tree farming from just increasing national tree cover to commercial farming by smallholder farmers, as it emerges that farmers who are already earni [ ... ]

Turmeric farming rises in Uganda as the spice gets pric...

Ugandan farmers are recultivating the nutritious turmeric plant after years of neglect, buoyed by burgeoning market and rising health awareness of its ability to fight cancer which is overtaking HIV-A [ ... ]

Ugandans embrace caged fish farming as practice spreads...

Ugandan fish farmers are reaping from cage fish farming as a form of aquaculture,now recording double yields while occupying lesser space than the traditional fish ponds in a practice also making inro [ ... ]

Farmers gain from multinationals' hunger for raw materi...

A new farming model is emerging in Kenya between farmers and multinationals where the companies struggling with prohibitively expensive cost of imported raw materials are contracting farmers to grow p [ ... ]

Fish traders scale income with skin

Fish traders along Lake Victoria are finding a new way of marketing the fish skin which is usually discarded by selling it to leather vendors who tan it and use it to make shoes, wallet and even prote [ ... ]

Academic institutions look for local solutions to clima...

As the effects of shifting weather patterns continue to be felt across various sectors of the Kenyan economy, institutions of higher learning in the country are preparing people to adapt. The Universi [ ... ]

Fact Sheet:Making money with bees and their by products

Bee keeping is quickly turning into a lucrative business in Kenya and the globally as the demand for the honey and by products surges. The business is even made more lucrative by the fact that Kenya i [ ... ]

Popular milk Mursik now in shops

An entrepreneur in Kericho is repackaging the traditional Kalenjin sour blackened traditional milk 'Mursik' from the traditional gourds to conventional packets, opening new marketing frontiers for a m [ ... ]

Uganda coffee entrepreneur gives farmers ready market f...

Tired of seeing developed nations take the lion's share of profits from his countrymen's coffee crop, Ugandan businessman Andrew Rugasira decided back in 2003 that it was time for a new business arran [ ... ]

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