The powder that increases bird weight by 50 per cent

A young veterinary officer in Uganda has come up with an organic powder fed to poultry that offers alternatives to conventional supplements and which doubles egg production while increasing the weight [ ... ]

Floating fish pellets quickens maturity

Commercial fish farmers in Uganda are benefiting from a newly introduced floating fish feed that increases maturity period and increases the weight gain by over 60 percent. According to Ugachick’s  [ ... ]

Pig supplement increases weight, fight worms

A multipurpose organic feed supplement is assisting Ugandan pig farmers increase the weight of their pigs while guarding them against endemic diseases like African swine fever and eliminates worms. T [ ... ]

Camel milk, goat breeding lift Borana’s fortunes

When 24-year old Ralia’s husband left her and their four children, it was like staring into an abyss. That happened five years ago when Ralia was living in Isiolo. At the time, Ralia’s husband wa [ ... ]

Electronic fishing rigs increase harvest 10 fold

Fish farmers in Uganda are poised to grow their catches ten times with modern fishing rigs that are set to replace the traditional kerosene powered lamps as demand for the silver cyprinid fish locally [ ... ]

Scientists mull insect based animal feeds to tame cost

Scientists are exploring ways of introducing low cost insect based livestock feeds with over 500 species being studied following unprecedented rise in animal feeds especially poultry which have taken  [ ... ]

Communal grazing scheme resuscitates camel rearing

A communal grazing model in Samburu that allows camel herds to graze simultaneously in organized plots using a rotation schedule is taming inter clan clashes while preserving dwindling fodder a move t [ ... ]

Uganda records quail farming boom despite Kenya’s fia...

Even as Kenyan farmers count losses after the qual farming fiasco, their Ugandan counterparts are minting a fortune from the rare birds, as Ugandan market expresses insatiable demand. Having been int [ ... ]

Farmers scramble for wonder sheep as country resuscitat...

A sheep breed that adapts well to tough climatic conditions and matures faster than the ordinary sheep is enjoying fanatical uptake by farmers especially due to its low fat quality meat with farmers g [ ... ]

Vet saves arid area cows with low cost feed preservatio...

A veterinary officer in Mwingi area of Eastern Kenya is training farmers in the arid area to mitigate against changes in weather through pasture preservation technology with over 60 farmers now comfor [ ... ]

Scientist creates nutritional animal feed from Mathenge...

Margaret Syomiti, a researcher who has come up with an year round animal feed through transforming the invasive shrub prosopis juliflora, locally known as juliflora, into fortified feed blocks, at a t [ ... ]

Scientists pitch for herbal medicine to cure livestock ...

Proponents of herbal medicine also known as alternative medicine are rooting for adoption of herbal formulations in managing and curing livestock diseases arguing that they are cheaper and readily ava [ ... ]

Smartphone boom inspires life saving livestock apps

Food and Agriculture Organization FAO of the United Nations says that the mobile phone applications are making ‘early warning’ a matter of seconds instead of weeks for animal disease outbreaks, an [ ... ]

North Eastern livestock market doubles households’ in...

A livestock market in Northern Kenya is assisting residents dictate market prices and shielding them from middlemen with residents now reporting upto 50 percent more profit thanks to the growing deman [ ... ]

Sunflower boosts milk yields and income amid feed short...

An incessant milk shortage in the country occasioned by lack of animal feeds has put a strain on milk supply, but vanguard farmers have found solace in sunflower by products which hasve increased milk [ ... ]

Dairy loan insures cows, increases income

A new dairy credit financing model is giving anyone interested in dairy farming easier ways of owning a cow, a move that has gained impressive traction in the country on the surging interest in commer [ ... ]

Pastoralists dump cows for gum tree as demand soars

The soaring demand for a naturally occurring component from the barks of Acacia tree, which is used across pharmaceuticals, drugs and photography industries, has given pastoralists from the Karamoja r [ ... ]

Molasses milk booster feed offers dairy farmers cheap a...

Dairy farmers in Uganda are set to benefit from an improved milk booster feed that doubles milk production and is pocket friendly largely due to the use of locally available materials like molasses an [ ... ]

Fish drying racks stem stock loss, doubling prices

A new method of drying fish using low cost racks is reducing drying time from three days to eight hours while doubling market prices among East African fishing communities. Once fish is harvested, th [ ... ]

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