Sunflower boosts milk yields and income amid feed short...

An incessant milk shortage in the country occasioned by lack of animal feeds has put a strain on milk supply, but vanguard farmers have found solace in sunflower by products which hasve increased milk [ ... ]

Dairy loan insures cows, increases income

A new dairy credit financing model is giving anyone interested in dairy farming easier ways of owning a cow, a move that has gained impressive traction in the country on the surging interest in commer [ ... ]

Pastoralists dump cows for gum tree as demand soars

The soaring demand for a naturally occurring component from the barks of Acacia tree, which is used across pharmaceuticals, drugs and photography industries, has given pastoralists from the Karamoja r [ ... ]

Molasses milk booster feed offers dairy farmers cheap a...

Dairy farmers in Uganda are set to benefit from an improved milk booster feed that doubles milk production and is pocket friendly largely due to the use of locally available materials like molasses an [ ... ]

Fish drying racks stem stock loss, doubling prices

A new method of drying fish using low cost racks is reducing drying time from three days to eight hours while doubling market prices among East African fishing communities. Once fish is harvested, th [ ... ]

Artificial insemination in chicken boosts egg fertiliza...

A new artificial method of inseminating chicken is underway which is promising quicker and guaranteed egg fertilization at a time when age old practice of relying on the cock is proving hard due to so [ ... ]

Slum dwellers earn from livestock waste briquettes

A project that is recycling livestock waste in three Kisumu slums is offering vital lessons on recycling and putting waste into proper use at a time when the waste eyesore in Kenya’s slums is so ent [ ... ]

County counts on reduced AI costs to bolster milk produ...

Murang’a County is counting on reduced artificial insemination costs to bolster milk yields from its 200,000 dairy cows and turn the county into the largest producer of milk at a time when exorbitan [ ... ]

Livestock financing rises on growth of industry

More financial institutions are now pouring finance into Kenya’s livestock sector as it emerges among the key drivers of the household and national income with data showing livestock incomes at some [ ... ]

Livestock breeders’ bonanza inspires farmer into dair...

A decision to attend the Livestock breeders show and sale in 2013 has been the spark that has transformed Gilbert Henry Obonyo’s farming fortunes and changed his long held wrong perceptions about da [ ... ]

Solution turns sawdust into pig feed

A solution that recycles pigs’ faecal waste and turns sawdust into a rich source of carbohydrates for pigs to consume is assisting pig farmers in Uganda cut on feed cost by upto 30 percent coming at [ ... ]

Micro chipped ear tags redefine livestock branding

From the hot iron branding on livestock’s skin to ear tags fitted with micro chips, livestock branding has been used to assist owners easily locate their livestock and control theft, but technology  [ ... ]

Electronic tracking chip stems cattle rustling

Livestock farmers in Kenya are set to benefit from a technology meant to tame cattle rustling in Kenya with the introduction of an electronic tracing chip at a time when reports indicating that the vi [ ... ]

Farmers trained to talk to their cows

A project that helps farmers communicate with their livestock in order to understand when the animals are sick, hungry or uncomfortable by just looking at them has trained 50 farmers who report change [ ... ]

Camera man clicks fortunes with milk

As the revolution of digital camera and mobile phones with cameras was taking Kenyans into frenzy, One Peter Chege was getting worried day by day. Employed as a photographer in a studio in Kitale town [ ... ]

Dairy crossbreeding project targets 6000litres a cow ye...

A project crossbreeding the local dairy breeds with the superior ones is hoping to boost milk yields by upto 6000 litres a cow per year with the belief that East African dairy sector holds the key to  [ ... ]

Domesticating stingless bees

Stingless bees are facing extinction due to pressure on natural resources like deforestation among other human activities that are threatening their habitation. Many farmers have expressed interest in [ ... ]

Farmers play extension officers, halving Newcastle dise...

A model that trains farmers to be community based extension officer is halving the death of the fatal Newcastle disease while giving farmers a new source of income. Practiced in Eastern Kenya, the mo [ ... ]

E-Pig assists farmers in pig rearing, boosting yields

An innovation that monitors the growth of pigs while pointing farmers to right markets is proving popular among Kenyan farmers thanks to its ease of use even as pig farming takes root across East Afri [ ... ]

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