Heat synchronization replaces bulls in cow servicing

Kenyan dairy farmers are embracing a new fertility method known as heat synchronization to get cows pregnant, at a time when there has been a considerable dip in the number of bulls and an increase in [ ... ]

Pig farmers cautioned against use of Kitchen leftover f...

Researchers have cautioned pig farmers against the use of kitchen left over as cheap feeds to their pigs warning apart from lacking the vital nutrients for the animals, they are the main carriers and  [ ... ]

Scientists breed goat that survives climate change

Scientists at the International Livestock Research Institute, ILRI, have come up with a superior goat breed that produces 1.5 litres of milk daily and easily adapts to climate change, at a time when t [ ... ]

Online tool helps rabbit farmers track progress remotel...

Commercial rabbit farmers can now monitor the health and performance of their herd remotely thanks to a web and mobile based tool that tracks the animals' progress, from weaning, kindling or nesting w [ ... ]

Farmers to obtain irrigation kits at manageable costs

Farmers who have been barred by exorbitant prices of irrigation kits can now have them at a manageable cost, thanks to a partnership between SunCulture and Equity Bank that allow them pay in bits. T [ ... ]

Company targets smallholder farmers with unique greenho...

Kenya’s agro input companies are entering the smallholder farmers’ greenhouse market, long a preserve of large scale farmers, as farmers look for innovative year round ways to produce food without [ ... ]

Ugandan pigs gain 0.5 kgs daily from locally made feeds

Pig farmers in Uganda have embraced sweet potato silage feeds which enable animals to add close to half a kilo of weight per day and proving to be more affordable than the commercial feeds. The new f [ ... ]

Dorper sheep resuscitates sheep rearing in Kenya

A sheep breed that adapts well to tough climatic conditions and matures faster than the ordinary sheep is enjoying fanatical uptake by farmers especially due to its low fat quality meat with farmers g [ ... ]

Researchers set sight on superior pig breeds

Ugandan pig farmers are now enjoying the benefits of having a dedicated team of researchers aimed at improving the pig sector with the country enjoying the fastest growing pig population in Africa. T [ ... ]

Attack by two parasites reduces cattle death study

A calf infected by two parasites of the same species is more likely to live and develop immunity against the deadly East Coast Fever that one attacked by a single parasite a new study says. The findi [ ... ]

Farmers boost milk yields with do it yourself model

A Canadian veterinarian’s 17 trips to Kenya to teach dairy farmers on good livestock management have not been in vain for it has tripled the milk yields of over six thousand small holder farmers who [ ... ]

Scientists step up war on pig flu

Kalanzi Daniel is a small scale pig farmer from Busabala a suburb neighboring Kampala. In mid 2014, Kalanzi lost 8 out of his 12 pigs to the endemic African Swine Fever threatening his only source of  [ ... ]

The powder that increases bird weight by 50 per cent

A young veterinary officer in Uganda has come up with an organic powder fed to poultry that offers alternatives to conventional supplements and which doubles egg production while increasing the weight [ ... ]

Floating fish pellets quickens maturity

Commercial fish farmers in Uganda are benefiting from a newly introduced floating fish feed that increases maturity period and increases the weight gain by over 60 percent. According to Ugachick’s  [ ... ]

Pig supplement increases weight, fight worms

A multipurpose organic feed supplement is assisting Ugandan pig farmers increase the weight of their pigs while guarding them against endemic diseases like African swine fever and eliminates worms. T [ ... ]

Camel milk, goat breeding lift Borana’s fortunes

When 24-year old Ralia’s husband left her and their four children, it was like staring into an abyss. That happened five years ago when Ralia was living in Isiolo. At the time, Ralia’s husband wa [ ... ]

Electronic fishing rigs increase harvest 10 fold

Fish farmers in Uganda are poised to grow their catches ten times with modern fishing rigs that are set to replace the traditional kerosene powered lamps as demand for the silver cyprinid fish locally [ ... ]

Scientists mull insect based animal feeds to tame cost

Scientists are exploring ways of introducing low cost insect based livestock feeds with over 500 species being studied following unprecedented rise in animal feeds especially poultry which have taken  [ ... ]

Communal grazing scheme resuscitates camel rearing

A communal grazing model in Samburu that allows camel herds to graze simultaneously in organized plots using a rotation schedule is taming inter clan clashes while preserving dwindling fodder a move t [ ... ]

Farmers scramble for wonder sheep as country resuscitat...

A sheep breed that adapts well to tough climatic conditions and matures faster than the ordinary sheep is enjoying fanatical uptake by farmers especially due to its low fat quality meat with farmers g [ ... ]

Vet saves arid area cows with low cost feed preservatio...

A veterinary officer in Mwingi area of Eastern Kenya is training farmers in the arid area to mitigate against changes in weather through pasture preservation technology with over 60 farmers now comfor [ ... ]

Scientist creates nutritional animal feed from Mathenge...

Margaret Syomiti, a researcher who has come up with an year round animal feed through transforming the invasive shrub prosopis juliflora, locally known as juliflora, into fortified feed blocks, at a t [ ... ]

Superior sheep breed rekindles sheep rearing

A sheep breed that adapts well to tough climatic conditions and matures faster than the ordinary sheep is enjoying fanatical uptake by farmers especially due to its low fat quality meat with farmers g [ ... ]

Scientists pitch for herbal medicine to cure livestock ...

Proponents of herbal medicine also known as alternative medicine are rooting for adoption of herbal formulations in managing and curing livestock diseases arguing that they are cheaper and readily ava [ ... ]

Smartphone boom inspires life saving livestock apps

Food and Agriculture Organization FAO of the United Nations says that the mobile phone applications are making ‘early warning’ a matter of seconds instead of weeks for animal disease outbreaks, an [ ... ]

North Eastern livestock market doubles households’ in...

A livestock market in Northern Kenya is assisting residents dictate market prices and shielding them from middlemen with residents now reporting upto 50 percent more profit thanks to the growing deman [ ... ]

Sunflower boosts milk yields and income amid feed short...

An incessant milk shortage in the country occasioned by lack of animal feeds has put a strain on milk supply, but vanguard farmers have found solace in sunflower by products which hasve increased milk [ ... ]

Dairy loan insures cows, increases income

A new dairy credit financing model is giving anyone interested in dairy farming easier ways of owning a cow, a move that has gained impressive traction in the country on the surging interest in commer [ ... ]

Pastoralists dump cows for gum tree as demand soars

The soaring demand for a naturally occurring component from the barks of Acacia tree, which is used across pharmaceuticals, drugs and photography industries, has given pastoralists from the Karamoja r [ ... ]

Molasses milk booster feed offers dairy farmers cheap a...

Dairy farmers in Uganda are set to benefit from an improved milk booster feed that doubles milk production and is pocket friendly largely due to the use of locally available materials like molasses an [ ... ]

Fish drying racks stem stock loss, doubling prices

A new method of drying fish using low cost racks is reducing drying time from three days to eight hours while doubling market prices among East African fishing communities. Once fish is harvested, th [ ... ]

Artificial insemination in chicken boosts egg fertiliza...

A new artificial method of inseminating chicken is underway which is promising quicker and guaranteed egg fertilization at a time when age old practice of relying on the cock is proving hard due to so [ ... ]

Slum dwellers earn from livestock waste briquettes

A project that is recycling livestock waste in three Kisumu slums is offering vital lessons on recycling and putting waste into proper use at a time when the waste eyesore in Kenya’s slums is so ent [ ... ]

County counts on reduced AI costs to bolster milk produ...

Murang’a County is counting on reduced artificial insemination costs to bolster milk yields from its 200,000 dairy cows and turn the county into the largest producer of milk at a time when exorbitan [ ... ]

Livestock financing rises on growth of industry

More financial institutions are now pouring finance into Kenya’s livestock sector as it emerges among the key drivers of the household and national income with data showing livestock incomes at some [ ... ]

Livestock breeders’ bonanza inspires farmer into dair...

A decision to attend the Livestock breeders show and sale in 2013 has been the spark that has transformed Gilbert Henry Obonyo’s farming fortunes and changed his long held wrong perceptions about da [ ... ]

Solution turns sawdust into pig feed

A solution that recycles pigs’ faecal waste and turns sawdust into a rich source of carbohydrates for pigs to consume is assisting pig farmers in Uganda cut on feed cost by upto 30 percent coming at [ ... ]

Micro chipped ear tags redefine livestock branding

From the hot iron branding on livestock’s skin to ear tags fitted with micro chips, livestock branding has been used to assist owners easily locate their livestock and control theft, but technology  [ ... ]

Electronic tracking chip stems cattle rustling

Livestock farmers in Kenya are set to benefit from a technology meant to tame cattle rustling in Kenya with the introduction of an electronic tracing chip at a time when reports indicating that the vi [ ... ]

Farmers trained to talk to their cows

A project that helps farmers communicate with their livestock in order to understand when the animals are sick, hungry or uncomfortable by just looking at them has trained 50 farmers who report change [ ... ]

Camera man clicks fortunes with milk

As the revolution of digital camera and mobile phones with cameras was taking Kenyans into frenzy, One Peter Chege was getting worried day by day. Employed as a photographer in a studio in Kitale town [ ... ]

Dairy crossbreeding project targets 6000litres a cow ye...

A project crossbreeding the local dairy breeds with the superior ones is hoping to boost milk yields by upto 6000 litres a cow per year with the belief that East African dairy sector holds the key to  [ ... ]

Domesticating stingless bees

Stingless bees are facing extinction due to pressure on natural resources like deforestation among other human activities that are threatening their habitation. Many farmers have expressed interest in [ ... ]

Farmers play extension officers, halving Newcastle dise...

A model that trains farmers to be community based extension officer is halving the death of the fatal Newcastle disease while giving farmers a new source of income. Practiced in Eastern Kenya, the mo [ ... ]

E-Pig assists farmers in pig rearing, boosting yields

An innovation that monitors the growth of pigs while pointing farmers to right markets is proving popular among Kenyan farmers thanks to its ease of use even as pig farming takes root across East Afri [ ... ]

Farmers invest in homemade livestock feeds as prices sk...

Long buffeted by escalating prices of commercial feeds and unpredictable weather patterns, a group of farmers in Rift Valley are finding solace in alternative feeds and are reporting a halving of feed [ ... ]

Zero grazing reduces tick diseases by upto 8 times stud...

A study by the International Livestock Research Institute ILRI is advocating for zero grazing system to contain tick borne diseases as it emerged that free range systems exposes livestock to ticks-inc [ ... ]

Kiambu farmers access year round low cost hay

A new partnership has assisted smallholder farmers in Kiambu county access year round hay for their livestock at a time when changes in climate are taking a toll on available green fodder. For many y [ ... ]

Farmers chase cheaper, superior chicken breed

The Kenya Agricultural Research Institute has given the local chicken a makeover prompting pent up demand with more than 5,000 chickens being ordered monthly as farmers go for disease resistant high y [ ... ]

Livestock insurance takes risk out of livestock keeping

Kenyan pastoralists are recording steady supply of livestock even after dry spells a departure from the past, thanks to a livestock index insurance designed to compensate them for livestock losses cau [ ... ]

Fish breeders and farmers net profits with ‘beauty fi...

Fish breeders are recording tripled incomes  as demand for ornamental fish which have become common place in modern homes  burgeons , with the price of ornamental fish outstripping that of o [ ... ]

Pastoralists up milk yields and income with cattle swap...

A dairy farmer in Transmara region is among pioneer farmers who are recording five times more income and milk yields having sold their traditional cows for the higher yielding breeds in a venture mean [ ... ]

Researchers set sight on free range chickens as demand ...

Kenyan researchers are focusing attention on traditionally neglected indigenous chicken as demand hits all time high with data showing 40 percent of those who buy chicken and their products prefer fre [ ... ]

As a cow eateth: African livestock emit half of global ...

Sub-Saharan Africa livestock emit over 50 percent of global carbon, one of the gases blamed for change in climate, due to their overreliance on grasses and crop leftovers after harvest which are poor  [ ... ]

Scientists step up war on East Coast Fever with superio...

A team of scientists from The International Livestock Research Institute has launched a project of developing a superior vaccine against the East Coast Fever known to kill one animal after every 30 se [ ... ]

Communal feeding pen increases cattle body weight, fetc...

Martin Wanjala has reared cattle all his life. But it was only recently that he started to make any money. The retired teacher has benefited from the recent introduction of a communal feedlot. Housing [ ... ]

Rift farmer creates empire with low cost cattle feed

Laban Talam is not your ordinary farmer. With a herd of cattle producing tens of litres of milk and large swathes of lushy green fields, he has become an icon in his village and even internationally f [ ... ]

Model pays pastoralists to conserve environment

As pastoralists in North Rift grapple with the drought that has affected over 12 million East Africans, a new model of paying pastoralists for conserving the ecosystem in reserves and parks is helping [ ... ]

Cactus emerges as a feed for livestock

Cactus long despised by many due to its thorny aspects is now emerging as a solution to feeding African livestock during drought, based on findings by scientists at the Kenya Agricultural Research Ins [ ... ]

Poultry farmers court alternatives to fight rising feed...

As the price of maize hits an all time high, more poultry farmers are neglecting poultry farming or reducing the number of poultry they keep to cushion themselves from the high cost since maize grain  [ ... ]

Transporting distance affects body weight of broiler ch...

Poultry researchers have discovered that day old broiler chicks transported for longer periods takes time to gain weight compared to those with zero or short transport periods. The discovery is welco [ ... ]

Marigat farmers rear fish in tanks, saving thousands in...

Leakey Farm in the arid Kampi Samaki of Marigat in Rift Valley province is home to thousands of fish that are not grown in ordinary fish ponds but in tanks which rely heavily on the water from the nea [ ... ]

Understanding the Foot and Mouth disease

Foot and mouth disease sometimes referred to as hoof and mouth disease is an infectious and fatal viral disease that affects cloven-hoofed animals, including domestic and wild bovid. The virus causes  [ ... ]

Low cost sweet potato pig feed offer hope to millions o...

A sweet potato based pig feed is providing a low cost alternative to the prohibitively priced commercial pig feeds to farmers across East Africa who have been left at the mercy of the market forces. E [ ... ]

Tumbukiza method doubles milk yields

For some 10,000 farmers, many in the Rift Valley, recent months have brought the discovery that the solution to Kenya’s perennial milk shortages, and to low milk output generally, lies not with catt [ ... ]

Digital Pen Technology stems livestock disease outbreak...

Livestock farmers in the country can now breathe a sigh of relief after the introduction of a digital pen technology used by veterinary officers to immediately report to the capital about any disease  [ ... ]

Low cost underground tanks feed livestock and crops

Extension officers working with farmers in Bulanda area of Western Kenya are channeling water from the surface of large rocks that are a common phenomenon in the area into small underground tanks whic [ ... ]

Farmers court portable technology that detects livestoc...

The Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) has developed a portable, user-friendly tool that detects pneumonia in goats and cattle in minutes, a disease that claims 8 out of 10 livestock infecte [ ... ]

Dairy farmers use beer by product to feed livestock, up...

Dairy farmers from the Eastern part of Uganda are cashing in on the cheap locally available grains discarded after extraction in the process of making beer to feed their cattle upping milk yields, at  [ ... ]

E African scientists step up fight against poultry dise...

Scientists across East Africa have stepped up their resolve to fight the dreaded Newcastle poultry disease, responsible for over 90 percent deaths of free range chicken, by launching low cost vaccine  [ ... ]

Scavenging pigs are death traps,study

Confining pigs to their sties increases their weight by upto eight kilos and halves both pig diseases and those transmitted from pigs to humans, scientists now say, a revelation that could alter the p [ ... ]

The Multipurpose solution that improves livestock diges...

A multipurpose solution is proving a cure it all for livestock while adding more useful bacteria necessary for their digestion and breakdown of feeds which ultimately translates into doubling of yield [ ... ]

Group courts satellite tool to tame fish poaching

After sucessfully launching a satelite based system of monitor illegal fishing in West Africa, World Wildlife Fund now says it is considering introducing the technology in East Africa which is equally [ ... ]

Pastoralists insulate livestock with year round unique ...

Pastoralists in West Pokot and other pastoralist zones are set to benefit from a drought friendly and fast maturing grass variety that promises year round fodder for their livestock in a bid to stem p [ ... ]

Scientist bets on jungle chicken to produce better bree...

A livestock scientist who has worked in Kenya for over a decade is the lead researcher in a global project that is studying a nervous red jungle fowl which has superior health and breeding qualities,  [ ... ]

Poultry farmers reduce diseases, save water with chicke...

Poultry farmers are cutting the spread of fatal diseases like Coccidioisis by upto 70 percent and conserving water thanks to poultry nipple drinker a gadget that uses gravitational force to automatica [ ... ]

Fish farmers count losses as emerging diseases take tol...

Rising cases of fish diseases are threatening the ability of fish farming to feed a growing world population and putting to risk economies of countries like Kenya where the sector contributes about 0. [ ... ]

Cross breeding center doubles pastoralists’ income

Livestock farmers in Pokot are replacing traditional low yielding breeds with superior ones at low or no cost in a project that has not only doubled the pastoralists’ income from meat and milk but a [ ... ]

Kenya goes high tech to curb poaching

A systemic poaching trend in Kenya that has seen over 120 elephants and undocumented number of rhinos shot dead by poachers this year alone is now seeing conservancy groups embrace state of the art te [ ... ]

Fish farmers bet on feed producing machine to grow stoc...

The government has distributed some 54 mini-fish feed production machines worth Sh46 million to farmers across the country which would reduce the feed cost by upto 30 percent, cushionioning farmers fr [ ... ]

Fish farmers trap sound in laptops to save dwindling st...

A transformatory fish project in Lake Victoria that captures fish sound on a laptop has assisted in investigating fish stocks in the Lake while avoiding exploitation of the fish through overfishing. T [ ... ]

Livestock farmers triple milk yield with insect treated...

A novel method of surrounding livestock sheds with insecticide-treated nets has cut the number of disease transmitting insects by 90 percent while tripling milk yields among smallholder farmers in Kis [ ... ]

Kenya plays host to continental bee laboratory

Kenya will host a bee laboratory, the first of its kind in Africa, aimed at boosting research on bee health and improving food security in Africa, at a time when emerging diseases,pests and human acti [ ... ]

Poultry farmers count more eggs thanks to cage farming

Commercial poultry farmers in Uganda are recording fewer broken eggs and a longer egg laying period thanks to a new system that houses chicken in individual cages. This is a departure from the traditi [ ... ]

Nyeri farmers dump myth to embrace rabbit farming

Rabbit farmers in Nyeri County have formed an association to create awareness on the health benefits of consuming rabbit meat while positioning themselves to handle competition from red meat that enjo [ ... ]

Farmers up milk yields, cut feed costs with fattening t...

Farmers feeding their cows with a multi purpose sugary tuber with ability to complement energy and protein levels not available in traditional feeds like nappier are recording upto three more litres o [ ... ]

Kenya to set up the only livestock bank in the world

Kenya is finalizing plans of setting up a livestock gene bank, the first of its kind in the world meant to protect the biodiversity of threatened breeds while promoting livestock research at a time wh [ ... ]

Livestock farmers substitute commercial feeds for house...

Houseflies are now emerging as cheap alternative feed for livestock providing almost the same amount of edible protein as common protein rich commercial feeds like fish meal whose prices have skyrocke [ ... ]

Dairy farmers count profits with record keeping sheets

Over 4000 smallholder dairy farmers in Central and Eastern region have embraced animal record keeping, a venture that is not only doubling their milk yields but also reducing the rate of animal loss t [ ... ]

How bulls cause cow infertility

Scientists are sounding the alarm over rising cases of infertility in cows currently standing at 15 out of every 100 cows in what they describe as avoidable causes like servicing the cows with infecte [ ... ]

Livestock skin odours assist scientists tame Rift Valle...

Scientists from the Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (Icipe), have identified skin odours found in livestock which the mosquitoes use to spread the deadly Rift Valley Fever, a discovery that wi [ ... ]

Scientists launch satelite technology to fight human wi...

A satellite technology that protects the country's reserves and protected lands from poaching and addresses human wildlife conflict has been launched coming at a time when the cases of poaching in the [ ... ]

Pig fever wipes over 3,000 in Central

Farmers in Murang'a county have lost over 3,000 pigs in the last two months to a viral disease known as African swine fever, even as researchers step up interventions to contain a disease that has wip [ ... ]

Franchise model allows farmers access and own livestock...

A livestock franchise model is assisting farmers who are far from agrovet dealers access timely and quality services from unique one stop shops at a minimum fee which have assisted farmers contain som [ ... ]

Livestock farmers find a quicker fertilization option i...

Livestock farmers in Kenya are producing upto ten calves in an year thanks to a new fertilization technology that involves transfer of a fertilized embryo from a donor, which in this case is a high yi [ ... ]

Farmers cut over reliance on traditional fodder with ne...

A recently introduced fodder growing technology is fast rising in the country, offering farmers year round supply of nutritious green fodder, grown for just eight days and producing upto 50 kgs of the [ ... ]

Information gap locks thousands of dairy farmers from u...

Information gap is locking thousands of smallholder dairy farmers in the country from multiplying their cows using a unique artificial insemination method that gives a farmer 90 percent chance to acqu [ ... ]

Cow mattresses up milk yields, fight mastitis

A new breed of farmers keen on improving conditions for their cows and increase milk yields have invested in cow mattresses, a unique rectangular bedding made of recycled tyres, which is now seeing th [ ... ]

Ugandans warm up to super chicken

A new breed of superior, fast maturing indigenous chicken that weighs twice as much as  foreign breeds and lay eggs throughout the year is enjoying impressive uptake among poultry farmers as effo [ ... ]

Kenya edges closer to eradicating East Coast Fever

The war on the deadly East Coast Fever is close to be won after Kenya recently launched a new highly improved vaccine to curb the disease responsible for over 1.1 million cattle deaths yearly. The vac [ ... ]