Moth threatens Kenya’s Sh14b capsicum market

A brownish grey moth is threatening Kenya’s capsicum market, valued at Sh14billion with consignments meant for exports having been intercepted, even as neighbouring Uganda suffers an export ban on t [ ... ]

Citrus farmers eye juicy future with pest control proje...

Citrus farmers in Kenya and Tanzania are set to benefit from a project that seeks to embrace alternative pest control methods and identifying suitable areas for its plantation, a move key in spurring  [ ... ]

Soiless seed germination technology tames disease sprea...

A company in Kenya is pioneering the planting of seeds without using soil by using an organic planting medium made from coconut husk, ridding the seeds off diseases, ensuring transplanting is done wit [ ... ]

Molo farmer intercrops potato and garden peas, earning ...

A farmer in Molo is growing potato seeds and intercropping with garden peas, in a classic crop rotation model that not only improves soil fertility but also ensures her of an year round source of inco [ ... ]

Eldoret family pioneers cultivation of Indian wonder he...

A family in Eldoret has pioneered the cultivation of an Indian herb, known for its many health benefits including reducing cholesterol, heart diseases, blood pressure and easing child birth, and has n [ ... ]

Telephone farmers find solace in Agronomist

A seasoned agronomist is rescuing many employed youths whose plight of embracing agribusiness as an extra income generating activity has seen their investment turn into white elephant projects. In th [ ... ]

Karen Farmer Champions urban Organic farming with soill...

Three years ago, Victor Barasa seldom had vegetables in his diet as his love for fast foods was insatiable. His daily meals always a portion of what Nairobians prefer; ‘Chips and chicken’. Little  [ ... ]

Organic Company turns trash to farm treasure, healing s...

An organic fertilizer making company is seeking to correct the acidic state of Kenyan soils by composting waste from livestock, vegetables and water hyacinth from Nairobi dam. Pastoralists, known to  [ ... ]

Sweet potato becomes food of choice in arid areas

County governments and organizations working in Kenya’s arid areas are expressing appetite for sweet potatoes in a bid to balance between feeding population and livestock, as the versatile crop exhi [ ... ]

Ugandan Coffee farmers acquire new wilt resistant varie...

Ugandans are set to benefit from a line of new coffee variety that are resistant to the rampant coffee wilt disease that has wiped out over 15 million coffee trees . The new coffee varieties which ha [ ... ]

Dreaded desert locusts tame heart diseases- Scientists

Scientists have discovered that consumption of desert locust reduces risks of heart disease. This revelation comes at a time when FAO encouraged people to embrace edible insects as a mitigating factor [ ... ]

Ugandan farmers embrace automated irrigation system

An enterprising Ugandan youth has developed an automated irrigation system that helps busy farmers in monitoring and irrigating farms at the touch of a button at a time when technology advancement in  [ ... ]

Farmers make silage from sweet potato vines

Farmers in Busia area of Western Kenya are learning how to make hay from sweet potato vines, having received training from their Ugandan counterparts who have mastered the art of preserving fodder for [ ... ]

Home made greenhouses fight poverty in Bungoma

Farmers in Matisi village in Bungoma are recording reduced cost of farming and increased yields after following the example of one woman who has embraced home made greenhouses and crop rotation. This [ ... ]

Farmers grow yields 6x without fertilizers

Up to 6500 farmers in Thika have increased their yields two to six times using a farming method that doesn’t require fertilizer and uses a fraction of water. Waithera Kimotho beams as she shows off  [ ... ]

Farmers double yields with fish poultry technology

An innovative Kenyan youth is pioneering an automated technology targeting farmers with limited space in the production of fish, poultry and plants in an effort that is also doubling house hold income [ ... ]

Superior spraying tech tames water loss

Ugandan farmers are set to benefit from a new spraying technology that saves the amount of water used by over five times ultimately saving time and inputs. The spray pump which is a technology fr [ ... ]

Fake seeds choke farms and earnings

Kenya is ahead of its regional peers in making seeds accessible to smallholder farmers, but scores poorly in its fight on counterfeits a new seed index has revealed. The index dubbed, The Africa Seed [ ... ]

Organic vegetable fertilizer doubles yields

An innovative Ugandan has introduced an organic vegetable fertilizer which doubles yields coming at a time when the demand for organically grown foods is on the rise especially among the health consci [ ... ]

Heat tolerant beans fight climate change

Bean breeders have discovered 30 types of ‘heat beater beans’ that could keep production from crashing in large swaths of bean-dependent Latin America and Africa, in the wake of fears that global  [ ... ]

Orphaned crops find homes in E. Africa women farmers

Orphaned crops find homes in E. Africa women farmersTraditionally neglected finger millet and sorghum that were the highlight of the 80s are making a grand comeback across East Africa with women farme [ ... ]

Kenya welcomes bean varieties that reduces cooking time

Five new high yielding canning bean varieties that takes 27 minutes to cook compared to the traditional three hours, have been introduced in the Kenyan market and are set to replace a variety that has [ ... ]

Elite banana variety tames Uganda’s imports

Banana farmers in Uganda are adopting the first maturing and more profitable plantain banana in a bid to tame the country’s over reliance from Democratic republic of Congo as appetite for Ugandan st [ ... ]

Mumias farmers replace cane with soya beans

Farmers who have traditionally supplied sugarcane to Mumias sugar Company, are finding sweeter days replacing cane with maize and Soya beans in a move boosting household food security and income. Sin [ ... ]

Dairy farmers increase yields 5x conserving fodder

Dairy farmers in six regions of the country are counting an increase of milk yield by up to five fold during dry days and a concomitant swell in income, thanks to a training programme that shows them  [ ... ]

The newly introduced tape measure method of measuring c...

Wheat farmers in Rift Valley are decrying the growing threat of stem rust that is wiping up to 100 per cent of their yields and thwarting efforts to increase wheat production by attacking even superio [ ... ]

Waterpans shield Naivasha farmers from depressed rains

Naivasha farmers are courting water pans to harvest water ensuring they have year round supply at a time when vagaries of weather have disrupted planting and harvesting seasons, taking a toll on yield [ ... ]

How SACCO rose from pulping to exporting processed coff...

What started as a modest hand pulping coffee venture by a farmer group in Nandi County has metamorphosed into a fully fledged processing facility which now exports ready made coffee and more than doub [ ... ]

Motorized pump reduces spraying time four fold

A modern motorized pump that pumps four times faster than the handheld pumps while covering a wider area and crops has been introduced in the market, and is promising to transform smallholder farming. [ ... ]

Fertilizer free farm becomes Nyanza’s food basket

In a small village in Nyanza area, a farm has caught villagers attention and attracted thousands of visitors from as far as Nairobi keen on learning how it manages to produce bountiful harvest with no [ ... ]

Information access boosts farmers’ yields and incomes

For Joseph Njuguna a farmer in Nyandarua, farming was a typical exercise of planting and waiting for crops to grow. It was until a visit by the extension officers that he took farming seriously and ha [ ... ]

New soya bean varieties boost farmers and country’s i...

Four high yielding soya bean varieties that are resistant to leaf rust disease, one of the most lethal diseases responsible for depressed yields, are promising better days for Ugandan farmers at a tim [ ... ]

Smallholder farmers reap double growing crops with tree...

Smallholder farmers in Kenya are embracing planting trees that do not compete with crops for nutrients a venture that is paying off with some of the trees even fertilizing the soils while offering the [ ... ]

SACCOs behind Nyeri’s farming boom

Mzee Zacharia Kanyotu is a small scale farmer whose life has greatly improved thanks to loans he received from the Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (Saccos). "If it was not for the loans we re [ ... ]

Africa bets on rice union to boost production

Kenya has played host to a meeting that has birthed a continental initiative to harmonize rice production and development, after emerging that the second staple crop in most African countries, was dwi [ ... ]

Razed farms take a toll on crop yields

The practice of burning maize stalks on farms by most farmers who find no use for them after the maize harvest is working against them with agricultural officers sounding the alarm that the practice i [ ... ]

Farmers increase food shelf life with low cost innovati...

A low cost storage facility meant to preserve produce for upto two weeks is assisting smallholder farmers stem food waste and sell their produce at reasonable prices at a time when Kenya is losing upt [ ... ]

Wild leaves save Nakuru farms from pests

Farmers in Subukia area of Nakuru are cutting the spread of pests by upto 40 percent at zero cost thanks to the freely available neem leaves and seeds that have proven more potent that conventional pe [ ... ]

Long sunny spells inspires irrigation

With Kenya being among few countries enjoying more concentrated sunlight compared to the rest of the world, two entrepreneurs are cashing on this phenomenon to introduce low cost solar irrigation amon [ ... ]

Forest project create incomes and jobs for Western farm...

Farmer groups in Nandi area are easing pressure on the epic Nandi forest through engaging in alternative money minting ventures like beekeeping and value addition in a project now being replicated acr [ ... ]

Farmers breathe life to tender crops with polythene cov...

Vanguard farmers are courting unique covers that protect their tender crops from direct sunlight, birds and pests at a time when scientists posit that upto 60 percent of crops are destroyed between th [ ... ]

Potato seed treatment technology boosts farmers’ inco...

Potato farmers in Bomet and Meru counties are doubling yields with a seed treatment technology that combines bio control products and synthetic chemicals, in a balanced move that produces a healthy pl [ ... ]

Kenya bets on high value sorghum to boost yields

Kenya plans to introduce an improved variety of sorghum in 2016 that has a 20 percent more yield compared to conventional breeds, officials said.

Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization  [ ... ]

Low cost pest arsenals rescue Kenya flowers

Kenya flower farmers are increasingly feeling the heat of exports markets rejecting their flowers with most of them arriving in export destinations spoilt. The situation is so dire that one company re [ ... ]

Spider with appetite for mosquitoes guides war on malar...

Scientist have discovered a Malaysian jumping spider Paracyrba wanlessi, that prefers preying on mosquitoes to any other prey in a revelation that would help curb the spread of the deadly Malaria dise [ ... ]

Coffee finds its mojo in modern pest control arsenals

Kenya’s coffee, famously christened green gold, has undergone an interesting metamorphosis but weathered odds to remain one of the most preferred commodities globally. Enjoying massive uptake in th [ ... ]

How Aspirin reduces pest attacks in crops

Spraying or watering crops with the painkiller Aspirin increases their immune system while triggering their natural defense systems that fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses according to researchers. A  [ ... ]

Maize shelling takes toll on farmers' earnings

Farmers in breadbasket areas of Kenya are spending upto 15 percent of their earnings shelling maize, a venture they decry as eating into their profits. This is despite the fact that more expenses are [ ... ]

Black plastic film tames water evaporation in arid farm...

Farmers in arid areas have perfected the art of water harvesting to insulate their crops and livestock during dry spells with black plastic film and mulching having successfully transformed deserts in [ ... ]

Childhood curiosity births soil testing lab

A childhood curiosity about the differences in yields between young Fredrick Muthuri parent’s farm and that of his neighbor has been the spark that has turned him into a renown botanist and chemist  [ ... ]

Flower farmers lose millions to sap sucking insect

A minute, less than a sixteenth of an inch long, black slender insect that resembles tiny dark threads when viewed without hand lens, has been Kenya flower farmers’ nightmare having left a trail of  [ ... ]

Farmers tame post harvest losses with homemade innovati...

Fiona Mukami, a widow and mother of three in Mwea area of Kirinyaga County systematically smears cooking oil in an earthenware pot the size of a gallon drum. She gives it a final smear before rolling  [ ... ]

Health conscious Kenyans drive cultivation of neglected...

A thorny and spiky fruit vilified by most Kenyans for its strange look and taste is now recording fanatical uptake thanks to endorsement by doctors who recommend it due to its numerous health benefits [ ... ]

Soil erosion wipes nutrients and incomes

Hilly terrain and heavy rains especially during the long rains have been every farmers’ nightmare as soil erosion continues unabated carrying with it soil nutrients and washing away crops. The situa [ ... ]

Watermelons flourish in the middle of barren farms

Between large swathes of maize plantations in the weather beaten Rarieda terrain stands a one tenth acre of succulent water melons that have gives 41 year old Joseph Onduso Sh30,000 in profits every m [ ... ]

Trap crops keep pests at bay

Farmers who have struggled to tame pests are recording increased yields and reduced pest infestation on their crops thanks to certain crops like sorghum, napier grass and desmodium among others which  [ ... ]

Diminishing arable land paves way for rabbit farming

Diminishing land size and highly unpredictable weather conditions have birthed the fanatical uptake and commercialization of rabbit rearing which was traditional viewed as a boy’s hobby but which is [ ... ]

Bitter times for fruit farmers as new disease strikes

A passion fruit disease that wipes the entire crop in days and which has baffled scientists, is threatening to reverse the gains made by the fledgling sector as farmers count millions in losses. Farm [ ... ]

Low cost carbon charcoal takes pressure off Kenya fores...

A group of youth from 13 counties in Kenya keen on creating jobs is taking the pressure from felling of trees by recycling waste to make low carbon charcoal which they sell to locals. It is an initia [ ... ]

Irrigation brings barren farms to life

Smallholder farmers having now come to terms with failed rains and long dry spells are now embracing irrigation to ensure year round supply with irrigation equipment like pedal pumps, watering cans an [ ... ]

School rescues pastoralists’ livestock from death

Pastoralists staring at dwindling pasture land for their livestock are going back to school to learn about new and smart ways of managing and conserving fodder with one pastoralist school in Kiserian  [ ... ]

Resource center embraces tech to transform farming

An information resource center has transformed the lives of hundreds of farmers in the semi arid Laikipia County assisting them share knowledge with peers while diversifying crop production to shield  [ ... ]

Tech tames aflatoxins for shillings

  An application that can detect the cancer causing toxins, aflatoxins, and with accuracy levels as high as the lab tests is the new breakthrough in taming toxins responsible for numerous deat [ ... ]

Highland arrowroots return dignity to Central Kenya’s...

  A group of farmers in Central Kenya, frustrated by dwindling yields and low returns from coffee and other cash crops in the area have found solace in highland arrowroot, which does well even [ ... ]

Daadab refugees find reprieve in pawpaw, bean cultivati...

Refugee students at Daadab are stemming food shortage in the area through pawpaw, spinach and beans, and earning from sale of surplus at a time when food shortage has bitten the camp. The students ha [ ... ]

Quality seeds herald sorghum boom in Western Kenya

In Khaoya area of Western Kenya, the sound of women singing and cheerfully chatting from an abundant sorghum field draws attention from neighbors passing by. The women’s yips and cheers could be hea [ ... ]

The terracing secret that has showered Machakos farms

William Ndolo is a family man with two wives, ten children and six grandchildren. Yet with just an acre of land in the climatically harsh Machakos county, he is able to comfortably feed his extended f [ ... ]

Green revolution feeds continent, tames climate change

Major steps in high-yield agriculture achieved during the so-called Green Revolution have not only helped feed the planet, but also have helped slow the pace of global warming by cutting the amount of [ ... ]

Superior kale varieties boost harvests, fight diseases

Sukuma wiki farmers in various areas of the country are recording a harvest boom thanks to new five improved lines that are positioning farmers to new markets for a crop grown by 90 percent farmers an [ ... ]

Health conscious households drive neglected vegetables ...

Broad leaved African nightshade (Solanum scabrum) long vilified by many households across East Africa and relegated to being orphaned crops are now enjoying fanatical uptake thanks to rising prices of [ ... ]

Sugarcane farmers use beetles to tame pest

Sugar cane farmers in Uganda are using specially bred beetles to tame the voracious white scale pest that has robbed farmers off any harvest because of their destructive nature on sugar cane. The inn [ ... ]

Tax regime puts brakes on rising sorghum sector

Emerging market threats like the recent introduction of a 50 percent excise duty on key sorghum based beer is threatening to put brakes on a crop that has been the source of livelihoods and nutrition  [ ... ]

Soil book captures Africa’s projects to tame infertil...

A publication that details the the numerous soil fertility challenges facing smallholder farmers has been launched with an aim of setting a platform to motivate and chart a path towards achieving more [ ... ]

Scientists breed nutritionally rich yam bean

Farmers in Uganda are poised to benefit from a nutritionally superior yam bean with the research now in its final stages thanks to concerted efforts from Makerere University and NARO researchers. The [ ... ]

New water harvesting project showers Marsabit farms

A high return project in Marsabit that stalled due to water shortages has inspired farmers in the area to embrace new ways of water harvesting in a venture that has now opened up new avenues of farmin [ ... ]

Farmers count more yields with localised soil fertility...

Over 1.8million smallholder farmers from sub Saharan Africa have embraced integrated soil fertility management in a bid to triple yields and foster food security in Africa,  after extensive train [ ... ]

Virtual warehouse allows farmers timely access to input...

A virtual warehouse is assisting agro input companies conveniently reach farmers saving them cost and time at a time when delayed farmer access to farming materials has been blamed for delayed plantin [ ... ]

New maize variety triples yields,withstands harsh weath...

Smallholder farmers over reliance on seed varieties from as early as 1930’s has been blamed for the continued yield dip which has further fanned the hunger cycle, but private companies are coming to [ ... ]

Smallholder irrigation plants seeds of hope in Kenya

As water resources become increasingly scarce and arable land dwindles thanks to competition from real estate and hunt for mineral resources, food security is bearing the brunt, with studies showing t [ ... ]

Private companies package fertilizers to tame deficit

As Kenyan yields become depressed due to poor soils that are nutritionally deprieved, Kenyan private companies are positioning themselves to rescue the situation with introduction of cheaper and minia [ ... ]

Farmers beat high seed prices with mini packs

After being a maize farmer for three decades, former high school teacher Athanus Kioko noticed that for the first time the harvests were dwindling at an alarming rate.  Before he used to harvest [ ... ]

Pigeon pea becomes farmers' silver bullet as rains fail

Farmers in Mbeere area Of Eastern Kenya have embraced drought resistant pigeon pea as rains become unreliable, a crop that also assisted them double incomes and yields due to growing markets. Traditi [ ... ]

Scientists use wild tomatoes to breed superior varietie...

Scientists have identified and published the genetic traits of African rice and wild tomatoes which they say is important in understanding their high yielding and drought resistant characteristics. Th [ ... ]

Radio show turns barren lands into arrowroot oases

Kathuiria Poverty Reduction Group, a Farmer Voice Radio (FVR) Listener Club based in the Central Province of Kenya, has enthusiastically followed FVR broadcasts on Coro FM since they first heard them. [ ... ]

New crop protection chemical tames voracious flower pes...

Kenya flowers are headed for good times with the introduction of a new crop protection chemical that controls plant eating pests within hours and continues to protect the flowers for a further one to  [ ... ]

Crop rotation becomes Bungoma farmer’s silver bullet

A radio program has been the spark that has changed the fortunes of a Western Kenya farmer who has doubled yields through crop rotation. Over the years, Agnes Khisa from Bungoma, Western Kenya, gre [ ... ]

Three layered bags stem post harvest losses, aflatoxin

An improved air tight three layered bag is promising Makueni grain farmers reduced post harvest losses and aflatoxin causing fungi at a time when the region has borne the brunt of poor drying that has [ ... ]

Fertilizer loan to fastrack smallholder farmers’ cro...

Western and Nyanza smallholder farmers are counting on a low cost agricultural input loan to boost their production and yields at a time when timely access to seeds, fertilizers and finance has slowed [ ... ]

Academy points farmers to ripe markets

An organization is helping agribusiness entrepreneurs in Uganda and neighbouring countries perfect farming and access markets, local and international, coming at a time when uncoordinated farm to folk [ ... ]

Baobab among first orphaned crops to undergo genetic ma...

Baobab, popularly known as the iconic tree of Africa will be the first of the 100 orphaned crops that will be genetically mapped by the Africa orphan crops academy, in a bid to create better and high  [ ... ]

Farmers speed sweet potato planting with multiplication...

Sweetpotato farmers in Kabondo area located in Homa Bay County and who produce over 60 percent of the crop to the county are managing to plant the crop in time using superior quality thanks to a rapid [ ... ]

Farmer field schools assist farmers modernize tea produ...

A school without wall programme is training tea farmers how to cushion themselves from weather changes while modernize and diversifying tea production at a time when a glut in the international market [ ... ]

Farmers count more yields without fertilizers

A farming method that doesn’t require fertilizer, uses a fraction of water and increases yields two to six times has lifted over 6500 farmers from subsistence to money oriented agriculture. Waither [ ... ]

Drought resistant maize seed rekindles hope in Machakos

Farmers in semi arid areas, knocked by weather patterns are learning new techniques to beat the weather vagaries like planting before the rains start and buying seeds suited for their climate. The tec [ ... ]

African farmers fix sick soils planting legumes

Depleted and tired soils have cost African farmers US$4 billion each year in lost productivity, with the region being a laggard in fertilizer use, but new farming techniques like planting soybean and  [ ... ]

Farmer goes tobacco way to beat pea pests

Janet Kinya a widow of two moves across her granary as she admires her well arranged sacks of beans and peas. She is among the major suppliers of these produce to schools in Embu county, a venture she [ ... ]

Potato farmers fly with cluster model

Over 5000 households in Njabini area of Nyandarua county are recording doubling of yields, income and easier access to potato farming inputs thanks to a new model that clusters them into groups to all [ ... ]

Farm grows water guzzling produce in desert

A farm in the arid Eastern Kenya has grown water guzzling fresh produce for export in the last seven years uninterrupted by the dry spells and has now become a model farm for its economic use of water [ ... ]

New wheat planting method tames weed spread

Timothy Wanjela is all smiles as he admires his acre of lush greening and well-arranged field of wheat. The crop used to be poor, strangled by grassy weeds that the farmer had been unable to control.  [ ... ]

Banana farmers count on unique fertilizer to increase b...

A fertilizer specifically targeting bananas which were introduced in the country two years ago has recorded impressive uptake among smallholder farmers who praise it for tripling yields and increases  [ ... ]

Fertilizer plant to produce 300,000tonnes yearly loweri...

Farmers in Uganda are set to enjoy reduced fertilizer prices with the launch of a mega fertilizer plant in Tororo as statistics indicate that the country’s agricultural productivity has shrunk to 1. [ ... ]

Maize like, poison free sorghum rekindles cultivation

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have launched a new type of the maize-like crop sorghum that no longer becomes toxic in prolonged drought, offering the hope that thousands of farmers may n [ ... ]

Farmers return to nuts as cure boosts crop’s immunity

At a time when Kenyan farmers are grappling with old and emerging macadamia diseases which have seen more farmers dump the once lucrative plant, a scientist is breathing new hope with a cure that once [ ... ]

The multimillion shilling tree empire that is the envy ...

Behind the 27 years toil, a national farmer’s award and a clientele base ranging from herbalists and supermarkets is the success story of Peter Nzioki who has defied nature to turn his 30 acre piece [ ... ]

Western farmers eye increased yields with training

Over 40,000 smallholder farmers from western Kenya are set to train on new age farming, in a move meant to spur more yields and incomes at a time when the climate change and poor soils have taken a to [ ... ]

‘Half moon’ contours turn Isiolo deserts into agric...

A low cost and innovative way that traps water and nutrients and concentrates them in an area that resembles a half moon is gaining popularity among farmers in the semi arid Isiolo area who have embra [ ... ]

Kenyan flower industry warms up to measuring carbon foo...

Kenya is positioning itself as a responsible flower grower with a new tool that measures carbon emissions in an international market that is increasingly concerned with emissions disclosure.   K [ ... ]

New fertilizer application technology triples yields

A new fertilizer application method that places fertilizer compartments deep into soil allowing the plant to fully absorb the nutrients is assisting rice farmers increase yields by 18 percent while re [ ... ]

Farmers scale up cassava preservation to remove poisono...

East African scientists are pushing for the third and safest way of removing cyanide, the poisonous component in cassava, which goes beyond peeling and harvesting to fermenting and milling, instead of [ ... ]

Private companies package own fertilizers to stem short...

Private agricultural companies are now delving into the distribution of fertilizers to Kenya farmers to stem biting shortage and uncoordinated distribution channels that have opened a tirade of effect [ ... ]

Horticultural farmers double yields with crop energizer

A new crop energizer and yield booster is proving popular among horticultural farmers who are recording more than doubling of their yields with the supplement being hailed for its ability to assist cr [ ... ]

New tomato variety battles wilt disease

A new tomato variety resistant to bacterial wilt disease has been unveiled to Western Kenya farmers who have traditionally suffered low yields due to tired soils that are also wilt laden. The need to [ ... ]

Farmers count on video to boost yields

An innovative group has introduced mobile video lessons targeting Uganda farmers to bridge the acute undersupply of extension officers and boost yields. Strained by the need to better farmers livelih [ ... ]

Elephants tame Sodom apple spread, saving livestock

Farmers who have struggled with the poisonous and invasive Sodom Apple responsible for deaths of their livestock can now breathe easy after it was established that the wild animals’ appetite for the [ ... ]

Farmer earns from rearing red worms for organic manure

Peter Kanyagia a former accountant is earning upto Sh100,000 every three month rearing and breeding red worms which are in demand by farmers in organic farming who use them to create manure used to gr [ ... ]

Tired soils put future food availability at risk

The increasing degradation of earth’s peak soil through over cultivation and nutrient mining is putting pressure on food production with researchers warning that by 2050 agricultural production will [ ... ]

Organic vegetables over 6 times more nutritious, study

Organic fruits, vegetables and cereals are up to 69 percent more nutritious than conventionally grown ones according to a study, the first most comprehensive one on nutritional difference between the  [ ... ]

Conservation agriculture, intercropping breathes new li...

A combination of farming practices in areas where tired soils have depressed yields is reversing the sorry state of affairs with intercropping, conservation agriculture among others now more than doub [ ... ]

Green energy assists rural farmers stem post harvest lo...

Grain farmers in rural areas buffeted by rising cost and uneven distribution of electricity which has made it hard for them to access electricity powered storage facilities now have a reason to smile  [ ... ]

Solar powered mini silos tames grain loss

A solar powered mini silo designed for smallholder farmer is touted to reduce post harvest losses in grains which currently stands at 60 percent and attributed to poor storage facilities. Traditional [ ... ]

Project gives farmers unlimited access to patent free s...

Farmers and breeders can now have unlimited access to high yielding seed varieties that were traditionally a preserve of big seed companies thanks to an initiative that is breaking the intellectual pr [ ... ]

Rearing chicken and cows triple Kisii farmer’s earnin...

A decision to keep dairy cows in the same space with poultry is paying off for Edward Mainga with the cow dung providing worms for the chicken while the chicken turns the dung into manure that is used [ ... ]

Crop stimulant doubles horticultural yields

Horticultural and grain farmers in Kenya are set to cut the costs of expenditure on pesticides and double their output with the introduction of a crop growth stimulant and fortifier that enhances the  [ ... ]

Falling water tables frustrate Central Kenya farmers

Swamps are fast disappearing in Central Province, as farmers drain them to grow crops. Rice, arrowroot, sugarcane and vegetable farms have replaced wetlands that play a big role in cleaning rivers, st [ ... ]

Farmer field schools point farmers to right farming too...

Farmer field schools are emerging as the cheapest and quickest way of disseminating information to farmers with studies indicating an increase in yields, and improved farming techniques by more farmer [ ... ]

Radio assists disabled farmers to increase yields

A group of disabled farmers in Nyeri county are recording improved yields thanks to a radio program that is teaching them simple farming techniques at a time when shortage of extension officers has af [ ... ]

Tomato farmers count losses as European pest strikes

A tomato disease that wipes upto 100 percent yields in days has hit the country putting over Sh14billion annually that the crop brings to the economy at risk. Dubbed Tuta Absoluta the dangerous pest  [ ... ]

Vitamin A rich bananas to the rescue of E. Africans

A genetically engineered Vitamin A rich banana variety is being trialed in America that could offer relief to millions of East Africans who rely on it and could curb over 700,000 infant deaths blamed  [ ... ]

Bio bees triple yields in greenhouses

Greenhouse farmers in the country are set to triple yields and earn from honey with the introduction of bio bees expected to foster natural pollination process as opposed to the current manual vibrati [ ... ]

Organic farming provides alternatives to failed farm te...

Kenya’s organic farming has fast gained grounds with over 200,000 farmers practicing and over 15,000 exporters involved in sale of organically produced crops, a venture that has also seen partnershi [ ... ]

Sensors help farmers monitor greenhouses while miles aw...

Greenhouse farmers can now monitor temperature and soil conditions while far away thanks to an automated sensor gadget that communicates about the greenhouse conditions to the farmer via an SMS. This  [ ... ]

Scientists develop biopesticide to tame fruit fly

A bio pesticide that tames the spread of the voracious fruit fly has been developed by scientists at the International Center for Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), a move that could save over 30  [ ... ]

Scientists develop biopesticide to tame fruit fly

A bio pesticide that tames the spread of the voracious fruit fly has been developed by scientists at the International Center for Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), a move that could save over 30  [ ... ]

Company turns nuts to fuel creating wealthy farmers

Over 1500 farmers in Laikipia are earning a tidy income by supplying nuts from the croton canopy tree to a company that produces organic fertilizers and biofuels from the nuts, in ana arrangement that [ ... ]

Subukia farmers fight pests with neem leaves

Farmers in Subukia area of Nakuru are cutting the spread of pests by upto 40 percent at zero cost thanks to the freely available neem leaves and seeds that have proven more potent that conventional pe [ ... ]

Data system to tame animal to human diseases

A project to reduce incidences of diseases transmitted from animals to humans is in the offing in Kisumu at a time when poor animal handling methods is being blamed for the rising cases of such diseas [ ... ]

Scientist grows virus inside pest’s body taming its s...

A scientist has invented a biological pest control virus against the voracious African bollworm that attacks over 25 crop species, by growing the virus inside the body of the pest which assists the vi [ ... ]

Foot powered pumps set to monetize food growing

Two economists are studying the marketing, financing and impact of a human powered treadle irrigation pump among Kenya’s smallholder farmers as demand for more food by a growing population and chang [ ... ]

Horticultural farmers fight voracious pest with sex tra...

Vegetable and flower farmers are wiping out voracious pests through a unique sex trap that tricks the destructive male diamond moth pest and traps it, reducing cost on the prohibitive conventional pes [ ... ]

Breeders unveil superior French bean variety

The fortunes of French beans farmers in the country have been raised with the introduction of new varieties that have uniform maturity eliminating the tedious harvesting schedules that comes in stages [ ... ]

Heated human waste to heal Kenya’s sick soil

A researcher is exploring various methods of increasing soil nutrients to Kenya’s tired soil including burning human waste at higher degrees and mixing it with urine in what is seen as a cheaper alt [ ... ]

Agronomist steams soil to fight ‘the HIV of soil’

An agronomist has introduced a cheap way of steaming soil, killing over 90 percent of bacteria and other disease causing organisms in the soil which are responsible for the increasing wilt diseases am [ ... ]

Colonial furrows irrigate Yatta farms

A furrow that was used by the colonial administrators to punish the locals of Yatta area in Machakos is turning the semi arid area into an oasis, with irrigated farms supplying households with surplus [ ... ]

Mini tractors spur farmers into mechanized agriculture

The introduction of mini tractors and power tillers that are 50 percent cheaper than conventional tillers is birthing a new farming revolution, which is now seeing more smallholder farmers enter mecha [ ... ]

Moisture meters tame aflatoxin poisoning in Uganda

Ugandan cereal farmers have benefitted from moisture meters which measure the moisture content, preventing post harvest losses and taming aflatoxin poisoning which has been responsible for deaths acro [ ... ]

Low cost storage facility stems food waste

A low cost storage facility meant to preserve produce for upto two weeks is assisting smallholder farmers stem food waste and sell their produce at reasonable prices at a time when Kenya is losing upt [ ... ]

Farmers embrace chicken pea in short rains to boost yea...

As cropping seasons determine what yields farmers will get due to the amount of rain, farmers are alternating maize cultivation with chicken pea and ensuring bumper harvest throughout the year. While [ ... ]

Maize farmers reclaim lost yields with organic traps

Maize and sorghum farmers in western Kenya through the guidance from researchers are using organic traps to rid their crops of pests and the lethal witch weed which have robbed them off their yield fu [ ... ]

Online resource center quenches farmers’ thirst for i...

An electronic resource center is providing thousands of farmers with timely agricultural information thanks to the impressive internet penetration with upto 15,000 farmers accessing it daily. Launche [ ... ]

Stunt resistant grass to the rescue of East African fa...

Over 50,000 farmers from Kenya and Uganda are set to benefit from a new breed of Napier grass that is resistant to Napier Stunt Disease which has threatened extinction of the vital forage for farmers  [ ... ]