Stunt resistant grass to the rescue of East African fa...

Over 50,000 farmers from Kenya and Uganda are set to benefit from a new breed of Napier grass that is resistant to Napier Stunt Disease which has threatened extinction of the vital forage for farmers  [ ... ]

FAO sounds the alarm on world’s most destructive bana...

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is warning countries to step up monitoring, reporting and prevention of one of the world's most destructive banana diseases, Fusarium  [ ... ]

Layered storage bags choke pests, reducing post harvest...

Newly launched storage bags are saving farmers the use of expensive preservatives while helping them cut their post harvest losses at a time FAO indicate that Africa losses over $4 billion annually in [ ... ]

Sex trap tames voracious moth

An early warning system using traps that fake the smell of mating female moths has delivered a breakthrough in countering the spread of the armyworm, which can move into an area and devastate entire c [ ... ]

Researchers launch high yielding rice variety to tame i...

Researchers under the auspices of Africa Rice Center have introduced 6 new stress tolerant high yielding rice inspired by the need to tame the high dependence on imports, with statistics indicating th [ ... ]

Mobile soil testing trucks to the rescue of Ugandan far...

Ugandan farmers are set to benefit from free agricultural training and soil testing, thanks to the acquisition of a mobile soil testing and training laboratory truck which will tour the country’s ru [ ... ]

Researchers blend fertilizers to boost yields

Researchers are blending and customizing fertilizers to suit farmers needs as details emerge that the leading cause of soil infertility is wrong fertilizer application. Although most farmers from the  [ ... ]

Mobile soil testing kits salvage Western Kenya soils

Over 800 farmers in Trans-Nzoia have benefitted from a project where researchers are using mobile soil testing kits to detect acidity in soils and then giving the farmers lime free of charge to boost  [ ... ]

High yield agriculture slows climate change, study

Major steps in high-yield agriculture achieved during the so-called Green Revolution have not only helped feed the planet, but also have helped slow the pace of global warming by cutting the amount of [ ... ]

Shift in farming practices insulate arid area farmers

William Ndolo’s farm in Machakos may pass as an ordinary land and there is nothing striking compared to other neighbouring lands. The topsoil is parched and dry and there is a spartan, denudated qu [ ... ]

Researchers decry dismal uptake of purple tea

Researchers are decrying the low uptake of the superior purple tea among farmers despite its high yields and better pricing three years after it was released into the market. In the South Rift, for e [ ... ]

School sustains itself with tomato plants sale

Students at Chisare Secondary School of Western Kenya are earning their school income with the sale of tomato plants in a classic example of how agriculture is helping schools sustain themselves. Stu [ ... ]

Harvests triple as farmers find friend in new trainings

In Khaoya area of Western Kenya, the sound of women singing and cheerfully chatting from an abundant sorghum field draws attention from neighbors passing by. The women’s yips and cheers could be hea [ ... ]

Seed grower targets farmers with Sh10 pack

The cost and scarcity of high quality seeds in Kenya has held back many smallholders in achieving the highest yields, as well as limiting them in trying out new crops. But the first moves by small, lo [ ... ]

Scientists unveil disease resistant napier to fight smu...

Scientists at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (Icipe) have unveiled two superior, disease resistant napier grass varieties at a time when farmers especially in Western Kenya  [ ... ]

Farmers move to organic fertilizer as soil acidity take...

Kilifi farmers are slowly courting organic fertilizer in a move meant to shift them from conventional fertilizers that have been responsible for increasing soil acidity that is taking its toll on yiel [ ... ]

‘Super Grow’ stems water wastage, tripling yields

Kenyan farmers are using a new solution that reduces water and pesticides wastage by allowing faster absorption by the roots, translating into tripling of yields and reduction in farm expenses. The s [ ... ]

Crop insurance insulate thousands from weather vagaries

Over 180,000 smallholder farmers in East Africa have insured their crops, in a new move that is fuelled by the continued unpredictable weather patterns that has resulted in losses worth millions of sh [ ... ]

Company breeds low cost superior maize varieties amid s...

At a time when the changing climatic conditions are dictating what seeds to plant where, one Kenyan company has incessantly committed itself to breeding high yield seeds primarily maize, to small-scal [ ... ]

Kenyan maize finds its mojo in new labs

Researchers are teaming up to address the growing list of maize woes in the country as studies indicate that high yielding disease resistant varieties are the only solution for a crop relied by over t [ ... ]

Irrigation scheme nourishes arid Loitoktok farms

The landscape in the shadow of Africa's largest mountain, Kilimanjaro, is stunning. The climate is ideal and the soil is rich and deep. But until recently farmers in Kenya's Loitokitok district had st [ ... ]

Telcom firm launches information system for farmers

Mobile phone firm Airtel Kenya has launched an agribusiness information system meant to provide real time information to farmers on its network in a bid to increase yields and income from agribusiness [ ... ]

Soya bean fixes Mumias’ tired soils

Soya bean is positioning itself as a lucrative commercial crop in Mumias with over 1000 farmers cultivating it thanks to empowerment by research groups and ready market from Promassidor. The  leg [ ... ]

Plastic floating papyrus islands to clean L Naivasha

A project to create plastic floating islands containing papyrus plants known to clean dirty water is promising to not only clean Lake Naivasha but provide feeding options for aquatic animals in a lake [ ... ]

Seed companies warn of ‘Dubai seeds’

Seed companies are sounding the alarm on the circulation of fake and substandard seed commonly referred to as ‘Dubai seeds’, as farmers prepare for harvesting season with details emerging that in  [ ... ]

Livestock urine fights banana diseases in Uganda

Ugandan farmers are embracing a traditionally cheaper therapy of soaking banana buds in livestock urine before planting as banana diseases and pests take toll on a crop that provides income and food t [ ... ]

Farmers turn wild sunflowers into low cost fertilizer

A group of farmers in Gatanga have found a way to produce local fertilizer that is delivering a much cheaper and more effective alternative to synthetic fertliser and a new business opportunity at gra [ ... ]

Pollinator diseases threaten global crops

Scientists have warned of imminent new threats to agriculture and food security with discovery of two infectious diseases carried by honeybees which are now spilling over into wild bumblebees which ar [ ... ]

Project bets on organized farm to folk model to grow ho...

Some 100,000 smallholder farmers in Eastern Kenya are now a step away from doubling household incomes through access to high quality farm inputs, and access to structured markets thanks to a transform [ ... ]

Farm successfully grows water guzzling fresh produce in...

A farm in the arid Eastern Kenya has grown water guzzling fresh produce for export in the last seven years uninterrupted by the dry spells and has now become a model farm for its economic use of water [ ... ]

Vanguard farmers turn to motorbikes to irrigate farms

A simple pump operated by a motorbike is the latest innovation for farmers keen on irrigation due to its cost effectiveness with the pump using one litre of petrol to push 40,000 litres of water to a  [ ... ]

Wheat farmers double yields with row planting

Kimani Warutara is all smiles as he admires the towering lush of his wheat farm. In the last three harvests he managed to get half of what his two acre piece originally produced, thanks to swathes of  [ ... ]

Napier grass woes birth formidable alliances

Napier grass cultivation in East Africa has been on an impressive rise in the last two decades as more farmers delve into dairy farming and as the dairying move from extensive to zero grazing and pric [ ... ]

School fights drought with low cost water harvesting mo...

Over 300 students from Father Makewa High School located in the arid Machakos district have never known hunger even as the school stands in an area that has experienced incessant hunger since time imm [ ... ]

Row planting tames pest spread in wheat farms

Timothy Wanjela is all smiles as he admires his acre of lush greening and well-arranged field of wheat. The crop used to be poor, strangled by grassy weeds that the farmer had been unable to control.  [ ... ]

Permaculture allows farmers to preserve forests and ear...

In a bid to preserve the environment, farmers in the country are adopting a new form of farming that advocate for combined crop cultivation and animal rearing in a symbiotic relationship that is prese [ ... ]

Tanzanian farmers cut overreliance on forests with mult...

A unique palm tree located in one of Tanzania’s endangered forests is providing people living in the forests with alternative source of income and assisting them spare felling of trees which have be [ ... ]

Liming heals western Kenya’s acidic soils, boost farm...

The chronically acidic soils of Western Kenya has meant endless woes to the farmers in the area, but a new method of applying lime to the tired soils is changing fortunes and rekindling hope to thousa [ ... ]

Farmers device new ways of produce preservation to beat...

As temperatures reach unprecedented levels bringing new challenges of post harvest preservation of produce, farmers are devising new ways of insulating themselves from the losses with farmers in the N [ ... ]

Mobile app assists farmers monitor soil and weather con...

A team of university students from Kenya has developed a software program to help farmers monitor and address weather and soil conditions, as a study by the University of Nairobi reveals that intensiv [ ... ]

Pest resistant coffee varieties rekindle coffee boom

Scientists have identified two disease resistant coffee varieties in India that are resistant to the coffee leaf rust and coffee berry disease(CBD) that are responsible for over 70 per cent of coffee  [ ... ]

Rising temperatures create mutating coffee pests

The rise in temperatures due to climate change is leading to the proliferation of the coffee berry borer, one of the crop's most devastating pests, leading to losses in coffee production at a time whe [ ... ]

Irrigation biggest threat to ecosystem, study

As Kenya gears to move away from rainfed agriculture and invest heavilly in alternatives mainly irrigation, reports have raised the red flag saying at long run such a move may cause more harm than goo [ ... ]

Newfound water harvesting venture turns dry Marsabit in...

A high return project in Marsabit that stalled due to water shortages has inspired farmers in the area to embrace new ways of water harvesting in a venture that has now opened up new avenues of farmin [ ... ]

Machine spares coffee farmers hours of hard labour

Coffee farmers in the country can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to a new machine that will now assist them in pulping coffee, a practice that is usually labour intensive. Dubbed the eco pulper the m [ ... ]

Dissapearing pollinators threaten food security

A global study has reported a 40 per cent drop, in the last decade, in the population of the insects that pollinate two-thirds of the world'sfood production crops, raising an additional specter in ach [ ... ]

Community granary spares farmers’ produce from floods

Farmers in the deluge prone Bunyala area of Budalangi who have traditionally lost their harvest due to incessant floods are now assured of safety of their harvests thanks to community granaries that a [ ... ]

Vihiga farmers adopt maize that kills ‘purple witch...

Vihiga farmers have intensified their efforts to curb the devastating ‘purple’ witch using ‘the new Striga killer’ maize variety in an effort to save over 70 percent of arable land that is inf [ ... ]

Farmer preserves peas with tobacco leaves and chilli, s...

Janet Kinya a widow of two moves across her granary as she admires her well arranged sacks of beans and peas. She is among the major suppliers of these produce to schools in Embu county, a venture she [ ... ]

Rice farmers increase sowing speed with new technology

Rice farmers in Mwea area of Central Kenya have adopted a modest technology of sowing rice seeds which has cut costs by upto 60 percent while reducing seed wastage by 90 percent. One of their own Alb [ ... ]

Farmers find benefits in dreaded invasive weed

Pastoralists in the arid Baringo district have finally discovered a huge benefit to a weed that has for over two decades invaded their land at a fast rate and killed their livestock.  Prosopis ju [ ... ]

Drought resistant rice key to food security

Crop Scientists in Japan have discovered a gene in rice that could significantly improve its resistance to drought a move that signals a bright future for many rice farmers in Kenya who have for a lon [ ... ]

Irrigation scheme greens Kenya’s arid zone

The re launch of Jara jara irrigation scheme in Balambala division, Garissa district by United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) some years back as part of the organization’s bid to [ ... ]

Green beans to the rescue of Kenyan farmers

Spirited efforts by US and Kenyan scientist has birthed new varieties of green beans that thrive at lower altitudes and are resistant to rust even as it emerges that green beans are one of Kenya’s b [ ... ]

Farmers’ conversion to organic farming triples yields...

Kenya prides itself in having embraced organic farming, yet behind the glory is a rigorous conversion process from farming to registration but which has delivered 25 percent more yields and market pri [ ... ]

Seed shortage inspires innovative ventures

More than 1.3 million Kenyan farmers do not have any maize seeds to plant and around 3.7 million people in Kenya are food insecure. The demand for seeds in 13 countries in Africa combined is around 0. [ ... ]

Researchers tame ‘purple witch’ with unique traps

Concerted efforts between farmers and research institutions to keep the deadly striga weed at bay are finally paying off, after decades of disappointments and huge losses by farmers. Statistics indica [ ... ]

Low cost soil fertility techniques raise yields in West...

For long among arable areas of Kenya, the Western region has long been viewed as a model of soil degradation characterized by low food crop production.  On average a hectare there yields 0.5 tonn [ ... ]

‘Drop by drop’ funds farmers to access irrigation t...

Smallholder farmers in the country struggling to access finance to embrace new age farming can now be relieved after the introduction of a flexible bit by bit mode of payment to access Money maker irr [ ... ]

70m Africans to benefit from fast maturing cassava var...

Over 70 million people in developing countries who largely depend on Cassava are set to benefit from a new breed of the crop that can not only be bred on large scale to contain high contents of vitami [ ... ]

Farmers count on grafting for more yields and incomes

Ongoing poor yields has pushed scientists and farmers together to accelerate the uptake of grafting as a permanent solution. Grafting involves picking one part of a plant that is inferior and replacin [ ... ]

Indigenous fruit tree farming rises to fight malnutriti...

Peter Njeru a farmer from Siakago in Eastern Province is part of 27 farmers tapping the potential of indigenous fruit trees for economic benefits. Last year the farmers began adopting grafted indigeno [ ... ]

Flower farms count profits with a biological pest contr...

East African flower companies are cutting down on expenses they use in pest control, while preserving the environment thanks to a new and cheaper biological control method that chew the voracious mite [ ... ]

Kenyan scientist recognized for connecting insects’ r...

A Kenyan born scientist and his love for insects has shot him to international stardom winning him prestigious recognition in a study that he did that links the role of insects on food security in Ken [ ... ]

Demonstration plots raise farmers’ grain yields

Over 15,000 smallholder farmers in Western Kenya are recording a more than doubling of grain yields in a project that involves small demonstration plots and aimed at improving soil fertility in the re [ ... ]

Farmers a step away from owning greenhouses on loan

Farmers and youth who have traditionally been locked out of modern farming due to financial constraints can now breathe easy after a partnership between Amiran and Rafiki Deposit taking Microfinance,  [ ... ]

Farmers move to seed bulking creating banks for orphane...

Farmers in western Kenya have now moved to bulk their own legumes for their farms, cutting the over reliance on seed companies and taking pressure off research institutions which have predominantly be [ ... ]

New banana disease puts 85 percent of East Africans at ...

A destructive strain of a banana wilt disease which has devastated thousands of acres of plantations in Asia for the last two decades has been discovered on Cavendish bananas, also known as plaintain  [ ... ]

Farmer field schools spur on farm tree cultivation

Over 300 farmers in Kitale have learnt how to optimize their small pieces of land and raise yields by adding trees, shrubs and other crops in a classic complementary tree crop farming thanks to initia [ ... ]

Non toxic sorghum offers respite to dry land farmers

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have launched a new type of the corn-like crop sorghum that no longer becomes toxic in prolonged drought, offering the hope that thousands of farmers may no [ ... ]

Unique silos insulate farmers from weevil attacks

A funding scheme introduced ten years ago to assist farmers buy metal silos for storing grains and insulating them from weevil and other pest attacks has recorded fanatical uptake with over 90 percent [ ... ]

Mahogany farmers bet on pollen to save the endangered s...

Mahogany farmers in Kenya are counting on a new research that shows that the pollen from the leaf can help the globally threatened species. The researchers from the University of Adelaide studied the [ ... ]

Crop pest portal slashes attacks by upto 50 percent

A global information portal launched to provide information on crop pest and disease has assisted farmers cut farm losses by upto 50 percent as more farmers embrace it for timely interventions. This w [ ... ]

Urban gardens gobble up toxins, protecting city dweller...

Dorothy Kimakia a retired stock broker admires lush vegetation on a plot of land the size of a basketball pitch adjacent to her dwelling in Rongai. Talking over car horns and city bus engines, she sho [ ... ]

Banana fertilizer increases bunch weight 10x, lengthens...

A fertilizer specifically targeting bananas which were introduced in the country two years ago has recorded impressive uptake among smallholder farmers who praise it for tripling yields and increases  [ ... ]

Kitui farmers fight food shortage, dry spells with sisa...

Smallholder farmers in Kitui West District are insulating themselves from failed rains with sisal farming, which has not only increased household incomes, but opened up a whole value addition market,  [ ... ]

Farmers triple yields, conserve soil moisture with fert...

Over 3000 farmers in Kenya have planted  a unique tree, introduced a few years ago, that thrives in dry areas, triples crop yields and regenerate Kenya’s poor soils at a time when studies show  [ ... ]

Strawberry emerges as fruit of choice as city gardens t...

An innovative programme aimed at beautifying households in the city has enabled city dwellers cut on the costs spent on buying fruits by being able to have fruit gardens in their living rooms thanks t [ ... ]

Kenyan pioneer drip manufacturing technology cuts kit...

The burgeoning demand for modern farming techniques like drip kits buoyed by rising appetite for farming for business by more Kenyans is now seeing manufacturers positioning themselves to sate rising  [ ... ]

Farmers bet on human urine to scare moles

Small scale farmers in Western Kenya are capitalising on a research that found human urine as a potent pesticide to repel moles that have been eating roots of crops, causing grief in the farms. Accord [ ... ]

000s of farmers reap from potato multiplication project

A project meant to produce potato minitubers through rapid multiplication which was introduced last year in the country has recorded impressive growth with more than 15,000 potato farmers across East  [ ... ]

Yields and income grow as intercropping takes shape amo...

Farmers across the country are reaping from growing different crops within the same area, a practice that is not only helping them double yields but is assisting the crops rely on each other in hedgin [ ... ]

Simple farming technique that contains coffee pest

A low cost pest control method against the voracious coffee thrip has worked for thousands of farmers who have lost tons of coffee berries translating into a 10 percent dip in the country’s coffee o [ ... ]

Farmers reclaim depleted soils growing crops in sloppy ...

As unpredictable heavy rainfall takes a toll on sloping land which has seen soils being swept away together with the nutrients, farmers are working with scientists to reclaim the land through terrace  [ ... ]

Researchers use fruit fly to understand diabetes transm...

Researchers at Maryland University have successfully used fruit fly to experiment the genetic transmission of Type 1 diabetes, in a breakthrough that could pave the way to discovering the genetic caus [ ... ]

Cover crops boost soil health for shillings

Vanguard farmers are halving pests in their farms and improving soil health at a minimum cost with cover crops, a unique breed of non-crops like grains, legumes and grasses that are fast growing and s [ ... ]

Farmers get smart with new grass to fight head smut dis...

A recently introduced nappier grass variety by the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) is cushioning farmers from the devastating effects of the head smut disease which wipes between 40 to 10 [ ... ]

Kitui farmers delves to diversify food production with ...

A novel water harvesting method in Kitui County has changed the fortunes of over 70,000 farmers, leading to food diversification and job creations in an area traditionally at the mercy of the rain god [ ... ]

Nuts and legumes offer cheap fertilizer to farmers

Farmers growing traditional crops like maize side by side with legumes are recording more than double increase in yields and cutting down on fertilizer spend as legumes fertilize the soils at 20 perce [ ... ]

Scientists build resilience in beans with unique fungi

A new dose of friendly fungi could be the much awaited secret for boosting the resilience of beans and cassava to pest attacks scientists now say, a discovery that could free farmers from years of ove [ ... ]

Wonder grass halts soil erosion in Voi

Farmers in Voi have endlessly courted the woes of soil erosion with over half of their crops swept by raging waters every season until a unique multi purpose wonder grass was introduced to them which  [ ... ]

Low cost innovation hands Homa Bay farmers disease free...

Yam farmers in Homa Bay county are using a simple technology to produce their own disease-free seed yams for planting which has so far raised production by an impressive 20 percent after years of endl [ ... ]

Trenches help semi-arid farmers perfect water harvestin...

Behind year round guaranteed yields in the semi arid Laikipia district, is a novel idea where farmers are digging trenches that capture run off water during rainy seasons, which is then slowly release [ ... ]

Farmers cut fertilizer wastage through drips

At a time when the price of fertilizer has hit unprecedented highs, innovative farmers are applying the water-soluble fertilizers through a drip irrigation system, a move they say have saved them up t [ ... ]

Worms fertilize Molo farms, cleans environment

Farmers in Molo area of Kenya's Rift are now rearing worms whose waste they use to make nutrient rich organic manure within 3 days while halving the use of conventional fertilizers which have been res [ ... ]

Mango farmers use plastic bottles to fight fruit flies

A section of mango farmers in the country are using low cost plastic bottles as traps to fight the notorious fruit flies responsible for over 60 percent of fruit loss and now recording a significant d [ ... ]

Amiran launches low cost irrigation kit to spur new ag...

Agro inputs company Amiran Kenya has launched a low cost irrigation kit in a bid to entice more youths and farmers who cannot afford the more pricey kits at a time when changes in weather pattern is s [ ... ]

Protein maize boosts households' nutrition

A new maize variety that contains enhanced protein levels is quickly picking up among smallholder farmers in the country due to its superior reducing malnutrition in households at a time when prices o [ ... ]

Wild cassava holds key to Africa’s food security

Combining tissues from different cassava species may lead to a new method for improving the staple crop for some 800 million people around the world, according to Brazilian researchers. The research h [ ... ]

Communities bet on age old technology to find undergrou...

Communities in Laikipia are using Y shaped sticks and metal rods to detect underground water, a simple technology that is cushioning them from lack of water during dry spells. The water locating techn [ ... ]

East African farmers turn tonnes of banana wastes to br...

Kenya banana farmers are learning from their Ugandan counterparts how to make banana briquettes from banana wastes, putting into good use millions of tonnes of banana peels and stems that have traditi [ ... ]

Technology points farmers to best soil options

Farmers in Kenya will now know which crops to grow in their specific regional soils thanks to a new technology with a capacity to capture, store, analyse and present all type of geographical data in a [ ... ]

Magic traps keep farms pest free

A new environmentally friendly pest control model in the country is giving farmers a safer alternative to the conventional pesticides that have seen hundreds of fresh farmers locked out of lucrative e [ ... ]

Farmers turn to rice husk briquettes to save forests

An innovation that recycles rice husks into briquettes to replace fuelwood is promising rice farmers in Mwea extra income while cutting environmental pollution four fold, opening up possibilities of r [ ... ]

East African sweet potato goes hybrid and more nutritio...

A project launched by KARI scientists eight years ago to locate, document and conserve the genetic diversity of the East African sweet potato has culminated in the preservation of high yielding variet [ ... ]

Farmers warm up to video to learn farming techniques

Kenyan farmers will soon be taught farming and other farm management practices through locally translated videos as a global not for profit organization, Access Agriculture, recently expressed interes [ ... ]

Kenyan scientist feted for fighting aflatoxin

A young Kenyan scientist has been awarded the prestigious Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application, for her role in combating the deadly aflatoxin mold contamination that occurs in stor [ ... ]

Kwale farmer builds name and empire on fruit grafting

A farmer in Kwale County has positioned himself as a veteran seed breeder, winning admiration from institutions and even politicians, a venture that is now delivering him millions in returns as demand [ ... ]

Genetic cotton linked to rise in voracious pest

In an ironical twist, the genetically engineered cotton varieties that Kenya is about to embrace for cultivation by farmers, due to their ability to ward off caterpillars by producing their own insect [ ... ]

Seed multiplication brings inaccessible seeds to Kwale ...

Smallholder farmers from Kubo division, Kwale county have embraced a cheap way to regenerate expensive seedlings of high yielding crop varieties like potatoes, peas, green grams, cassava that is now s [ ... ]

Innovative farmers court water soluble fertilizers to t...

At a time when the price of fertilizer has hit unprecedented highs, innovative farmers are applying the water-soluble fertilizers through a drip irrigation system, a move they say have saved them upto [ ... ]

Maize grows well with yellow passion, study

Farmers can still grow traditional, local crops, even as they intensify growth of modern, high value crops if they want to increase farm incomes says a new study. The study is welcome news to thousand [ ... ]

Salt tolerant rice to the rescue of Kenyan farmers

A super salt tolerated rice variety that can expel salty water from the from the soil to the air through glands on its leaves has been unveiled, opening new farming opportunities to coastal farmers wh [ ... ]

Kenyan scientists’ newfound low cost cure for Rift Va...

Scientists from the Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (Icipe), have identified skin odours found in livestock which the mosquitoes use to spread the deadly Rift Valley Fever, a discovery that wi [ ... ]

Farmers embrace upland rice to grow income

A high yielding, fast maturing rice variety that defies traditional rice growing conditions has been introduced to Murang'a farmers promising them higher income than other traditional cereals while of [ ... ]

Wanton deforestation threatens Kenya’s anti malarial ...

Deforestation and over exploitation of trees that have promising anti malarial qualities have put the trees at risk of extinction with scientists warning that their their potential to become widesprea [ ... ]

Houseflies save livestock farmers from expensive commer...

Houseflies are now emerging as cheap alternative feed for livestock providing almost the same amount of edible protein as common protein rich commercial feeds like fish meal whose prices have skyrocke [ ... ]

Farmers assist scientists in breeding high variety bean...

Farmers in Butula area of Busia are assisting researchers breed high yielding bean varieties that suit their consumption needs, after a bacteria disease wiped entire fields leading to Sh5million in yi [ ... ]

Farmers fight rice weeds with a click of a button

Farmers can now spot over 200 rice weed varieties at the click of a button thanks to an interactive tool launched by scientists coming at a time when the weeds are estimated to cost Sub Saharan countr [ ... ]

The ABC's of Bamboo cultivation

Bamboo, nicknamed the wonder plant, is the strongest and fastest growing woody plant on earth, supplying a global trade worth an estimated $2bn a year. The lion's share is earned by Asian countries, w [ ... ]

Tea farmers lead in tree conservation to curb fuel guzz...

Iriani tea farmers are leading the country in tree conservation efforts, to spare their flora and fauna with their factory relying on fuel guzzling broilers to burn the leaf, in a model that involves  [ ... ]

How charcoal powered 'fridges' are preserving Loitoktok...

A low cost charcoal powered cooler is shielding Loitoktok fresh produce farmers from post harvest losses by preserving their produce for upto 7 days, from 6 hours that most of the produce take to go b [ ... ]

Capsule coated fertilizer delivers 20percent more yield...

A capsule coated fertilizer that releases nutrients only when the crop is starved and only applied once during a crop's lifetime, is enjoying a boom in the country with farmers using it recording upto [ ... ]

Scientists use digital camera to contain banana pest

Scientists in Uganda have devised a way of detecting pests embedded in the roots of bananas through use of of digital camera, a timely move meant to contain pests responsible for over 40 percent of yi [ ... ]

Livestock farmers insulate themselves from dry spells w...

Dairy farmers are insulating their livestock in dry spells and increasing milk production by upto 45 percent through storage of fodder in plastic bags, a move that has also stabilized the erratic nati [ ... ]

Kenyan scientists set for GM Banana trial to fight wilt

Researchers are set to start confined field trials of genetically modified banana variety in 2014, a variety genetically engineered to resist bacterial wilt, a disease responsible for over 60 percent  [ ... ]

Triple bags storage fights pests, reducing post harvest...

Farmers in Kenya are trialling a simple triple bag post harvest storage technology which has returned roaring success in West Africa having cut pest menace by upto 90 percent. Though it is used predom [ ... ]

Farmers scramble for soil testing as yields dwindle

Research institutions are recording growing interest in soil sampling among farmers as tired soils take a toll on their yields. The practice which has traditionally enjoyed low uptake among farmers du [ ... ]

Coffee pest hits E. Africa horticultural produce

A coffee disease responsible for destroying 90 percent of a plant within days is now attacking other types of fruits and vegetables in Uganda, scientists warn, in what is now threatening to spread to  [ ... ]

Growing demand for electricity spurs sugarcane farming ...

Expansion of Kakira Sugar Company in Jinja Uganda to meet rising sugar demand and electricity production has incentivized smallholder farmers in the area who supply over 60 percent of the cane, now ea [ ... ]

Low cost drying racks double groundnut farmers' earnin...

Groundnut farmers from Mbale, Bukedea and Tororo regions in Uganda are registering doubled yields and fighting aflatoxin through courting simple local post-harvest handling methods like drying them in [ ... ]

The multipurpose tree that is Ukambani farmers' goldmin...

A campaign to get farmers in Kibwezi area of Ukambani plant the drought resistant, multipurpose Melia volkensii, commonly known as Mukau tree has paid off by increasing household income by up to Sh10, [ ... ]

Vanguard farmer grafts fast maturing apple variety

Kenya is edging closer to growing apples large scale after importation of three low chilling high yielding cultivators from US which will also greatly bridge the acute production gap, even as local va [ ... ]

Farmers use tractor smoke as fertilizer

Arusha farmers are teaching their Kenyan counterparts a revolutionary technology that helps turn harmful farming machinery smoke into soil fertilizer having introduced to them last year and recorded i [ ... ]

Kilimanjaro springs shower Loitoktok farms and pockets

The over 40 springs emanating from Mount Kilimanjaro has given farmers in the semi arid Loitoktok area a lifeline, as the springs feed their livestock while giving them an alternative in commercial ve [ ... ]

Ultra violet bags allow urban farmers to plant for upt...

Urban dwellers can now grow vegetables and other fresh produce in their backyard and harvest over 10 times yields compared to open farming thanks to a bag gardening technology which has been introduce [ ... ]

Kenya to use sorghum as sugar

Kenya could have sugar made from sorghum in the near future thanks to a discovery by researchers who advocate for the adoption of the crop due to its first maturing, high yielding nature and which cou [ ... ]

Meat fertilizer technology could end fertilizer woes in...

A technology to assist in production of ammonia and phosphates,two key ingredients in fertilisers, entirely through organic wastes like meat and food waste is being developed, a move that would be wel [ ... ]

Farmer pioneers cheap locally made greenhouses

Farmers can now access a locally assembled greenhouse at half the price of the ones currently in the market, thanks to an initiative by a former high school teacher who is building an empire from the  [ ... ]

The arsenal that protects Kenya from domestic and forei...

Picture this. Douglas Wanjala a small scale horticultural farmer in Rift Valley visits his local agrovet each month to buy his favourite pesticide. He does this once a month, to rid the cabbages off t [ ... ]

Greenhouse farmers loose yields to ignorance

Lack of requisite information on greenhouse farming and management is turning against majority of farmers who rush into the promising venture buoyed by the good returns, with failure to observe simple [ ... ]

Scientist launches high yielding,striga resistant maize...

Maize farmers in Kenya and East Africa are set to benefit from two new hybrid maize varieties that are not only resistant to the deadly parasitic Striga weed, but also resistant to the dreaded Maize L [ ... ]

Farmer uses wire mesh to fight aflatoxin

A farmer in Kitui has used a fine wire mesh to device a modest anti aflatoxin technology meant to preserve maize and grains for a longer period,and which is 90 percent more effective in preventing foo [ ... ]

Farmers find a cheap,environmental friendly alternative...

Scientists, borrowing from the ancient Amazonians, have come up with a way to end smallholders’ dependency on fertilizers forever, by converting waste into charcoal that doubles yields and holds car [ ... ]

How Green pepper is saving East African bananas

Two years since scientists transferred unique proteins from sweet green pepper into East African Highland Bananas to fight the deadly Banana xanthomonas wilt, farmers in the region are reporting doubl [ ... ]

Kenyan scientists use mining technology to test crop nu...

Kenyan scientists are learning from their Rwandan counterparts how to use a technology used in the mining sector to test and analyse mineral content of food crops that will ultimately assist them deve [ ... ]

Organic deposits at Lake Naivasha could serve Kenya's f...

Organic deposits sitting on the bed of Lake Naivasha and other fresh water lakes in Kenya could be the solution to Kenya's fertilizer shortage war, with the deposits fertilizing the soils twice as muc [ ... ]

Innovative farmers use plastic bags and sun to keep pes...

Farmers keen on keeping pests at bay while reducing chemicals on their farms are now courting a low cost practice of trapping the sun's energy into plastic bags and directing it to soils, ending over  [ ... ]

Mwea farmers separate pest infested rice with urea

Rice farmers in Mwea Irrigation area are mixing urea, salt and water to separate healthy ripe seeds from the raw and pest infested ones for planting, a move that has seen them save time and money at a [ ... ]

Drip irrigation enjoys impressive uptake on economical ...

Drip irrigation is enjoying brisk uptake among smallholder farmers keen on economizing water use especially in arid and semi-arid regions, with the technology delivering triple yields compared to the  [ ... ]

Mon, 21st April 2014