Farmers bake fortunes with rice cakes and soaps

A farmer group in Kisumu is earning extra income by making cakes and soaps from broken rice, giving value to what would otherwise go to waste. Upon harvest and threshing rice, farmers are left with b [ ... ]

Online tool enables farmers predict weather patterns

Smallholder farmers and seed companies are now able to predict weather conditions for up to eight days, informing their planting seasons, thanks to an online tool that sends them climate alerts. The  [ ... ]

Pandi Fresh creates market for western farmers

Pandi Fresh, a value addition export oriented firm is offering ready opportunity for smallholder farmers in Nyanza and Western regions of Kenya. The firm’s initiative of virtually buying almost all  [ ... ]

Farmers'obsession with Israel inspires agro tourism

A tour company involved in taking farmers for field trips both locally and internationally is riding on the wave of growing demand for such services, as the model of farmers learning from each other b [ ... ]

Family finds fortunes farming together

Behind the half an acre farm that sits next to Thika River, housing two fish ponds, a poultry pen and a dairy unit is the success of family farming as one family perfects the specialization role in ag [ ... ]

Fish farmer spurs nationwide consumption with fish pizz...

A farmer in Vihiga County has invested in making fish pizzas, kebabs and samosas, a venture that is not only tripling her income but driving a fanatical consumption of fish by a traditional fish shy c [ ... ]

Researchers develop M-Pig app to curb inadequate extens...

Pig researchers in Uganda are developing mobile based pig information platform that is aimed at empowering pig farmers and addressing the country’s problem of inadequate extension officers. The ini [ ... ]

Vihiga farmers more than triple earnings adding value t...

A group of farmers in Vihiga county are adding value to their bananas, giving their produce longer shelf life, earning more than triple from the venture and creating an entreprise that has economicall [ ... ]

KTDA launch cashless system to help farmers keep thieve...

Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) has partnered with Safaricom to roll out a cashless payment solution across the country, a move that will boost efficiency in factory operations. The partnership w [ ... ]

Mombasa Company invests in coconut husk briquettes to s...

 A company at the coast is cashing in on the tones of discarded coconut husks and shells and turning them into briquettes, as it trains its eyes on other counties with a view to turning the eyeso [ ... ]

Firm links dairy breeders to ready market using E-marke...

A creative dairy farmer is helping dairy breeders source for markets for their animals through online marketing with agricultural research reports indicating that smallholder farmers’ access to mark [ ... ]

IT innovation connects farmers to unsecure loans

  A team of IT specialists are helping financial institutions offer loans to the small scale farmers through mapping and data compilation of the farmers fixed land assets and locations in a move [ ... ]

Youth find financial lifeline in coffee nurseries

The revived campaign to initiate growing of over 300 million coffee seedlings has seen the youth cash in the over Ush90 billion project by running coffee nurseries from where government buy seedlings. [ ... ]

Jobless youth turns cassava root into a Sh500,000 busin...

Alex Otieno, who had stayed for five years without a job now earns Sh480,000 every year after finding the magic in cassava root which he has been adding value to and making nutritional porridge, crisp [ ... ]

Water harvesting turns peasant farmer into regional sup...

A farmer in Njoro area is perfecting the art of water harvesting which has assisted him in irrigating his farm and managed to increased area of cultivation to 12 acres. This even as the cycle of water [ ... ]

Beekeeping venture shields farmer from weather vagaries

A farmer in the arid Matungulu area of Eastern Kenya is shielding himself from dry spells by embracing climate resilient farming like beekeeping and has become a model to others as thousands of custom [ ... ]

The engineer who found fortunes in coffee and pigs

Behind towering coffee bushes with enticing red berries, a pulping machine and a modern pig sty hosting dozens of pigs is the make or break story of Timothy Njogu, an engineer who found passion in agr [ ... ]

The former teacher leading a banana revolution in Vihig...

For retired teacher Margaret Amimo, agriculture was always growing traditional crops like maize and beans for home consumption using large tracts of land which yielded minimal. But her light bulb mome [ ... ]

Climate change lab points Kenya to local solutions

Kenya has launched a first of its kind climate change lab that will measure greenhouse gas emissions using various sources including livestock and manure, at a time when over reliance on foreign data  [ ... ]

Beekeepers taste sweet success with honey value additio...

Tana River beekeepers are recording increased honey production and incomes thanks to their efforts to form themselves in maketing groups which is also seeing them enjoy economies of scale. The bee ke [ ... ]

Village cooperatives redefine value addition

A retired teacher is changing agricultural landscape among farmers with his heightened efforts of championing value addition through village based cooperatives helping tame post harvest losses and tri [ ... ]

Uganda government boost coffee production with free see...

Ugandan government has embarked on an ambitious project to distribute 300 million coffee  free in a move aimed at doubling the current coffee production to over 7 million bags annually. The init [ ... ]

Polytechnic club entices youth to farming

An agribusiness club targeting rural youth and those in polytechnics is recording success as youth who had traditionally left farming to their parents return to the soils buoyed by modern farming tech [ ... ]

Africa’s premier water fund to fight soil erosion

A first of its kind in Africa water initiative that supports farmers and those living on the upper side of water sources to curb soil erosion while improving water supply and cutting costs of hydropow [ ... ]

Nandi youth group grows money in trees

A youth group in South Nandi forest area of Western Kenya is earning up to Sh1 million a month from sale of tree seedlings and sale of honey from the beehives, a venture that has now seen them invest  [ ... ]

Army general turns 12 acre land into model farm

An army General in Uganda has turned a twelve acre piece of land into a money minting venture hosting over 7000 layers, 3000 Kuroilers, a piggery and fish ponds, in a classic example of how diversif [ ... ]

Farmers fight urban hunger with bucket ponds

Rwanda urban farmers are utilizing little resources by practicing static bucket ponds for cat fish rearing in a move also hailed as key in taming urban hunger. A team of extension officers from Rwand [ ... ]

Youth take pressure off forests with unique stoves

An innovative youth organization in Siaya County is easing the pressure on local forests and taming soil degradation with the installation of unique stoves that uses 50 percent less wood than conventi [ ... ]

Weather based insurance key to food sufficiency, report

Kenya is among countries that were used to showcase the success of the weather based index insurance as a cheaper and long term solution to food security climate change according to a new report. Lau [ ... ]

Ugandan farmers question cattle measuring tape

The newly introduced tape measure method of measuring cattle weight is facing opposition from most pig value chain actors who claim that the tool is inaccurate and therefore doesn’t enforce transpar [ ... ]

100k Kiambu families to own farm shops

Over 100,000 farming households in Kiambu County are set to own their businesses in a model that will involve business oriented training by students of Plymouth University UK in a bid to diversify inc [ ... ]

Vanguard farmer makes a killing with chick nursery

An enterprising farmer is cashing in on the pent up demand for superior chicken variety, Kuroiler, in Uganda to brood eggs for farmers with poor brooding practices hampering availability of chicks. D [ ... ]

Youth restores sanity in Uganda’s pig farming

  A 28 year old youth’s desire to improve piggery standards in Uganda has seen him setup a pig production and marketing organization aimed at structuring and empowering pig farmers in a sector [ ... ]

Climate change threatens livelihoods of fish producers

Up to 10 million jobs in the fisheries sector stand to be lost as a result of exacerbated changes in weather in Sub Saharan Africa with a 10,000 reduction in fish production from Kenya and Ethiopia, t [ ... ]

Farmer saves seeds in gourds creating bank

In response to the growing unavailability of seed, a small-scale farmer from the rural area of Kimoso, Kerio-valley, Kenya has created a method of seed selection, seed saving and storage utilizing his [ ... ]

Former pilot finds millions in birds

A former Ugandan pilot’s decision to turn to poultry farming has paid off with his 6700 birds now worth Ksh10million, a venture that has caught the youths’ eyes and turned him into a mentor who is [ ... ]

Community cinema eases pressure on Kakamega forest

A community cinema being credited with saving Kakamega forest, that hosts some of the most rare birds globally, and which is under threat of human encroachment, with the videos being key in delivering [ ... ]

Red Maasai sheep insulate farmers from weather changes

A new model that assists members of a particular community to collectively adapt to changing weather patterns through alternative farming practices has been credited with having spared millions of far [ ... ]

Farmers milk fortunes adding value to soyabeans

A value addition self help group in Nakuru is assisting smallholder farmers diversify their income with the practice of extracting milk from soya beans to make soyamilk being among its most successful [ ... ]

Green grams sprout in arid Makueni

A drought tolerant crops project in the vastly dry Mtito Andei area is assisting farmers sow and reap from the desert with farmers earning upto Sh100,00 from sale of crops that would ordinarily not ev [ ... ]

Goat farming points HIV positive farmer to fortunes

Jacinta is a HIV positive smallholder farmer who has had to struggle to feed her family. But a new program dubbed Unbound Kisumu program which sponsored her daughter Caroline has been instrumental not [ ... ]

Packaging law becomes traders’ hot potato

Potato traders in the country are finding themselves in a tight fix for packaging the tuber in excess bags, following recently passed law that standardizes packaging coming at a time when farmers have [ ... ]

Farmers award fetes Kenya’s agricultural finest

Winners from seven different award categories were awarded in this year’s Elgon Kenya Ministry of agriculture National Farmers Awards, now in its second year, in a glamorous event presided over by P [ ... ]

Flower farm shines at farmers awards

Behind the over three decades of flower growing, 4500 employees and 230 hectares that produce some 380 million flower stems every year, is the heartwarming story of Oserian Flower Farm that traces its [ ... ]

Farmers correct climate change mess organic farming

Desire to protect the environment which is already scarred by destructive human activities like wanton destruction of forests is inspiring a new breed of farmers growing food organically in a move cre [ ... ]

The class four dropout who found money and fame in soil

Ronald Nyagaka is a class four dropout who earns a minimum of Sh30, 000 a month from his two acre farm. This, coming at a time when most young people his age have moved to urban areas in search of bet [ ... ]

Former civil servant turns farm into award winning food...

Rows of towering green maize stand next to banana plants sprouting from the earth like magic beanstalks. On the other side of the farm, stems laden with cascading bunches of green bananas hang ju [ ... ]

Kenya’s ‘hidden hunger’ situation chronic, study

Kenya is doing little to reduce hunger emerging among the top 50 countries where hidden hunger commonly referred to as nutrient deficiency, continues to ravage a large number of the population accordi [ ... ]

Uganda mulls fingerprint tracking to tackle fake seeds

Tony Kaganda is a maize farmer from Jinja Uganda. Over the years, the youthful farmer has grappled with ways of identifying the best certified seeds as quacks have infiltrated invaded the market with  [ ... ]

SMEs turn to agriculture to grow profits

High yielding crops that weather dry spells, a blossoming export market and a huge appetite by lenders to the agricultural sector have conspired to draw more entrepreneurs into agribusiness with the n [ ... ]

Environmental pollution reduces Kenyans life expectancy

Plastic makes up a quarter of 60,000 tonnes of waste produced annually in Kenya according to various studies. Even more alarming is the fact that the annual average particular matter levels of the air [ ... ]

Mwingi farmers preserve future with fodder technology

A veterinary officer in Mwingi area of Eastern Kenya is training farmers in the arid area to mitigate against changes in weather through pasture preservation technology with over 60 farmers now comfor [ ... ]

Kenya launches aflatoxin lab to tame spread

The Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (Karlo) has launched the country’s first ever aflatoxin laboratory to tame aflatoxin poisoning which has so far killed more than 100 people [ ... ]

Nestle rekindles coffee’s glory with hybrid variety

An initiative by Nestle Kenya to supply Central Kenya farmers with seedlings of a higher yielding, faster maturing and disease resistant coffee variety has increased yields five folds in three years a [ ... ]

Prison warder cross breeds tomato with Sodom Apple

A prison warder in Kiambu county has grafted the much vilified Sodom apple with tomatoes with the new variety now having a longer shelf life and capable of withstanding pests and diseases. The discove [ ... ]

Farmers increase earnings extracting milk from soyabean...

A value addition self help group in Nakuru is assisting smallholder farmers diversify their income with the practice of extracting milk from soya beans to make soyamilk being among its most successful [ ... ]

Engineer builds horticulture empire in city

Numerous frustrating visits to groceries and supermarkets without finding fresh produce inspired Marianne Kinuthia, a trained engineer to delve into urban farming, a journey that has metamorphosed int [ ... ]

Vanguard women farmers find money in trash

A group of six enterprising women have turned a heap of garbage in Nakuru to a lush of vegetables and fruits that is now feeding over 7,000 vulnerable people while providing the much needed income. T [ ... ]

Dairy farmers conserve environment with biogas digester...

Over 6000 farmers who supply milk to New Kenya Creameries Corporation (KCC) are set to benefit from portable digester meant to assist them boost their income and tame use of fuel wood through a financ [ ... ]

Farmers tackle climate change with smart villages

A new model that assists members of a particular community to collectively adapt to changing weather patterns through alternative farming practices has been credited with having spared millions of far [ ... ]

Enterprising farmer boosts region’s yields with crop ...

One woman’s effort to feed her family through crop rotation and a home made green house has been instrumental in winning over thousands of farmers in Matisi Village of Bungoma county to convert to m [ ... ]

Pastoralists count on radio to adapt to changing weathe...

A radio station in North Eastern Kenya is helping scientists understand weather projection better giving them time to plan where to find fodder for their livestock at a time when researchers say radio [ ... ]

Farmers turn to fruit farming for juicy returns

As the market for traditional crops become saturated and diseases ravage traditionally lucrative crops like maize and wheat, farmers keen on maximising their income are turning to fruit farming which  [ ... ]

AGRA scales food security resolve with new programme

  Kenyan smallholder farmers long buffeted by failed rains, dwindling arable land, access to credit facilities and unstable markets can finally breathe easy thanks to a $15.5 million programme [ ... ]

Tomato turns Western students into entrepreneurs

Students at Chisare Secondary School of Western Kenya are earning their school income from the sale of tomato plants in a classic example of how agriculture is helping schools sustain themselves. Stu [ ... ]

Goats help farmers fight climate change

Farmers in Nyando, Western Kenya are shifting from maize farming and ordinary livestock keeping to climate smart agriculture that helps them adapt to the changing climate. The rough and dusty road le [ ... ]

Rice farmers intercrop to insulate themselves from weat...

As weather patterns become unpredictable farmers at the Ahero Irrigation Scheme, one of the key rice farming projects in western Kenya, are turning to other crops during the dry season to earn them mo [ ... ]

Failed rains spark Kenya’s water wars

Deaths from water related conflicts in Kenya have risen from 200 yearly in 2009 to 1200 according to data from police and security agencies, with conflict areas expanding in a damning revelation that  [ ... ]

Arid land farmers invest in timely planting to fight cl...

Farmers in semi arid areas, knocked by weather patterns are learning new techniques to beat the weather vagaries like planting before the rains start and buying seeds suited for their climate. The tec [ ... ]

Science graduate builds milk powerhouse in the desert

Behind dry and rocky terrain in Kajiado county is a farm with over 80 high pedigree Fresian cows producing over 600kilos of milk in a classic tale that has demonstrated how vanguard farmers are turnin [ ... ]

Dairy farmers milk millions with cooperative

An association of 35 dairy farmers producing 32 litres a day in the 1990s has transformed into a Sh452million empire that has increased farm gate prices for farmers while insulating them from market v [ ... ]

KARI invests in women to boost livestock farming

Women account for over 65 percent of all workforce in the country yet they never get to enjoy the fruits of their hard labour. Data shows that in Kenya women account for paltry 5 percent of all regist [ ... ]

KARI scientists embrace tech to boost research

Over 400 scientists from the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute can now publish their journals and keep up to date with global scientific trends thanks to a Sh4million fiber optic network installed [ ... ]

Scientists use birds to understand weather changes

A project by the Drought Monitoring Centre is now embracing traditional weather indicators like bird flights to find scientific interpretation to weather as changes in weather alters traditional scien [ ... ]

100 acre dairy farm milks income in dry land

The humid and rocky Ole’ Sirkon area within Kajiado county can be considered a hardship area. With savannah plains and little human activity, yet a farm with over 80 high pedigree Fresian cows produ [ ... ]

Farmer courts bees to beat climate change

A farmer in the arid Matungulu area of Eastern Kenya is shielding himself from dry spells by embracing climate resilient farming like beekeeping and has become a model to others as thousands of custom [ ... ]

Smallholder irrigation drives innovation and yields

As erratic rainfall takes its toll on crops, smallholder farmers are joining hands to embrace irrigation with a group in Kilifi contributing about Sh350 each to buy irrigation equipment. “We realiz [ ... ]

Communal grazing model tames land conflict

A group of pastoralists in Rift Valley are using scarce land for grazing, cultivation and conservation in a model that is limited competition for resources, taming human wildlife conflict and attracti [ ... ]

Eucalyptus tree becomes farmers’ silver bullet agains...

As climate change takes a toll on yields across the country, scientists are encouraging farmers to grow eucalyptus tree due to its unrivaled ability to weather changes in climate with findings showing [ ... ]

Farmer peer groups drive faster technology adoption

A farmer to farmer training model has been credited with the fast adoption of technology in farming as over 50 farmer groups mostly led by women count increased income as a result. Kiia Self Help Gro [ ... ]

East Africa’s dilemma in feeding billions as climate ...

Agriculture is increasingly finding itself at the mercy of climate change. Too much rain, too little rain or rain at the wrong season, prolonged dry seasons, disease and pests infestation are leaving  [ ... ]

Project boosts farming best practices, triples earnings

Kenyan farmers have increased production in selected crops by upto 50 percent and increased farm earnings to 30 percent thanks to professional networking which has facilitate information sharing and e [ ... ]

Farmers replenish soils, produce own oils with Moringa ...

A project that is using Moringa oleifera commonly referred to as miracle tree to replenish soil nutrients while improving food security is paying off with households producing their own oils and takin [ ... ]

Scientists target silkworms to contain Malaria

Scientists at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology are using the small factories that silkworm use to produce silk, to manufacture unique antigens on the spot that are key in diag [ ... ]

Fund targets climate mitigation innovators

In a bid to curb the vagaries of weather in East Africa Resilient Africa Network has launched an innovation grant challenge targeting scholars and researchers to develop models and innovations geared  [ ... ]

Women counts on fresh produce to build schools

A group of five single women who benefitted from an organic farming training have managed to build two day care schools in Ruiru at an amount of Ksh 700,000 with the proceeds they have gotten from sup [ ... ]

Baringo farmers tame harsh weather with Aloe Vera

Low rainfall and a rocky terrain have not dampened the hopes of many farmers in Kimalel area of Baringo County. The soils in the semi-arid area may be unsuitable for production of many crops, but they [ ... ]

War victims find fortunes in cassava flour

A decision by 12 women to embrace cassava cultivation after the 1990s war in North Eastern Uganda has turned the region into a commercial cassava growing area, with the group being the lead supplier o [ ... ]

The multimillion farming empire the county chief built

Three years ago Tom Okello was just an ordinary sub county chief in Uganda earning a paltry UGX 150,000(Sh5, 000) which could merely take care of his family. But a short training changed the course of [ ... ]

Climate refugees, Kenya’s ticking time bomb

There are over 10 million people worldwide who have been displaced from their homes and sources of earnings by failed rains, rising seas and other climate related factors according to the United Natio [ ... ]

Blind farmer leads agriculture revolution in Meru

Rows of succulent tomatoes sit comfortably next to nicely tended watermelons. Adjacent to them, tangerine fruit trees sways in harmony with orange ones in a three farm whose high yields are not the on [ ... ]

Farmer bakes a fortune with orange fleshed sweet potato

Romanos Opato a farmer in Kisumu has more than tripled income and diversified his farming activities as he makes cakes, mandazis, and porridge using mashed orange fleshed potato as the main ingredient [ ... ]

Project to tame malnutrition through mobile phones

Kenya is among Sub Saharan African countries set to benefit from a mobile phone project that will allow users access to nutritional and health information in a bid to tackle malnutrition at a time whe [ ... ]

E. African youth turn hay making into thriving ventures

An initiative to get East African youth to earn a living through constructing of hay making machine which they then sold to farmers is not only providing them with meaningful income but assisting farm [ ... ]

Government to reach 7million farmers with e extension

The Kenyan government has embraced electronic extension services in a bid to reach over 5million farmers that the current field officers cant reach due to acute shortage. With the country estimated t [ ... ]

Global leaders discuss environment,farmers in Nairobi

Over 1, 200 high level participants across the world including UN Secretary General Ban Kimoon are meeting in Nairobi to discuss environmental affairs including pollution, and climate change among oth [ ... ]

Electrician generates light from food waste

An electrician has developed a domestic waste biogas system that uses food wastes, in a discovery that has now expanded the list of raw sources of generating power through biogas as prices of electric [ ... ]

Kenyan budget targets new age farming with Sh59billion

Kenya’s allocation to the agricultural sector in the 2014/2015 remained relatively low compared to previous years with the focus of this year’s budget leaning towards mechanized farming, irrigatio [ ... ]

Livestock maps tally global population and distribution

A group of agriculture experts have released a set of maps depicting world’s livestock populations showing the distribution and density of the animals down to one kilometer with the maps deemed to p [ ... ]

Graduate creates low cost bioorganic fertilizer

A 30 year old entrepreneur has delved into fertilizer business providing affordable environmentally friendly fertilizer to smallholder farmers at a time when lack of fertilizer is blamed for dwindling [ ... ]

Smallholder farmers bear the brunt of weather change

Timothy Kiongo has grown maize, beans and soya in his one hectare piece of land for the last 50 years. Every harvest he gets 25 bags of maize,  but since 2010 he is lucky to even get five bags pe [ ... ]

Continental competition entices youth with Sh2million g...

A continental agribusiness competition is seeking to reward youth with ideas on how to improve productivity of certain crops, and is seen as a way of enticing youth to a sector capable of bridging the [ ... ]

Water harvesting lifts Njoro farmer’s fortunes

A farmer in Njoro area is perfecting the art of water harvesting which has assisted him in irrigating his farm and managed to increased area of cultivation to 12 acres. This even as the cycle of wate [ ... ]

Youth group doubles household incomes with extension se...

A group of enterprising youth farmers in Uasin Gishu are pushing for the adoption of short term crops in a county that has been dominated by maize, a move that has tripled income for over 800 farmers. [ ... ]

Kenya farmers premier in earning carbon credits

A climate change body representing over 60,000 farmers who are on 45,000 hectares has become the first of its kind to earn carbon credit for locking carbon on soil and assisting farmers increasing yie [ ... ]

Climate change driving African bee to extinction

Deforestation and climate change are driving African honey bee to extinction contrary to popular belief that synthetic chemicals are according to scientists. The possible extinction would deal a major [ ... ]

Farmers stuck with old crops despite climate threat

Scientists are sounding the alarm on farmers’ obsession with old crops that are threatened by changing climate and which ultimately may have a severe effect on food security in the country. Kenya h [ ... ]

Farmers fight climate change with home made interventio...

Smallholder farmers are leading scientists in documenting some of the local interventions they are applying in combating changes in weather which have insulated them even as crop production falls. Re [ ... ]

‘Money maker pump’ showers farmers pocket

A 70-year-old farmer from Kitale has lifted his earnings from Sh1,000 a month to Sh50,000 by selling his only dairy cow to buy a water pump. Maurice owns a small piece of land in Eldoret. Upon the  [ ... ]

World Bank launches manual to coordinate climate change...

World Bank has released a manual that assists governments and institutions coordinate and communicate activities on disaster and climate change as the effects of change in weather hits home. Dubbed O [ ... ]

Eating less meat reduces climate change, study

Eating less beef and reducing food waste can reduce greenhouse gases responsible for climate change by as much as 50- 90 percent by 2030, the equivalent of removing all cars in the world, while mainta [ ... ]

Flower companies court solar energy to stem rising prod...

A rising number of flower companies are now embracing use of solar energy in their daily operations as they move to insulate themselves from erratic electricity supply. The move has been hailed as a  [ ... ]

ICIPE seeks to tame bee diseases with training

Over 40 bee keeps from 26 English speaking countries in Africa have received training aimed at increasing awareness, prevention and control of bee pests and diseases, at a time when the pollinator ins [ ... ]

Maasai women farmers lead in water harvesting

A group of Maasai women in the Olepolos area of Kajiado are leading in water harvesting which is showering their farms at a time when climate related drought has taken its toll on their livestock. In [ ... ]

City families fight biting food shortage with urban gar...

Written by Bob Koigi for Farmbizafrica Bereta Wahinya a retired teacher in the low income Kawangware area of Nairobi has never known food woes despite the erratic supply and prices of most staple p [ ... ]

Conservation agriculture manual launched for Muslim far...

A manual on conservation agriculture meant for Muslim farmers in Africa has been launched to introduce millions of Muslim farmers to sustainable farming practices for the first time. Islamic Farming: [ ... ]

Farmers embrace Rhodes grass to fight climate change

Farmers across the country are benefitting from unique training on fodder crops that withstands the vagaries of weather at a time when climate change has taken its toll on pasture affordability. Anto [ ... ]

Project creates lowcost greenhouses for East African fa...

A project by US students is helping East African farmers move beyond subsistence farming by developing affordable, inexpensive greenhouses at a time when the pricey greenhouses have locked majority of [ ... ]

Smallholder farmers pay the price of poor farming polic...

Kimathi Makira an IT graduate enjoys the dangling bananas and the succulent tomatoes in his farm. Though his farm feels not much bigger than a handkerchief, about three quarter of an acre, he has inve [ ... ]

Farmers reap fortunes turning rock to arable land

The scramble for agricultural land by real estate coupled with discovery of minerals are taking a toll on Kenya’s arable land even as population soars, but a group of vanguard farmers are now rehabi [ ... ]

Radio still king among Kenya’s smallholder farmers

Kenya’s smallholder farmers still count on radio to learn new techniques of improved farming despite a boom in technology but still argue they cannot get as much information as they need. Findings  [ ... ]

Kenya goes after fake pesticides with new law

Kenya is fine-tuning a new legal framework to regulate the registration and oversight of pesticides at a time when legal gaps have given dubious traders a chance to sneak substandard products to the m [ ... ]

Kenya faces East for mechanized agriculture

Kenya is planning to mechanise its agriculture and looking to India for farm equipment that will bring down production costs at a time when there has been heightened interest in modern farming by smal [ ... ]

The golden girls of Kenya’s agriculture

As the world marks International day of women, Kenya’s recognition of women farmers has been dismal even as studies show that 80 percent of all Kenyan farmers are women. A paltry one percent of the  [ ... ]

Farmers get smart to beat changing weather patterns

Even as the weather man predict the onset of rains, Hannah Wangemi from Trans Nzoia knows that she cant count on the weatherman’s word. She has been frustrated before. Instead the mother of one who  [ ... ]

The diabetic teacher who found fortunes in pig farming

A decision to quit teaching and concentrate on farming on health grounds for Mary Namaganda has turned into a promising pig business now housing over 80 pigs and giving her a tidy income of Sh 450, 00 [ ... ]

Goat milk research paper births milk supply station

A research paper on goat milk has been the spark that has transformed an idea of an intern into a milk supply station processing over 120 litres of milk daily and now delving into yoghurt processing.  [ ... ]

Kenyan women in diaspora rake millions with health plan...

A group of enterprising Kenyan women living in Minnesota US are growing and selling a rare type of plant to local stores and pharmaceutical companies, a move that has turned them into overnight millio [ ... ]

Kenya risks agricultural destruction on demised EU trad...

Kenya is teetering on the brink of a massive revenue loss after trade talks it initiated in 2007 with the European Union now threaten to stall following continued disagreements. The contention in the [ ... ]

Ash yoghurt catapults pastoralists to international sta...

In a move that promises to increase Kenya’s milk shelf life and diversify milk products offered locally, members of the Tarboi community of Western Pokot are making yoghurt from goat and cow milk th [ ... ]

Researchers grow pest free yams in the air

Aeroponics technology which involves growing plants in air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium and which has been common in Kenya has received another heads up with scie [ ... ]

Consortium to roll out 100 Africa only crops

The African Orphan Crops Consortium has initiated plans to research and develop over 100 more nutritious African crop species which were formerly neglected in a move aimed at improving the nutrition o [ ... ]

Scientists use satellite images to understand land use ...

A group of researchers have been burning the midnight oil are using data collected over more than fifty years to determine the factors that result in positive and negative land use change through unde [ ... ]

Scientists bet on insects to address biting food shorta...

Insects like termites and mayflies could become a delicacy in Kenyan homes and address environmental degradation, with local scientists promoting their benefits as a simple, environmentally friendly s [ ... ]

Agribusiness reforms seeks to grow farmers’ income

The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) has announced a five-year project that seeks to increase incomes of smallholder farmers through the creation of an enabling policy environment in A [ ... ]

Fish project turns Western farmers into full time entre...

Over 720 fish farmers in Western Kenya no longer farm for subsistence but now run businesses where they sell fish feeds and turned into full time entrepreneurs with ready markets. Dubbed the Aqua Shop [ ... ]

Farmers and researchers meet through Mshamba

A mobile phone enabled technology developed by a group of young graduates last year to help farmers in rural Africa link up with crop researchers, meteorological departments and veterinary scientists  [ ... ]

Village banks provide cheap financing for rural farmers

A model that allows farmers to take quick informal loans and repay them without stringent repayment measures like collateral is fast rising across Kenyan rural areas with almost every farmer belonging [ ... ]

Super grass cuts greenhouse gases, tripling yields

Scientists have discovered a ‘Super grass’ that can not only help mitigate the environment against over a third of greenhouse emissions but also increase crop yields by about 50 percent and lessen [ ... ]

‘Queen of urban farming' earns from Nairobi’s plast...

Behind rows of succulent tomatoes and towering onions planted in plastics in Nairobi’s Mathare slum, is the story of one woman’s resolve to rid the area of plastic eyesore that has not only solved [ ... ]

Ducks hold key to fighting climate change, study

The over 1.5 million ducks available in Kenya could soon become the cheapest way of controlling pests and climate change if success stories of their use in other countries and new research are anythin [ ... ]

Germinating factory speeds seeds access time for farmer...

A solar powered mobile germination and seedling plant factory that halves the time seeds take to germinate while producing ten times more seeds than traditional methods has been unveiled in Uasin Gish [ ... ]

Scientists discover low cost preservation method for co...

Scientists have found a low cost innovative way of storing the drought-tolerant legume,cowpeas, so as to prevent their destruction by weevils, in a move that could benefit millions of farmers across A [ ... ]

Schools delve into ‘1000 gardens’ supplementing inc...

A project launched to create hundreds of productive gardens in schools and communities by cultivating indigenous plants and showing how they can generate healthy, nutritious foods has created over 200 [ ... ]

Trainings turns agro dealers to extension officers, ste...

As government struggles with an acute shortage of extension officers, currently standing at one extension officer to 1200 farmers, a new model that now seeks to transform agro dealers and agricultural [ ... ]

Policy positions potato as Kenya’s food of the future

The Kenyan government is formulating a policy to position the potato as a strategic crop, to increase the country's food security and job creation. The potato is Kenya's second most important food cro [ ... ]

Climate change realigns coffee growing zones

News by coffee researchers in the country that new zones had been identified as the next production frontiers is not only music to the ears of the farmers in those areas but also to the country and a  [ ... ]

Agriculture’s finest feted at Farmers Awards

Pomp and fanfare best described the Premier National Farmers award which saw both large and small scale farmers feted for their novel contribution to the economy and food security. A one of its kind j [ ... ]

Project to offset carbon foot print rewards farmers, op...

Thousands of farmers involved in a programme to equip them on growing seedlings of high value trees and plants are now earn decent incomes in a market fuelling a secondary markets in leaves sold to ma [ ... ]

Borstal boys beat climate change with biogas digesters

Ethan Wandati drives the saw back and forth with the precision of a skilled blacksmith as he cuts a metallic pipe. His sweaty face and dirty hands testament to a work that has taken time and effort to [ ... ]