Do you want to write for us?

Farmbizafrica, is a farmers' news website launched two years ago to satisfy the growing thirst for information for farmers who have realised the impressive returns that lie in farming and agribusiness.

The website is content-driven with well researched, in-depth articles to enable Kenyan farmers to make solid farming decisions. In a bid to adequately cover all farmers' concern in the country and celebrate their successes. Farmbizafrica is expanding its coverage network to now include contributors from all regions of the country. If you think you have a story that you would want the rest of the country and the region to know about, we would want you to join the fastest growing news site in Kenya as a contributor. Before contributing for us, here is a guide to contributors on the threshold the stories must meet.

1. Articles submitted must have a journalistic approach, and be written in language simple enough to be comprehensible.
We require lively, concise writing that sets events in context; and we expect you to back up your analysis with the voices of intelligent observers and to enliven your stories with a sense of place. We will not publish your opinions. We specialise in publishing useful information. Regardless of the setting or situation,we look for history and an eye for the detail that enables farmers to make decisions and are most likely to publish articles that are information-rich, with data and examples.

2. In every case, the stories that we want are not simply a recounting of events, but a report on why something happened and what it means to the people directly involved,and to people across the country. What problem has it solved How has it made things better? Or, even, what problem exists and how is it hurting farmers?As a national news site, each story must have relevance to other farmers.

3.We are more likely to publish stories with quotes from people involved. But contributors must put in brackets, after each quote, the telephone number of the person who is quoted. We cannot at any time be in a position of publishing quotes that are unverifiable. Quotes without contact details will be disqualified for publication on

4.Except in unusual circumstances, we accept a new writer's work "on spec" only. That means you give us the opportunity to read your piece before we decide whether to accept it; and our agreeing to look at something on spec implies no financial obligation on our part. We try to render verdicts on pieces quickly, but we are often inundated, and you should feel free to pester us for an answer on a perishable story.

5. A story submitted to farmbizafrica should not be submitted to any other media outlet.

Obligation on our end:
Farmbizafrica reserves the right to edit, alter or shorten any article submitted - it may not appear in its entirety and it may appear in any of our publications. For any story submitted to us and approved we will pay Sh350 by MPESA, Airtel money or yu cash on the Friday of the week during which the story is published. This payment will be made automatically.