FACT SHEET: High yielding cabbage variety

Quisor F1 is a new hybrid Dutch cabbage introduced commercially to Kenyan farmers two years ago by Syngenta East Africa. The cabbage has a waxy texture that makes it highly resistant to attack by moths and has expansive root network that makes it highly drought tolerant. The Quisor F1 yields are also more uniform if well tended.

With good agronomical practices, a farmer can harvest averagely from 40 to 60 tonnes per acre. In addition, one cabbage can weigh between 3 to 4 kilograms. For majority of previous hybrid F1 varieties like the Greenery, their head weight is up to 3 kilograms.

Though the cabbage’s ideal weather is the highland climate it’s been deemed a success by experts in the dryer Nanyuki regions.  

“It easily adapts to dry conditions,” said Soren Vester a crop specialist at Syngenta East Africa. In higher temperatures, the variety is able to form a compact round head that’s the market preference.

The cabbage is raised in a nursery 3 to 4 weeks and then transplanted to a field. Experts recommend watering the Quisor F1 early and mid morning, as watering in the evening increases chances of harmful fungi activities.  

From transplanting to the field in dry weathers Quisor F1 matures in 75 to 80 days. The standard spacing after transplanting it is 60 by 60cm. In that stage to ward off attacks by soil and sucking pests, the plant is drenched in Actara pesticide.  

The young plant is also top dressed with nitrogenous or phosphorous rich fertilisers like CAN or NPK to spur vigour and faster growth.

Unlike most other varieties the Quisor F1’s head is formed above the ground and that reduces rotting especially in wet conditions. The cabbage also has good leaf wrapping abilities. This ensures it retains its freshness. A fresh Quisor F1 is gauged by a blue greenish coloration.

Other than moths the cabbage is resistant to fusarium yellow wilt and highly tolerable from black rot or white flies though that can be countered by spraying it with pesticides.

Some of the chemicals used to mitigate against common pest attacks on the cabbage in its various growth stages are Actara, Karate, Match and Score.

The cabbage is also gastronomists’ favourite for preparing salads due to its softness and raw sweetness when cooked.

The new cabbage is available at seed stockists in Kenya for more details on who is stocking Quisor F1 visit Syngenta website www.syngenta.co.ke for contacts.