Organic folia feed stops premature falling of flowers and fruits

Farmers can increase profits by minimizing falling of flowers from fruiting crops by applying a hormone-uplifting organic folia fertiliser, DI Grow Red.

The fertiliser, which is derived from Acadian algae, contains important plant growth hormones that support fruit development from flowers.

The hormones are auxins, gibberellins, and cytokinns.

Dynapharm Kenya Agronomist Michael Mwangi said the fertiliser supplies crops with these growth stimulating chemicals for better returns to fruit farmers.

“Whilst auxins support elongation or increase in size of crops through apical dominance, gibberellins work to reverse premature aging of flowers. Gibberellins-which are split into more than 120 types- help the flowers to remain firm and to develop into fruits,” Mwangi said.



The hormones counter the actions of their chemical counterparts like ethylene and other aging factors to allow for full growth and maturation of the fruits.

Since auxins support shoot growth in apical dominance, the young leaves give energy to the crop by sufficiently supplying food after photosynthesis.

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“Premature fruit falling is also called abortion. High concentration of the three hormones inhibits the actions of abscisic acid, which is responsible for premature falling of the fruits. Mature fruits end up being tasty,” he said.

DI Grow Red has a counterpart folia fertiliser, DI Grow Green, that is applied to seeds before planting to just before flowering.

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The two fertilisers are produced by a Malaysian company, Dynapharm, which has independent branches worldwide.

The flowering booster is sprayed just like any pesticide. One hundred milimetres of the fertiliser are added to 15litres of water.

Crops such as tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, eggplants, avocadoes, grapes, apples, among others, will have many high quality flowers that will grow to mature fruits. 

A 250ml package is sold at Sh600 while one litre costs Sh1,500. Four litres pack costs Sh4,000.

PHOTO: Syngenta demonstration farm officer Joram Kaindi tenders to the one Kilele F1 tomato plant at Mkoma Show Ground, Mombasa, on September 2, 2016. Application of Dynapharm's DI Grow Red fertiliser prevents premature flower falling and fruits. PHOTO BY LABAN ROBERT. 

Mwangi can be reached on +254714925956.