Solar-powered pump slashes irrigation costs for farmers


Irrigation has been made easy and cheap with solar water pumps for small-holder agribusiness people who rely on other forms of power to push water to their farms.

Farmers practicing irrigation in the country rely on gravity, fuel generators, and manual fetching and distribution of water. A few others, who are close to the national grid use electricity to push water from reservoirs to the farms.

But the SunCulture AgriSolar Irrigation Kit (SCAIK) put to rest all these costs accruing from the power, with the sunlight conversion pact.

Benson Gathungu of SCAIK says farmers would only incur acquisition costs and ‘sit back to watch the free sunlight’ deliver water to the required piece of land.

The kit costs Sh159,00. It comprises three solar panels with each of them giving 100 watts. Power cables accompany the kit, among other minor equipment.

“The cost also covers a water pump that can supply 12900 litres of water to a maximum land of two and half acres,” said Gathungu.

Most farmers who have water tanks gather collect rain water for domestic and farm uses. Others have dug wells within homesteads. Those close to rivers too rely on gravity or manual fetching.

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The equipment comes in handy in for all farmers despite their source of water.

Irrespective of the location of the farmer, the company delivers the equipment with the help of courier services of Wells Fargo.

Farmers would incur limited maintenance costs more-so after the expiry of the one-year warrant attacked to the equipment.