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    HOW TO EXPORT for smallholders: 27th March 2020


    This workshop is for individual entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized farms to fast track their move into export sales. It provides buyers contacts, and a guide to executing export sales administratively, logistically, and financially.

    Resource personnel: Trade experts, industry association, market researchers, exporters.

    Learning outcomes: On completion, farmers will:

    • Know how to locate export market opportunities,
    • Understand the export process,
    • Know how to navigate the major export documents required by governments, transporters, and banks,
    • Understand payment options, including letters of credit,
    • Understand insurance options,
    • Understand the challenges that need to be resolved during packaging and transport.



    Duration (TBC)            

    Facilitator (input name)


    The export process




    Finding buyers


    Research Tree Africa


    Documentation and insurance








    Export payments, packaging, and transport        


    Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya (FPC Kenya)         


    Meet the export buyers


    Private sector buyers

    Location: FarmBizAfrica offices, New Kitisuru, Nairobi

    Number of participants: 30 - 60 growers

    Additional visitors: up to 10 buyers for export


    1. Exporting: an overview
      1. Kenya’s main markets
      2. The responsibility of buyers and sellers
      3. Common mistakes
      4. Major issues that lock out exporters from the market
      5. Assistance available
    2.  Finding buyers
      1. Social media
      2. Trade leads
      3. Online marketplaces
      4. Distributors and agents
      5. Marketing Help
    3. Documentation
      1. Finding your pathway on the KenTrade guide
        1. Following the procedural steps
        2. Contacts where things get held up
      2. Carry-aways:
        1. Your commercial documents checklist
        2. Your regulatory documents checklist
      3. Transporting requirements
        1. Types of cargo and freight charges
        2. Insurance and methods of insuring – determining the insured value of goods
    4. Export Payments
      1. Identifying the payment options and opening accounts
      2. Documents needed for payment
      3. When to expect payment and payment terms
      4. Tariff regulations
      5. Consignment issues
      6. How to deal with credit and letters of credit
      7. The risks associated with each payment methods.
      8. Financing options available through commercial banks and government financing
    1. Packaging and transport
      1. Technical/regulatory requirements
      2. Global good agricultural practices to access the market, Kenya GAP measures
      3. Traceability system for exporters
      4. Packaging during transport
      5. Finding and booking transport
      6. Container sizes, costs and management
    1. Linking farmers with prospective exporters

    The workshop will be attended by a number of certified exporting companies, such as Vegpro, Homefresh Horticulture Export Ltd, and Keitt Exporters Ltd


    To measure the success or failure of the training program, its impact, and how it can be improved, questionnaires will be given out at the end of the session. After three months, another questionnaire will be issued to measure changes in knowledge and assess the impact of the program. 



    FarmBizAfrica and Research Tree Africa

    Kentrade - TBC

    Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya (FPC Kenya)

    Okisegere Ojepat – Farmer and Chief Executive Officer

    To register for a place on this one-day workshop, please give your details in the form below and send your course payment to Mpesa number 0725 284 161.

    Note: Your phone number should be the same as the Mpesa number that you send the course payment from.

    How to Export - Training Workshop Registration 

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    2. The fee per course for non-members is Sh2250. The fee for members is Sh1780.
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