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    Turn your farm into a company: 17th January 2020


    This course shows farmers how to convert their farms into formal businesses as a company, and the benefits of incorporating as a business.

    Our guest speakers lay the foundation of understanding for a small farmer who has operated his farm without laid down structures and show how such structures can help farmers turn their farm into a business empire.

    The purpose of the training is to increase farmers’ knowledge on the requirements, importance of, and gains from business and company registration, as well as equipping them, through understanding the precise process of how to create their own companies, to start their own company, through a one-day workshop.

    Farmers learning outcomes

    Upon completion of the course, farmers will be able to:

    • Understand need for registration.
    • Know the different types of business and advantages.
    • Understand the requirements and process of registration and be able to start their own company
    • Be familiar with compliance measures and tax


    Why register as a business

    • To get export registration and licensing by KEPHIS and KALRO and other government bodies
    • Credibility/trust worthiness by buyers
    • Website/ visibility
    • Government contracts
    • Brand identity- logos etc
    • Easy access to loans
    • Membership to associations

    Business' legal structure

    The different types

    1. Sole proprietorship,
    2. Partnership,
    3. Corporation.

    Advantages of each



    • The requirements – all the paper work needed for each category
    • Company name reservation
    • Business name search and fee
    • Business name registration

    Application and payment

    Obtaining company registration documents

    • How to register at
    • The different types of certificates and use/meaning ie

    Certificate of incorporation.

    Signed company registration form -CR1.

    Signed memorandum of a company with share capital-CR2.

    Signed notice of registered address-CR8.

    Signed statement of nominal capital.

     Business taxes

    PIN certificate


    Pay As you earn- for Employees and employer requirements/ when to pay and applicable rates

    Value added tax- When to pay and rate – not on foods

    Corporation tax – when/who is responsible

    Filling of returns- important dates for all taxes

    Business Permits and Licenses.

    • Trading licence and registration
    • Location
    • Government requirement on permits display

    Business Laws and Regulations


    Bank accounts

    Credit terms


    Employment- hiring and firing


    Accounting needs and book keeping

    • Accountability
    • Need for record keeping
    • Different 
    • Where to source



    To measure the success or failure of the training program, its impact, and how it can be improved, structured questionnaires will be administered to the farmers at the end of the session. After three, months another questionnaire will be issued to measure changes in knowledge and assess the practical impact of the program. 



    Date: 17th January 2020

    Location: African Laughter Office (outdoors)

    Number of participants: 20 farmers

    Register for the training

    To register for a place on this one-day workshop, please give your details in the form below and send your course payment to Mpesa number 0725 284 161.

    Note: Your phone number should be the same as the Mpesa number that you send the course payment from.

    1. FarmBiz Society members get a Sh480 fee discount on FarmBiz courses.
    2. The fee per course for non-members is Sh2250. The fee for members is Sh1780.

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