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    Agro-outlet ease farmers’ life through farm inputs and direct market linkage

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    Small holder farmers can now enjoy farming services beginning from acquiring farm implements like seeds, planting, harvesting to marketing the produce from just a single outlet. This will eliminate confusing farming ideas collected by farmers from different sources which most of the time cause them avoidable losses.

    Gro Most outlet is part of Mahindra and Mahindra Company (Kenya branch) which has its operation base in Westlands, Nairobi. It focuses on small holder farmers across the country by providing a range of horticultural crop seeds and machinery at a fordable price. Farmers who buy their products enjoy free farm advisory and eventually direct links to various markets where they can sell their products.

    “We empower small scale farmers with the latest, most relevant advances in farm technology and agricultural knowledge, and link them to markets to ensure better returns for their produce,” said Peter Ragu, Gro Most’s Seeds Sales Manager.

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    Gro Most have a network of over 100 extension officers in various locations in the country forming part of their long system of ensuring their products and services are delivered to the deserved individuals. Farmers order goods which are then transported to them. Upon delivery by the extension officers farmers are taken through on how to use them and this continues till harvesting and marketing.

    “We follow the farmer till the end. Our system deploys strict quality checks, from planting, production, to harvesting packaging, and then marketing the products made possible through our extension officers in the grass-root level,” said Ragu. "We are connected to both international and local markets where our farmers can find chance to sell their produce at good a price," he added.

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    Currently the outlet is selling a range of horticultural crop seeds varieties from watermelon, tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum to broccoli which does well in most parts of the country.

    For instance Gro Most has tomato TM 10 F1, TM 20 F1 and TM 30 F1 varieties which are determinate, semi-determinate and indeterminate hybrids. Determinate F1 hybrid are suitable for staking and non-staking culture, they grow vigorously producing green foliage, attractive oval fruit of 90g and potential of yielding 15 tons per acre.

    Semi-determinate F1 is tolerant to Leaf Curl Virus, moderate to Bacterial wilt and highly tolerant to Fusarium one and two. It also has a high yielding potential of 30 ton per acre and can be harvested for six months.

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    Indeterminate F1 is best suited for covered cultivation with a potential of producing 120-140g of perfect oval fruits with ability to withstand rough transport conditions thus longer shelf life. A farmer can harvest this variety for nine months.

    Gro Most is also selling farm machinery like tractors, chaff cutters, dairy farming machines, fertilisers which are also delivered according to consumers’ order.


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