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    By George Munene

    Colostrum, the first milk produced by the mammary gland after calving, is rich in immunoglobulins (antibodies), growth factors, and several other nutrients and compounds that promote calf health. It is critical for calf health. Due to a lack of transfer of antibodies across the placenta during pregnancy, calves are born with an undeformed immune system and rely almost entirely on the consumption of colostrum for the transfer of passive immunity and subsequent immune system development.

    Inadequate consumption of immunoglobulin-rich colostrum shortly after birth can result in poor immune system development, a condition known as failure of passive transfer. This condition is associated with:

    1. Development of significant illnesses during the pre-weaning period (NASEM, 2021), 
    2. Reduced post-weaning growth rates, and  
    3. Lower first lactation milk production (Lombard et al., 2020; DeNise et al., 1989). 

    Due to the importance of colostrum to the transfer of passive immunity alone, colostrum management is well-recognized as a critical component of newborn calf care.

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    Keys to Good Colostrum Management

    There are three key components to successful colostrum management: timing, quality, and quantity.

    1. Timing

    The ability of the calf’s intestines to absorb the antibodies in colostrum greatly diminishes with time and is essentially nonexistent by 24 hours after birth. 

    Industry experts used to recommend feeding a single allotment of colostrum within the first 12 hours of life to ensure sufficient transfer of passive immunity. However, researchers have recently shown that feeding calves at birth, or shortly after, dramatically increased antibody absorption and that the rate of absorption for calves fed colostrum six hours after birth is similar to those fed colostrum at 12 hours after birth (Fischer et al., 2018). 

    Therefore, the new industry-accepted recommendation is to provide two feedings of colostrum. The first feeding should take place within two hours of birth and the second feeding should occur within 12 hours of birth (Godden et al., 2019).

    2. Quality

    Colostrum quality is determined by assessing immunoglobulin concentrations, specifically, the concentration of immunoglobulin G (IgG). 

    The IgG content of colostrum is highly variable depending on many factors, including the cow, harvest timing in relation to calving, volume produced, and lactation number (NASEM, 2021).

    Colostrum is considered to be good quality if IgG content is greater than 50 grams/liter (g/L; Godden et al., 2019).

    While the direct measurement of colostrum IgG levels is expensive and time-consuming, there are two on-farm tools available that can help producers quickly and economically assess colostrum IgG content through indirect means: a colostrometer and a Brix refractometer

    Both are useful tools for estimating colostrum quality; however, the Brix refractometer has become popular in recent years because it is less fragile and less sensitive to fluctuations in temperature as compared to the colostrometer. A Brix reading of 21 per cent or greater is indicative of good-quality colostrum. 

    FS 2022 0641 Figure1

    Brix refractometer (left) and colostrometer (right)

    While it is tempting to forego the assessment of colostrum using one of these two tools, producers should know that an eye assessment of colostrum quality is highly inaccurate because color and viscosity are not related to IgG content (Godden et al., 2019).

    In addition to assessing the colostrum’s antibody content, producers should also ensure that it is free from harmful bacteria or contaminants. 

    To minimize bacterial growth, fresh colostrum should be fed within one hour; if this is not possible, it should be stored in the refrigerator (<1.66°C) for up to 24 hours or the freezer (<-20.55°C) for up to a year. 

    Frozen colostrum can be thawed safely by submerging the container in a warm (<48.88°C) water bath and feeding within one hour of thawing. Using hot water (>48.88°C) to thaw colostrum can significantly reduce quality by destroying the antibodies.

    3. Quantity

    Using an esophageal feeder can help ensure adequate delivery of colostrum when a calf will not completely consume its first or second colostrum feeding via bottle nipple. 

    It is important to ensure the individual has been trained to utilize the tube feeder safely. 

    In addition to timing and quality, the quantity of colostrum fed is also important. 

    Calves do not have a requirement for colostrum itself; their requirement is for the IgG in the colostrum. 

    Therefore, the amount of colostrum that a calf needs is directly related to the IgG concentration of the colostrum, which can be highly variable. 

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    Because of this, estimating the colostrum IgG content using a colostrometer or Brix refractometer is essential. 

    Estimation of colostrum IgG content can help determine the volume that should be fed to ensure sufficient IgGs are provided. 

    As a rule of thumb, calves should receive 200 grams of IgG during the first 24 hours of life with 150 grams of IgG supplied in the first feeding (Godden et al., 2019; NASEM, 2021).

    Generally speaking, it is recommended that Holstein calves be fed three liters and Jersey calves are fed two liters of good quality colostrum (≥21 per cent Brix) at first feeding to ensure sufficient IgG consumption (NASEM, 2021). 


    The amount of IgG that can be supplied by feeding three liters of colostrum at varying levels of quality. From this figure, it is clear that feeding poor-quality colostrum (<21% Brix), provides inadequate IgG for the first feeding.

    If a calf will not consume all of its allotted colostrum from a bottle, producers should use an esophageal tube feeder to ensure all of the colostrum is consumed within the two-hour timeframe. 


    Information Courtesy, University of Maryland Extension College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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    By George Munene


    Position: Lead Agronomist

    Location: Homa Bay County

    Recruiter / Employer: Human Capital Synergies Africa Ltd


    • Overall oversight of all intervention activities at the county level in relation to agro-entrepreneur development, farmers engagement and empowerment, crop production,aggregation, and marketing.
    • Drive day-to-day sorghum production activities including management of crop calendar, input procurement, planting, crop management, harvesting, and post-harvest handling
    • Responsible for mobilizing agro-entrepreneurs to offer farmer services including input access, advisory, mechanization, aggregation, finance, and markets
    • Establish high-quality demonstration sites(plots) to be used in the delivery of practical farmer training by the agro-entrepreneurs.
    • Initiate collaboration and local partnerships with the County and Sub – County Agricultural officers, input suppliers, and other relevant service providers and identify leverage opportunities capable of adding value to the project
    • Monitor and provide timely periodic data to inform the collation of reports from the accomplished field activities
    • Responsible for ensuring that data reported is of high-quality standards of accuracy, reliability, credibility, and confidentiality and that it is in tandem with the services offered to the farmers.
    • Reporting program progress in timelines agreed upon primarily weekly, monthly, and quarterly but may also request to prepare ad hoc reports
    • Work closely with BDS provider to facilitate commercialization of farming systems within the sorghum value chain with specific emphasis on PWDs,
    • Organize peer learning sessions and provide feedback on the progress of implementation

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    • Degree in either of the following disciplines; Agriculture, Agriculture Education, and Extension, Agribusiness management.
    • Minimum of 5 years’ experience working in related commercialized agricultural value chain either in the private, rural or community development organizations.
    • Demonstrated experience in data collection and reporting for similar programs
    • Experience working with production groups, cooperatives, or contracted farmers will be preferred
    • Ability to ride a motorcycle with at-least 2-year experience and a valid riding license.
    • Excellent command of Swahili and English.
    • Excellent presentation, report writing, and communication skills.

    How to apply: Applicants who meet the requirements stated above should send their applications and detailed CVs with a day – time and Telephone number to the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with Finance Manager -Tours & Travel in the Subject line. Candidates MUST indicate their Current and Expected salaries.

    Deadline: 17 February 2023 


    Position: Crop production Manager – Khartoum, Sudan

    Location: Sudan

    Monthly Gross Salary: Sh70,000

    Recruiter / Employer: Summit Recruitment & Search

    About the position: Our client, a leading farm in Sudan, is seeking to hire a Crop Production Manager who will be responsible for planting, harvesting, washing, packaging, irrigating, fertilizing, weeding, pruning, cleaning and maintaining plants, monitoring greenhouse conditions, maintaining detailed records on greenhouse operations and production activities The successful candidate must hold a degree in Plant Science, Horticulture or Agronomy. The ideal candidate must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in a crop management and in irrigation software systems.


    • Monitoring the growth and health of plants and adjusting environmental conditions such as humidity and light levels as needed to ensure optimal growth.
    • Expected to plant, harvest, wash, package, irrigate, fertilize, weed, prune, clean, transplant, maintain plants and growing media.
    • Notify the manager of irrigation system issues for farm and greenhouse and repair Irrigation Equipment as needed.
    • Assist Greenhouse Manager in inventory and ordering process as needed.
    • Assist Greenhouse Manager with administrative tasks such as crop records and production.
    • Be receptive to learning new methods of farming and sharing existing knowledge of farming.
    • Identify plant problems such as diseases, weeds, and insect pests.
    • Support production planning and scheduling for all areas of farm and greenhouse.
    • Monitoring greenhouse conditions such as temperature, humidity, and light levels to ensure that they meet the requirements of the plants being grown.
    • Planting, transplanting, weeding, watering, and caring for plants in a greenhouse environment and open field.
    • Installing and maintaining irrigation systems to provide plants with water when needed.
    • Planting new plants, seeds, bulbs, or other items in pots or trays, often using specialized tools such as pruning shears or sprayers.
    • Maintaining detailed records on greenhouse operations and production activities, including information about plant locations and growing conditions.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s Degree required with experience in Plant Science, Agronomy or related field preferred.
    • Must have a minimum of 5 years experience in crop Management.
    • Must have Agricultural research experience or agricultural background preferred.
    • Computer literate.
    • Must have knowledge of irrigation software systems.
    • Good organizational skills.
    • Ability to work in a team and to communicate with individuals throughout the organization.
    • Ability to use professional concepts and company policies and procedures to solve a wide range of difficult problems in imaginative and practical ways.

    How to apply: BrighterMonday



    Position: Avocado Assistant Manager

    Recruiter / Employer: East African Growers Limited - EAGA

    About the position: The Avocado Assistant Manager will be tasked with the duty to assist and support the Avocado Manager with the operational activities of the Farm, managing the team and ensuring operational plans are implemented and outcomes achieved.


    • Management of the Farm including all staff and operations
    • Liaise with the Avocado Manager and ensure that requirements are met.
    • Leadership and direction in the Farm processes and documentation.
    • Develop & Implement crop planning and scheduling of supply budgets
    • Analyze and report on post-harvest financial parameters established for the Farm.
    • Report grower production data for reconciliation purposes
    • Ensure compliance to Farm safety operating procedures of staff for all equipment and machinery on site and always maintain the Farm facilities to a compliant standard.
    • Develop and train the team of staff for the different operations.
    • Manage plant and equipment, building assets and maintenance schedules.
    • Manage and ensure all Farm technical specifications are implemented, managed, recorded, monitored, and audited.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    • Degree or Diploma in an agricultural related discipline.
    • At least 5 years of experience working within the Avocado industry.
    • Must have had firsthand experience in Crop Husbandry.
    • Health & Safety awareness and experience in the implementation.
    • Experience in managing and working within a set budget.
    • A good understanding of numerical or financial information
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
    • Competency in MS- Office and Excel.

    How to apply: BrighterMonday

    Qualified & Interested candidates can share their CVs on or before 15th February 2023.

    Deadline: 15th February 2023.

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    Position: Pack House Manager

    Location: Rift Valley

    About the position: A cut flowers company growing Roses and summer flowers in Rift valley is looking for qualified Pack house manager whose responsibilities and requirements will be as follows


    • Management of the post-harvest operations including all pack house operations.
    • Sound leadership and direction in the pack house ensuring quality product output as per customers’ orders and specifications, accuracy and consistency in pack house processes and documentation.
    • Provide daily /weekly/monthly and annual reports to the General Manager and Directors.
    • Develop and train a team of pack house staff.
    • Ensuring high standards of health and safety practices.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    • The candidate must be a graduate of a recognized university preferably with an agricultural/Horticultural related discipline.
    • Must have minimum of 4 years’ experience in managing cut flowers pack houses.
    • Must have excellent management experience.
    • Must have excellent communication and interpersonal relationship skills.
    • Must have good numerical and planning skills.
    • Must be self-disciplined, a team player, honest, and of high integrity.
    • Must be able to work under minimum supervision while meeting the set targets & deadlines.

    How to apply: BrighterMonday

    Deadline: 10th February 2023

    Position: Technical Assistant

    Location: Nairobi

    Recruiter / Employer: Human Capital Synergies Africa Ltd


    • Income Generation
    • Using creative methods to increase business development.
    • Analyze market trends and future needs in the agreed sectors.
    • Understanding the competitive environment and profiling significant companies.
    • Mapping the above analysis to the strategic priorities of the group to select target companies.
    • Managing customer relations by being the single point of contact for client, updating them on availability of products and status of their orders.
    • Build and maintain alliances with key distributors and farmers.
    • Visit (potential) customers on a regular basis.
    • Achieve the relevant sales budget and targets.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    • Excellent understanding of the agriculture sector in Kenya.
    • Diploma or Degree in Agriculture, Sales, Marketing or related field.
    • A minimum of 3 years’ experience in agrochemical sales & associated supplies
    • Preferably aged above 30 years
    • Ability to build reports and forecast on sales as well as trends.
    • Excellent interpersonal communication and strong negotiation and influential skills.
    • Strong relationship management ability.
    • Extensive business-to-business sales experience is essential.
    • Possess a valid rider license.
    • Able to speak more than one language fluently

    How to apply: Applicants who meet the requirements stated above should send their applications and detailed CVs with a day – time Telephone number to the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with Finance Manager -Tours & Travel on the Subject line. Candidates MUST indicate their Current and Expected salaries.

    Deadline: 17 February 2023


    Position: Area Sales Coordinator- Floriculture & Export Vegetables

    Location: Nairobi

    Recruiter / Employer: Human Capital Synergies Africa Ltd


    • Development of Horticulture (Flowers & Export Vegetables) business in East Africa
    • Actively take charge of promotion, marketing and sales of new and existing products among commercial growers
    • Design, implement and maintain an effective marketing strategy of the company products
    • Popularize usage of company products through demonstration, field days, growers’ trainings and commercial trials
    • Maintain regular contact and good rapport with key growers to ensure that there is a sustainable demand of company products
    • Identify, recruit, maintain and service potential end-users to ensure potential sales are realized at all times
    • In liaison with management, negotiate product sales price and terms of sales with clients to maximize on profitability
    • Take a pro-active role in collection of due debts in the assigned territory
    • In liaison with the management, vet new and review existing clients for credit worthiness
    • Obtain and maintain sufficient information on clients’ ability to service credit and ensure that the management is well updated on dangerous clients
    • Respond to clients’ inquiries and complaints promptly and in a professional manner
    • Prepare seasonal / quarterly sales forecast, marketing programme and budget.
    • Take lead in gathering relevant market intelligence

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    • Agricultural training at Degree level
    • At least a Minimum of 3 years in direct agricultural input sales and marketing to commercial farms
    • Valid car driver’s license and minimum 2 years of driving experience
    • Willingness to travel extensively to meet growers
    • Good planning, organizational and problem-solving skills
    • High level of motivation and entrepreneurial drive
    • Interest in learning in-depth about new products, competition and new sales process
    • Excellent interpersonal communication skills, networking and prospecting skills
    • Goal driven, confident, outgoing personality and ability to work independently with minimal supervision
    • Strong desire to learn
    • Result oriented person with strong customer strategy service, positive, driven, ambitious, self-starter, capable of effective time management, able to think and act on his feet, and to perform required tasks with limited supervision.
    • Proficient in Word Processing, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, Internet and Emails
    • Excellent command of English required (written and spoken); working knowledge of Swahili required.
    • Age: Preferably 28 – 35 years;

    How to apply: Applicants who meet the requirements stated above should send their applications and detailed CVs with a day – time Telephone number to the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with Finance Manager -Tours & Travel on the Subject line. Candidates MUST indicate their Current and Expected salaries.

    Deadline: 17 February 2023


    Position: Agricultural Extension Officer

    Location: Mandera County

    Recruiter / Employer: Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance (RACIDA)


    Program Implementation

    • To actively engage in the beneficiary selection process under the guidance of the County Coordinator.
    • Provide relevant training and skills development to Agro-pastoral farmers on fodder and high-value crop production, on-farm water management, and beekeeping.
    • Lead stakeholder dialogue and consultation meetings with target communities.
    • Provide agriculture extension service support to focal farming households.
    • Support the development of increased market linkages for farming households.
    • Coordinate and liaise with other stakeholders in the project implementation
    • Represent RACIDA in the cluster/donor meetings.
    • Review facilitation/training manuals on key topic areas covered under the project to ensure they are addressing the Agro-pastoral needs.
    • Provide assessments and analyses on improving crop production and project outcomes for the target project areas.
    • Coordinate monitoring visits with established community structures in the project areas
    • Coordinate with other organizations in the same location to ensure no duplication of efforts.
    • Coordinate and lead needs assessments in project target areas.
    • To document field achievements, innovations, lessons learned in monthly and other scheduled donor reports and inform future project development.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    Holds a Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in either Agriculture or Agriculture & Home Economics or Agricultural Education & Horticulture or Agronomist or Food Security or any other relevant and equivalent qualification from a recognized institution; Have at least three (3) years' experience in the relevant field; Experience on similar projects in ASAL areas of Kenya.

    Additional Skills & Competences

    • Proficiency with Microsoft Office packages including Microsoft Word and Excel.
    • Excellent interpersonal, communication and report writing skills.
    • Good spoken Somali and spoken and written English.
    • Excellent personal organizational skills including time management and ability to meet deadlines.
    • Ability to work collaboratively and effectively with colleagues across the organization.
    • Good understanding of cross-cutting issues - gender, disability inclusion, DRR, etc. and how to integrate them into food security and livelihood programs.
    • Commitment to and understanding of RACIDA ’s vision, mission, and values.

    How to apply: Interested candidates, who meet the above requirements, should send a CV and Cover Letter only to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with the subject of the email as the position applied for and the location e.g. ‘Agricultural Extension Officer – Mandera'. The closing date for applications is February 8, 2023, however, CVs will be reviewed on a rolling basis**.** Eligible applicants are encouraged to send in their applications soonest.

    Deadline: 08 February 2023 



    Position: Postdoctoral Fellow (Aquaculture Nutrition: Tilapia and African Catfish)

    Location: Nairobi

    Duration: 2 Years

    Recruiter / Employer: icipe - African Insect Science for Food and Health

    About the position: This position will deliver innovative research that addresses a wide range of unique and critical issues associated with fish nutrition, fish welfare, diversification of ingredient choices, safe processing into suitable ingredients for fish feed, and environmental health in the context of ONE HEALTH. Within the scope of the above and overall objectives of the INSEFF program, icipe is seeking applications from highly motivated candidates for the position of Postdoctoral Fellow– Aquaculture nutrition. The ideal candidate will support research programmes in the Insects for Food, Feed and Other Uses Programme in icipe’s Environmental Health Theme. The candidate will work in an interdisciplinary team of experts from different backgrounds, including fish nutrition, gender, climate change, validating and scaling of innovations, science communication, sustainable rural development, and bioprocesses.


    The overall purpose of the job is to:

    • Spearhead the research on scoping for locally available fish ingredients in the country, undertake nutrient characterization of the ingredients, and their use to suit the current production requirements under smallholder farming and commercial fish production systems.
    • Conduct experiments on the nutrient requirements of local and improved strains of tilapia and African catfish available in Kenya.
    • Manage on-farm and on-station experiments that compare the performance of different novel lowcost and nutritious feeds in fish production in different counties.
    • Manage farmer-participatory aqua-based feeding trials that aim to tackle bottlenecks facing fish farmers through participatory technology development and transfer.
    • Establish the ecological significance of low-cost feeds and assess their potential as high value products to contribute significantly to essential nutrient requirements of local improved strains of tilapia and African catfish.
    • Build partnerships with NGOs, private sector, and extension service providers to incorporate project's knowledge and innovations to test and use novel feeds for aquaculture.
    • Establish a cross-thematic research program on the effective harnessing of insect-based aqua-feed technological services for improved fish farming, with a focus on a broad range of feed recipe formulations and their applications.

    Specific Duties

    The successful candidate is expected to:

    • Coordinate in-depth scoping studies related to mapping, seasonality, production, and utilisation of locally available ingredients in rural markets that can be harnessed for the formulation of sufficiently nutritious but low-cost fish feeds.
    • Re-evaluate a range of nutrient requirements in local and improved fish strains in Kenya to update existing data/knowledge and enable correct diet formulations.
    • Develop further processing techniques to improve the quality of the local ingredients and use them to formulate balanced diets for tilapia and catfish.
    • Conduct in-depth research on the impact of newly developed feeds on fish production under different farming systems in target counties.
    • Conduct novel research on the development of new products (using insect oils, defatted insect meal and chitin/chitosan from pupal exuviae) on fish immunity using feed fortification technologies and explore the possibility of using antimicrobial peptides from insects on fish disease control.
    • Generate data and knowledge on market, gender, socio-psychological and cultural factors that may influence the adoption and scaling of novel fish feeds.
    • Provide cutting-edge scientific research to develop, adapt, and optimise strategies to harness the nutritional profiling and bioactive properties in fish production and consumption.
    • Contribute to various INSEFF project management, linkage with partners (universities and national research organisations), and preparation of semi-annual and annual technical reports.
    • Be responsible for data collection, management, and analysis related to novel fish feed production and usage as well as support other research activities related to the project.
    • Undertake supervision of research assistants, technicians, field assistants, interns, and MSc and Ph.D. students.
    • Publish research outputs in high-impact peer-reviewed journals in areas related to fish feed within the INSEFF program.
    • Publish technical reports and better management practice guidelines dealing with fish and nutrition.
    • Coordinate training of aquaculture stakeholders, communication and outreach programs through tailor-made training and extension services.
    • Plan, organize, execute, and report on project progress in dialogue with senior as well as junior staff/employees and external partners

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    • PhD in Aquaculture, Rural Development or related subjects with at least 3 years of postgraduate work experience using locally available ingredients for fish feed formulation and production.
    • At least 5 years progressive responsibility in, and demonstrated understanding of, development initiatives in fisheries and aquaculture related fields, three of which should be in senior management or an equivalent position in the public or private sectors.
    • Experience in the design, development, and implementation of at least three large donor funded proposals in aquaculture related projects with a proven track record of linking and working with multidisciplinary teams.
    • At least 5 publications on fish feed formulation and processing, and preparation feeding regimes for fish production in related areas in peer-reviewed journals.
    • Should be at most 42 years at the time of application for this position.
    • Skills in biostatistics, especially for robust analyses on experimental feeding regimes set up and database development, is essential.
    • Additional skills in bioecological landscape assessments of fish feed production and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) would be an advantage.
    • Must have an excellent publication track record in ISI – indexed journals or book chapters of which at least six (6) are as first author over the past 5 years.
    • Additional knowledge on nutrient requirements of local improved strains of tilapia and African catfish and experience working in the Lake Victoria Basin region would be an added advantage.

    How to apply: ICIPE Recruit

    Deadline: 15 February 2023 


    Position: Program Officer, Centre for African Leaders in Agriculture

    Location: Nairobi

    Recruiter / Employer: Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)

    About the position: The Program Officer – Coordinator for the Leadership Initiative will act as a day-to-day technical lead responsible for implementation of the Leadership Initiative. He/ She will be responsible for sharing AGRA’s knowledge, experience and networks, and will work directly with the partners on the design and implementation of the leadership journey including the coaching component, curriculum development, the leadership forums, learning trips and digital learning.

    S/He will serve as a technical officer responsible for coordination of partners to effectively implement program activities and ensure delivery. The Program Officer will also be expected to work closely with the implementing partners for this initiative as well as the beneficiary countries.


    • Develop progress and results tracking matrix for the Leadership Initiative-related interventions.
    • Coordinate collaborative activities between AGRA, the African Management Institute (AMI), the Policy LINK and other partners in organizing leadership capacity building activities.
    • Work directly with the partners on the design and implementation of the leadership journey including the coaching component, curriculum development, the leadership forums & learning trips and digital learning.
    • Contribute to state capability related proposals, particularly the ones related to enhancement of leadership capacity within the agriculture sector.
    • Enhance state capability contribution to the delivery of other bodies of work.
    • Produce knowledge products and thought pieces related to leadership capacity building and its implication to agriculture transformation in Africa.
    • Track and report outcomes of the leadership support to countries.
    • Develop and coordinate implementation of the annual work plan for the Leadership Initiative.
    • Following up and monitoring the implementation of the Leadership Initiative and produce progress reports for reporting within AGRA, the BMZ as well as to the stakeholders.
    • Taking lead in developing Leadership Initiative related proposals with support from respective country teams especially the country manager and task leader on government support interventions.
    • Providing support in developing training materials and guidelines related to the Leadership Initiative.
    • Organizing Leadership Initiative related workshops and trainings.
    • Providing capacity building to country teams and AGRA staff on AGRA’s government support approach and support to the enhancement of leadership capacity.
    • Documenting good practices on Leadership Capacity Building for the agriculture sector deriving from AGRA’s investment.
    • Analysing AGRA’s contribution in building State Capability/country and enhancing leadership capacity in the target countries.
    • Lead the provision and management of State Capability grants to national governments, regional and international technical assistance providers to deliver on State Capability initiative.
    • Contribute to partnership development with national, regional and continental partners [i.e., governments, private sector, multilateral and bilateral partners, civil society] operating in the state capability space.
    • Produce program implementation progress reports (Financial and activities report) as required by the program funders.
    • Design coordination reports and briefings.
    • Review and provide quality assurance on partners’ deliverables.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    • At least Master’s degree in any one of these fields: Agronomy, Sociology, Agriculture and Livestock Sciences, Agricultural Economics, International Development, Public Administration, Economics, Rural Development, OR any other relevant field.
    • At least 5 years of professional experience linked to the provision of high-level policy advice/ technical support in agriculture and rural development.
    • Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing agricultural policies, agricultural sector plans, and frameworks.
    • Experience in working with multi-stakeholder platforms and processes, or other complex collaboration and partner management platforms across sectors, including agriculture.
    • Experience in coordination and partnership management.
    • Experience in building capacity of government and private sector.
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and experience in working with a wide range of individuals in government, private sector and civil society.
    • Proficient in program management, program design and M&E.
    • Proficiency in both written and spoken English.
    • Ability to create organizational work plans based on higher-level goals.
    • Deep understanding of the Africa agricultural sector and stakeholders.
    • Excellent communication, analytical and writing skills.
    • Demonstrated experience in resource mobilization.

    How to apply: If you believe you are the right candidate for this position, kindly submit your application with a detailed CV (including your e-mail address and telephone contacts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  noting to quote the job reference number in the subject of your email). To be considered, applications must be received on or before 13th February 2023.

    Deadline: 13 February 2023


    Position: Senior Associate - Agriculture

    Location: Nairobi

    Recruiter / Employer: Busara Center

    About the position: The Senior Associate supports both the advisory and research arms of Busara by leading the execution of Busara projects.

    As the primary project manager and technical lead for all external Busara projects, a Senior Associate quickly gains an expert understanding of the project, challenges, relationships, and research questions and uses best practices and tools, both within and outside Busara to execute to the highest degree, with careful consideration of timelines and budget. They view research problems with a behavioural lens and have good intuition about potential barriers and levers, while drawing on problem-specific and general behavioral science knowledge.

    The Senior Associate works directly with clients and partners and takes ownership of the overall project and its end products.

    The Senior Associate directly manages and effectively coordinates other project staff that work on their project as well as liaise with other Busara teams. This includes strong upward management skills to engage the Project Division’s vice presidents on substantive components of the project.

    The Senior Associate works closely with Busara leaders and directly with researchers, clients and partners to perform a variety of tasks including, but not limited to:


    • Research Design and Execution
    • Design high-quality qualitative, quantitative or experimental research, which takes into account key sampling, instrument, research integrity and ethics, analysis and interventions considerations on a variety of internal and external projects.
    • Incorporate behavioral science into research projects.
    • Leads the design and the iteration of prototypes.
    • Execute the core project responsibilities with the highest degree with respect to creativity, rigor, relevance, detail, and timeliness.
    • Project Oversight and Leadership
    • Maintain an understanding of the high-level engagement, the goals of the clients, partners, and teams within Busara, and continually push the project teams to realign around those goals.
    • Manage the most sensitive or complex projects, typically of medium to large-scale research and advisory projects, end to end, with minimal supervision or support.
    • Engage the leadership team and align on substantive components of the project
    • Lead or support Associates and Analysts to fulfill engagement requirements.
    • Develop and manage execution of project plans, budgets, work plans, and task schedules.
    • Manage resources, financials, and adhere to the project plan throughout the full project life cycle.
    • Monitor, track, and control outcomes to resolve issues, dependencies, and critical path deliverables.
    • Manage project kick-off, on-boarding, and off-boarding for knowledge management.
    • Responsible for project timelines, deliverables, reports, and staffing.
    • Monitor and review project team performance.
    • External Relationship Management
    • Manage higher-level conversations and partnerships with clients and partners.
    • Plan, manage and execute external and internal engagements from start to finish with minimal supervisory engagement.
    • Serve as a point of contact for clients and partners and effectively manage the needs of stakeholders through proactive communication and troubleshooting.
    • Identify opportunities to deepen engagement with clients and partners.
    • Present at conferences, networking events, or client meetings.
    • People Management and Organizational Engagement
    • Ensure the engagement of direct and indirect reports by driving the development and nurture of Busara’s culture and values and oversee efforts related to their well-being
    • Contribute to skills-building for projects’ teams and other teams as required.
    • Manage performance and serve as mentors to Associates, Analysts, and Project team members, as required.
    • Serve as champions for the projects team, manage the team and bring forward all relevant and actionable requests to the leadership team.
    • Maintain team morale and organizational alignment
    • Coordinate hiring and onboarding of Analysts, Interns, and new Associates as needed.
    • Coordinate across teams to ensure healthy work relationships are maintained. Mediate and escalate (to supervisors, people or wellness teams) any issues that require attention.
    • Communicate across organizational teams to ensure a healthy and functioning organization.
    • Contribute to the design, execution, and dissemination of Busara internal research projects and initiatives
    • Perform any other duty as may be assigned by the Engagement Director or equivalent.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

    • A Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Social Sciences, Public Policy, or related fields.
    • Strong qualitative, quantitative, research, and data analytic skills.
    • Proficient project management skills.
    • 2-3 years’ previous work experience in managing projects in a related field.
    • Strong academic behavioral science background.
    • Extensive experience managing large-scale projects in developing countries.
    • Demonstrated ability to manage high-level relationships with partner organizations.
    • Excellent management and organizational skills.
    • Flexible, self-motivating, able to manage multiple tasks efficiently, and a team player.
    • Interest and experience working in a fast-paced working environment.
    • Fluency and excellent communication and writing skills with a mastery of English.
    • Experience working for in a social impact enterprise/org in the global south
    • Ability to execute projects while sustaining a global focus and vision for institutional planning and decision making.

    Desired Qualifications

    • A Master’s degree in Economics, Social Sciences, Public Policy, or related fields is strongly preferred.
    • Experience managing or mentoring staff.
    • Technical understanding and practical experience of randomized controlled trials and/or quasi-experimental designs
    • Technical understanding and practical experience of qualitative research techniques.
    • Experience in applying behavioral science to real-world problems.
    • Proficiency in Stata, R, or Python

    How to apply: Busara Center for Behavioral Economics

    Deadline: 14 February 2023


    Position: Agroecology Specialist

    Location: Loitokitok town , Kajiado, Kenya

    Recruiter / Employer: World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

    About the position: Role Description The Agroecology Specialist role is critical in building sustainable food systems for the communities that WWF and its partners support within the Southern Kenya (SoK) landscape, whilst safeguarding critical wildlife habitats.


    • Lead in the development of a comprehensive agriculture and food implementation plan for the SoK landscape (based on Africa’s Food Future Strategy), including detailed plans to ensure sustainability, in partnership with WWF SOKNOT staff and landscape stakeholders.
    • Lead timely and effective design and implementation of agriculture and sustainable food systems projects/activities/interventions across the SoK landscape, aligning with the SOKNOT landscape strategy and the WWF Africa’s Food Future Initiative (AFFI).
    • In collaboration with the AFFI team, elevate and fast-track the development, piloting and implementation of agroecology and sustainable food systems solutions aimed at increasing production while protecting nature.
    • Support the co-creation of sustainable food production models and, in collaboration with the WWF market team/value chain expert, establishing sustainable supply chain models for existing agricultural crops/commodities;
    • Support the co-creation and establishment of demonstration plots/farms for agroecology-based models; exploring the potential of carbon farming; developing models for food loss management; exploring the potential of voluntary standards and other schemes as sustainability accelerators within the SoK landscape;
    • Work with farming communities on integrated land and water use management models along riverine, forest and grassland ecosystems to develop sustainable farming models;
    • Work with a range of stakeholders across the SoK landscape, including close collaboration with local farming communities, conservancies, partners, and other experts and agencies
    • Support consulting missions related to agriculture and food systems within the SoK landscape;
    • Lead agriculture and livestock-related scoping analyses, baseline reviews and other studies aimed at informing or measuring impact of project activities.
    • Lead on the monitoring and evaluation of agriculture/livestock-related data and reporting of projects, to track performance/impact and adapt as required.
    • Conduct capacity building activities aimed at creating awareness, while facilitating co-learning.
    • Provide appropriate high-level representation for activities with governments, the private sector and NGOs to develop and implement AFFI actions.
    • Provide oversight of project technical and financial management including annual work planning, budgeting and reporting related to agriculture/livestock projects.
    • Assist communities in planning, prioritizing and implementing sustainable production and consumption activities in line with agreed work-plans and objectives.
    • Support communities to gain access to information, resources and opportunities, and to connect with other relevant stakeholders that are likely to empower them to manage conservation resources more effectively.
    • Support fundraising and fund tracking efforts for the agriculture/livestock projects/activities, in collaboration with the WWF-Kenya, leadership.
    • In collaboration with relevant WWF-Kenya Staff and partners, measure the amount of benefits (including non-monetary) that households and community members accrue from agriculture/livestock projects.
    • On behalf of WWF, establish good working relationships with local communities and their leaders, and endeavour to uphold the reputation of WWF.
    • Liaise closely with other Programmes of WWF-Kenya and the WWF Network in identifying sustainable production and consumption models and ideas that can be replicated and adapted to priority landscapes globally.
    • Share and document learnings to support the wider development of resilient community livelihoods in the region and globally.
    • Ensure implementation of activities is in line with respective donor grants, expectations, planned outcomes and report to key stakeholders, including the preparation of progress reports to donors as required.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:


    • A university Bachelors degree in the field of agricultural sciences / agronomy / food systems / natural resource management or related field. A relevant Master’s degree is an added advantage.


    • A minimum of 5 years of active engagement and experience of working with local rural communities on agriculture and sustainable production.

    Key Skills / Competencies

    • Experience in developing and implementing agriculture and sustainable food systems related projects, preferably in a natural-resource context.
    • Skilled in financial and planning, managing large budgets and project management.
    • Familiarity with the dynamics and key issues related to agriculture and food systems in Kenya.
    • Understanding of factors related to the agriculture- conservation nexus.
    • Ability to work effectively in a multicultural and diverse setting.
    • Understanding of and experience supporting gender and climate change issues is a must.
    • Experience dealing with power differentials and inequalities within and across communities is desirable.
    • Ability to build good relationships and work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders in a respectful, participatory manner.
    • Experience engaging with ‘hard to reach’ members of society is desirable.
    • Experience working with communities to support natural resource management and agriculture.
    • Experience with participatory (action) research and co-creation of conservation initiatives with a wide range of stakeholders is highly desirable.
    • Ability to organize and host community meetings, with strong diplomatic skills.
    • A command of written and spoken English and spoken Swahili; knowledge of Masai community is highly desirable and an added advantage.
    • Understanding of socio-economic and cultural aspects of wildlife conservation, including drivers of human-wildlife conflict, poaching and habitat degradation.
    • Experience with qualitative and quantitative social science research methods, including surveys, semi-structured interviews, focus groups, research on sensitive topics and their analysis; understanding of research ethics.
    • Self-driven with a proactive approach to problem solving.
    • Demonstrated ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks.
    • Ability to work with minimal supervision and as part of a team.
    • Frequent field trips away from assigned location, potentially overnight and during weekends.
    • Ability to communicate effectively (written and verbal) with a wide range of collaborators/audiences, including proven ability to write project and donor reports.
    • High levels of computer literacy; competent use of Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint and Word).
    • Commitment to WWF and its mission.

    How to apply: Please Click Here to apply for the role.

    Deadline: 10 February 2023  


    Position: Africa Blue Carbon Specialist

    Location: Lamu or Mombasa - Kenya

    Recruiter / Employer: Africa Blue

    About the position: The Africa Blue Carbon Specialist will lead the technical design, implementation, field management, and analysis of projects. The position will report to the Africa Forest Carbon Catalyst Director and work closely with the Africa Fisheries Strategy Manager, other global, regional, and local staff. The location for this position is Lamu or Mombasa in Kenya. No relocation or visa sponsorship or assistance is being offered with this position except for local labour employment requirements. This is an initial 2-year term-limited position with an extension of tenure subject to performance and availability of funds.


    Specific Roles And Responsibility Scope Include

    Conduct Science

    • Develop and implement NCS research, especially in the context of mangrove, blue carbon, and restoration/conservation activities.
    • Perform fieldwork including ecosystem, carbon and/or co-benefit assessments, and field monitoring, working with local communities on data and knowledge collection.
    • Lead and support the establishment of a MEL plan that provides knowledge to develop conservation strategies.
    • Develop, clean, analyze, and maintain relevant spatial and non-spatial datasets, and share data and results with colleagues and partners.
    • Prepare program materials including presentations, memos, scientific journal articles, and other communications and train others in project-relevant topics and skills.

    Build Partnerships

    • Develop strategic partnerships with relevant agencies, academic partners, conservation organizations, and/or the private sector.
    • Represent TNC at priority meetings and on committees where technical input is required.
    • Ensure program compliance with internal policies and external requirements.
    • Grow with the Team
    • May facilitate engagement with stakeholders to support establishment of blue carbon projects, including designing, preparing, implementing, and evaluating workshops, meetings, and events.
    • May provide support to include NCS science and MEL content in priority grant proposals.
    • May supervise volunteers, interns, contractors, or temporary staff.
    • May work flexible schedule and travel frequently throughout the region. Works independently, working with supervisor as needed.
    • May work over the weekends, in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, in hazardous terrain and under physically demanding circumstances.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    What You'll Bring

    • BA/BS degree in biology, environmental science, climate, environmental engineering, natural resource management or related field and 5 years’ experience in natural resource management or related field, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
    • Familiarity with issues related to nature-based solutions to climate change.
    • Experience collecting, manipulating, analysing, and interpreting scientific data.
    • Experience preparing reports of findings.
    • Experience working with local communities, partners, government agencies, and the private sector.
    • Experience communicating with the public and/or media both in spoken and written English.
    • Good project management skills to support the development and implementation of workplans, grants, contracts, and project budgets

    Desired Qualifications

    • Multi-language skills and multi-cultural or cross-cultural experience appreciated.
    • Master’s degree in a related field and 3-5 years experience in conservation practice or equivalent combination of education/experience.
    • Experience with mangrove ecology and mangrove conservation and restoration.
    • Experience with statistical analysis and/or remote sensing.
    • Knowledge of voluntary carbon standards and the project development cycle process.
    • Blue carbon analysis, accounting, and/or expertise in developing Blue Carbon credits, especially in mangroves or other marine habitats.
    • Experience with Measures, Evaluation, and Learning constructs and implementation.
    • Intimate knowledge of and sensitivity with local and in-country social, economic, and political conditions and issues.
    • Experience identifying key stakeholders and building and maintaining strategic partnerships.
    • Experience coordinating complex projects in a decentralized organization, working across teams, operating units, and functions to achieve optimal results.
    • Experience in taking initiative and working independently or with minimal oversight.
    • Willingness and ability to undertake extended periods of field travel (at least 40%) domestically and internationally.

    How to apply: Africa Blue Carbon Specialist

    Deadline: 13 February 2023


    Position: Kenya Extension and Aggregation Supervisor

    Location: Embu. Murang'a, Nyeri. Meru, Kirinyaga Counties

    Recruiter / Employer: One Acre Fund

    About the position: One Acre Fund Kenya is transitioning from a startup to a mature operation – and we need staff members to continue our growth trajectory.

    The mandate of the Market Access team is to start up agribusinesses that work for smallholder farmers, focusing on high-value crops such as macadamia and avocados. As an Extension and Aggregation Supervisor, you will manage a team of officers and their interactions with farmers. You will be reporting to the E & A coordinator in the Market Access team.

    Benefits: Health insurance paid time off


    • Develop knowledge of the standard market requirements
    • Onboard new officers and delegate the responsibility accordingly to the region and the assigned tasks.
    • Handel and guide a team of 5 to 10 officers to run successful operations in Macadamia and Avocado crops.
    • Monitor the performance of officers through digital tools
    • Hold weekly team meetings to resolve issues, celebrate successes and set priorities for the week
    • Mentor staff on their management of farmers and technical knowledge.
    • Make daily field visits to ensure information is accurate and officers are meeting expectations.
    • Input and update the reports promptly.
    • Analyze data and feedback from the field, relay issues and solutions the to HQ team
    • Coordinate sourcing from smallholder farmers and work with stakeholders based on the given SOPs.
    • Coordinate and work on the Global GAP certification process for the team.

    Career Growth and Development

    We have a strong culture of constant learning and we invest in developing our people. You’ll have weekly check-ins with your manager, access to mentorship and training programs, and regular feedback on your performance. We hold career reviews every six months and set aside time to discuss your aspirations and career goals. You’ll have the opportunity to shape a growing organization and build a rewarding long-term career.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    • 2+ years of work experience in a related field, including management of a team or field staff
    • Knowledge of the avocado/ Macadamia value chain (e.g. fruit varieties, quality, seasonality) is appreciated
    • A track record in planning field activities and troubleshooting issues
    • Ability to coordinate teams for harvesting and sourcing from smallholders
    • Passionate about serving smallholder farmers
    • Coaching skills to develop junior team members
    • National ID Card
    • Minimum Education; Bachelor in Agriculture and Business management, or related field
    • Language: English, Kiswahili required

    How to apply: BrighterMonday

    Deadline: 24 February 2023


    Position: Chief Scientist - Biodiversity

    Location: Nairobi County

    Recruiter / Employer: Wildlife Works

    About the position: Wildlife Works seeks to recruit a Chief Biodiversity Scientist supporting all our Biodiversity Research, Monitoring and Conservation who will work under the functional guidance of the Global Director of Conservation. The Chief Scientist-Biodiversity will primarily spearhead, provide leadership and support on issues related to biodiversity research, monitoring and conservation for Wildlife Works’ growing REDD+ (and related) portfolio across Africa, Asia and Latin America. The successful applicant will be responsible for designing Wildlife Works’ biodiversity-related research and conservation strategies and provide advisory support all through the implementation of for all REDD+ (and related) projects globally. S/he will also support the Global Director of Conservation in activities related to research, documentation, dissemination and outreach, and policy development on all biodiversity matters. This role requires a dynamic team player with broad understanding of biodiversity-related matters, excellent analytical skills, the ability to support multiple initiatives simultaneously, and experience working globally across cultural, geographic and time zone boundaries. S/he shall be expected to be flexible and work within the existing structures, professionally and ethically with competence, accountability and integrity. Preference will be given to candidates in Vermont, US or Nairobi, Kenya.


    • Define, design and support execution of all Wildlife Works’ biodiversity-related strategies for all REDD+ (and related) projects globally, under guidance from Wildlife Works’ Global Director of Conservation. This involves evaluating various survey methods and monitoring protocols to determine the most suitable ones for each project objective or target species considering scientific rigour, cost, ease-of-execution, and replicability
    • Support Wildlife Works’ projects’ validation and verification audits, particularly ensuring the soundness of the biodiversity-related sections of all project design documents and/or monitoring reports, plus helping resolve biodiversity impact-related questions from clients or auditors under guidance from the Global Director of Conservation and VP for Carbon Development
    • Write, and/or support the writing of, concise and informative internal reports plus scientific, peer-reviewed publications, including dissemination of lessons learned and contributions to best practices on biodiversity matters from all Wildlife Works’ projects globally for research, knowledge and learning purposes
    • Link with relevant REDD+ or biodiversity-related policy processes internationally, regionally or nationally, e.g., CBD, IFC Performance Standards and World Bank Safeguards, to ensure Wildlife Works’ interests, opinions and positions on MRV related to biodiversity are articulated in the best way
    • Develop and maintain professional networks, including research organisations, NGOs and relevant public agencies, build research partnerships and propel biodiversity research and monitoring excellence at Wildlife Works
    • Support desk research and/or rapid reconnaissance field visits to prospective REDD+ (and related) projects globally whenever needed, describing their biodiversity profiles (High Conservation Values) including key drivers of forest loss and potential impacts, plus screening for potential environmental and biological impacts and risks
    • As appropriate, seek strategic co-funding and grants for undertaking offshoot and/or student biodiversity research that augments core business research work
    • Represent Wildlife Works in various local and international meetings and forums.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    • Master’s or higher degree (PhD a distinct advantage) in an environmental- or biological-related field including natural resources, wildlife management, environmental or animal science and management, or other relevant field
    • A minimum of five years’ work experience post-MSc (preferably international and/or with clear application) in academia, the private sector, a development research organisation, or other institution undertaking research, monitoring, and/or impact assessment
    • Experience with undertaking large, multi-taxa biodiversity (both flora and fauna) research and conservation projects including interfacing with external partners, donors, local communities, and public agencies
    • Good understanding of biodiversity survey and monitoring standards, principles and frameworks, impact assessments, and risk-based approaches for biodiversity conservation
    • Demonstrated familiarity with biological impacts of various drivers of forest loss and mitigation options including Payment for Ecosystem Services
    • Demonstrated ability for organising, carrying out and guiding biological fieldwork in remote locations, involving long-term engagement with local authorities and communities
    • High level of proficiency with MS Office Suite (including Access) and other core research programs like mapping (ArcMap or QGIS), statistics (SPSS, R or similar), project management tools and other specialised tools (like SMART, Distance, Wrike, MIRADI etc)
    • Experience with undertaking systematic reviews, meta-analyses, or other forms of evidence synthesis
    • Excellent research, analytical, and writing skills, both popular and scientific, with high levels of attention to detail
    • Candidate should be fluent in English and have a near-native level of either French or Spanish; a working knowledge of Spanish will be a distinct advantage.
    • Strong organisational skills, with a high degree of cultural sensitivity and creative ability to navigate unforeseen complexities
    • Excellent interpersonal skills, able to communicate with interdisciplinary colleagues and external stakeholders and partners, across a multicultural professional environment
    • Good leadership skills, assertiveness, ability to take initiative and work within deadlines
    • Ability to work productively on both independent research assignments and in a team
    • Sound judgment and decision-making skills, including proactive problem-solving
    • Flexibility to work long hours, including weekends and public holidays, especially when working with colleagues and partners across different time zones
    • Willingness to travel

    How to apply: Chief Scientist - Biodiversity at Wildlife Works

    Deadline: 10 February 2023 


    Position: Fisheries Specialist – Western Indian Ocean (WIO)

    Location: Nairobi

    Recruiter / Employer: The Nature Conservancy

    About the position: The position will manage projects and provide technical and scientific support for elements of TNC’s Africa Fisheries Strategy. The position supports the coordination and implementation of priority projects and acts as a technical resource on sustainable fisheries and community-led conservation. The position will apply a diversified knowledge of fisheries-related scientific principles and practices to a broad variety of assignments, from research, analysis and writing, capacity building, strategy development, project coordination and management support, and engagement with private sector seafood actors and traceability systems.


    • Providing project management support, leading desk-based research and analyses, and co-leading local and international training workshops with country programs.
    • Participating in, and providing technical support towards strengthening or building successful community-led governance models (e.g. fisheries Beach Management Units, Community Conservancies, Community Forest Associations, Shehia Fisher Committees, fisher cooperatives, etc) for sustainable fisheries and coastal management
    • Supporting establishment and implementation of locally managed marine areas and community-based natural resource management plans
    • Supporting creation of incentives that drive community benefits, sustainable management and livelihoods that build lasting support for conservation.
    • Providing team support, technical information, and assisting in coordination of key fisheries projects in priority areas in Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles, South Africa and the greater WIO region.
    • Supporting development, reporting and management of the Africa Fisheries Strategy.
    • Building partnerships and working with fishermen and fishing communities, internal and external scientists, and with seafood industries and NGO partners to enhance collaboration and synergy in implementation of the Conservancy’s Africa Ocean Protection and Resilience Strategy.
    • Foster cross-project learning and strengthen a Community of Practice for the sharing of best practices and lessons learned for adaptive management.
    • Support development of program-level Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework for the fisheries and coastal community-led conservation initiatives.
    • Help develop and manage work plans and large project budgets
    • May involve working in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain, and under physically demanding circumstances.
    • The position will involve frequent travel domestically and internationally, evening and weekend hours.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    What You'll Bring

    • BA/BS degree in natural resources management, conservation, or another related field of study with 5 years of related work experience in conservation practice, project management, policy, fundraising or other related experience.
    • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in community-led conservation, fisheries management, and marine science and conservation
    • Experience conducting or working on fisheries-related scientific research, ecosystem interactions and coastal zone management.
    • Experience in developing supportive and collaborative partnerships with other non-profits, community groups and/or government agencies.
    • Excellent communication skills via written, spoken, and graphical means in English and other relevant languages.
    • Knowledge of key actors and current trends, threats to fisheries and marine biodiversity in the WIO, and practices related to management and protection at a national and regional scales.
    • Strong technical writing and data analytical skills, interpretation, and presentation of information to a broad range of audiences and stakeholders.
    • Experience in analyzing data and using statistical packages such as Excel and other analysis tools

    Desired Qualifications: 

    • Advanced degree and 10 years’ experience in conservation practice or equivalent combination of education and experience
    • Demonstrated knowledge and experience working with coastal fishing communities.
    • Multi-lingual skills and multi-cultural experience are appreciated. Fluency in Swahili is an added advantage.
    • Willingness and ability to undertake extended periods of field travel (at least 40%) domestically and internationally.
    • Politically savvy.

    How to apply: Fisheries Specialist – Western Indian Ocean (WIO)

    Deadline: 13 February 2023

    Position: Agricultural Officer, Job Group ‘K’ (4 posts)-employment opportunities

    Location: Kericho

    Recruiter / Employer: Kericho Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperative Management

    Duties & Responsibilities: 

    Reporting to the Sub County Agricultural Officer the duties and responsibilities will entail; -

    i. Coordinating one of the following areas; crop production, land development, agricultural extension and project management, 

    ii. Management of information desks within a division.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have:

    A Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in any of the following fields: Food Science, Home Economics, Agriculture, Horticulture, Agriculture Economics, Natural Resource Management, Agribusiness, Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Education, or any other relevant and equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.

    How to apply: Kericho County Public Service Board (PSBKERICHO)

    Deadline: 20-February-2023


    Position: Livestock Production Officer, Job Group ‘K’ (2 posts)-employment opportunities

    Location: Kericho County

    Recruiter / Employer: Kericho Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperative Management


    Reporting to the Sub County Livestock Production Officer the duties and responsibilities will entail; -

    (i) Preparing livestock technical information

    (ii) Providing technical advice in animal production, livestock marketing, range management, apiculture, and ranching; promoting economic livestock farming

    (iii) Participating in organizing extension activities which include field days, agricultural shows, field demonstrations, farmer field schools, and farm visits

    (iv) Participating in collaborative research activities

    (v) Disseminating livestock production technologies such as the construction of livestock housing and structures, milk production, pasture and fodder production and conservation, farm planning, gross margin analysis, on-farm feed formulation

    (vi) Implementing livestock production programs/projects in such areas as dairy cattle farming, beef cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, Poultry, rabbits, camels, donkeys breeding programs, fodder Production, and conservation, value addition to livestock Products, apiculture, emerging livestock and other animal Husbandry interventions

    (vii) Capturing, maintaining and storing livestock data.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    For appointment to this grade, candidates must have: -

    i. Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines: - Animal Science, Animal Production, Agriculture, Agribusiness, Range Management, Natural Resource Management, Livestock/Agricultural Economics, Dairy Technology, or Agricultural Education and Extension from a recognized Institution; 

    ii. Certificate in computer applications.

    How to apply: Kericho County Public Service Board (PSBKERICHO)

    Deadline: 20-February-2023


    Position: Assistant Fisheries Officer III, Job Group ‘H’ (1 post)-employment opportunities

    Location: Kericho County

    Recruiter / Employer: Kericho Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperative Management


    Reporting to the Sub County Fisheries Officer the duties and responsibilities will entail; -

    i) Assisting in delivering fisheries extensions services including conducting field days and training fishers

    ii) Collecting and compiling fisheries statistical data

    iii) Participating in fish quality assurance activities and marketing.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    i) Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education mean grade C (plain) or its equivalent from a recognized institution;

    ii) Diploma in either Fisheries Management, Natural Resource Management or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution; and

    iii) Certificate in computer applications from a recognized institution.

    How to apply: Kericho County Public Service Board (PSBKERICHO)

    Deadline: 20-February-2023

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    Position: Animal Health Assistant II

    Location: Kericho County

    Recruiter / Employer: Kericho Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperative Management


    Reporting to the Sub County Veterinary Officer the duties and responsibilities will entail; -

    • Carrying out simple treatment of animals; participating in disease search and reporting;
    • Demonstrating milking techniques and external parasite control techniques such as dipping, spraying, and dusting;
    • Carrying out vaccination; and
    • Undertaking closed castration, dehorning, de-worming, disbudding, docking, debeaking, and hoof trimming.
    • A certificate in meat inspection from a recognized institution will be an added advantage.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    For appointment to this grade, an Officer must-

    • A Certificate lasting not less than two (2) years in any of the following disciplines: Animal Health, Environmental Health, Animal health and Production from a recognized institution.

    How to apply: Animal Health Assistant II

    Deadline: 20 February 2023 


    Position: Veterinary Officer I jobs

    Location: Kericho County

    Recruiter / Employer: Kericho Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperative Management


    Reporting to the Sub County Veterinary Officer the duties and responsibilities will entail; -

    • Undertaking disease control activities such as disease search, vaccination, and enforcement of livestock movement regulations;
    • Participating in the training of stakeholders in vector control programs;
    • Treating sick animals; advising on good veterinary practices;
    • Collecting' data and preparing reports on animal health, products, and markets;
    • Providing advice on animal breeding and welfare;
    • Undertaking post-mortem examination and other diagnostic tests.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    For appointment to this grade, a candidate must. –

    • Be in possession of a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) Degree from a recognized institution;
    • Be registered by the Kenya Veterinary Board; and
    • Have a Certificate in computer applications from a recognized institution.

    How to apply: Kericho County Public Service Board

    Deadline: 20 February 2023 


    Position: Assistant Livestock Production Officer III

    Location: Kericho County

    Recruiter / Employer: Kericho Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperative Management


    Reporting to the Sub County Livestock Production Officer the duties and responsibilities will entail; -

    • Carrying out practical demonstrations relating to livestock production;
    • Accompanying extension teams during farm visits and farmer training;
    • Participating in field days and agricultural shows to disseminate livestock production technologies and information;
    • Collecting and collating livestock data and information for gross margins, market access, and planning;
    • Participating in collaborative research activities; collecting Livestock inputs and products samples for analysis;
    • Advising farmers on group formation, and construction of farm structures and equipment.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have: -

    • Diploma in any of the following fields:- Animal Production, Dairy Science and Technology, Animal Science, Agribusiness, Animal Health and Production, Farm Management, Apiculture, or Range/Natural Resource Management from a recognised Training Institution;
    • Certificate in computer applications.

    How to apply: Assistant Livestock Production Officer III

    Deadline: 20 February 2023


    Position: Assistant Agricultural Officer III

    Location: Kericho County

    Recruiter / Employer: Kericho Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperative Management


    Reporting to the Sub County Agricultural Officer the duties and responsibilities will entail; 

    Training and advising farmers on matters related to Crop Production, Land Development, planning, and management of demonstration Plots.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    For appointment to this grade, an Officer must have: -

    • Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education [KCSE] mean grade C or its equivalent;
    • A Diploma in any of the following fields: Agriculture, Food Technology, Agriculture and Home Economics, Agricultural Education, Horticulture or any other relevant and equivalent qualification from a recognized Institution.

    How to apply: Assistant Agricultural Officer III

    Deadline: 20 February 2023


    Position: Agricultural Officer

    Location: Kericho County

    Recruiter / Employer: Kericho Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperative Management


    Reporting to the Sub County Agricultural Officer the duties and responsibilities will entail; -

    • Coordinating one of the following areas; crop production, land development, agricultural extension, and project management,
    • Management of information desks within a division.

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements: 

    For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have:

    • A Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in any of the following fields: Food Science, Home Economics, Agriculture, Horticulture, Agriculture Economics, Natural Resource Management, Agribusiness, Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Education, or any other relevant and equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.

    How to apply: Agricultural Officer

    Deadline: 20 February 2023 


    Position: County Chief Officers - Agriculture, Irrigation, and Food Security

    Location: Lamu County

    Recruiter / Employer: Lamu County Public Service Board


    • The County Chief Officer shall be the Accounting and Authorized Officer in a specific County Department in a respect of the exercise of delegated power;
    • The County Chief Officer shall be Authorized Officer in the County Department and shall be responsible to the respective County Executive Committee Member for the administration of the County Department as provided under Section 46 of the County Governments Act, 2012;
    • Formulation and implementation of effective programs to attain Vision 2030 and Sector Goals;
    • Development and implementation of Strategic Plans and Sector Development Plans;
    • Implementation of Policies and Regulations;
    • Providing Strategic policy direction for effective service delivery;
    • Ensuring compliance with the National Values and Principles of good governance as outlined in Articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution of Kenya; and
    • Performing any other duties as may be assigned by the Governor from time to time

    Education/ Work Experience Requirements:

    • Be a Kenyan citizen;
    • Have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field from a university recognized in Kenya;
    • Ten (10) years of the general experience of which five (5) years’ experience in a managerial position in the Public or Private Sector;
    • Be conversant with the Constitution of Kenya and all the devolution laws;
    • Be a strategic thinker and result-oriented;
    • Demonstrate understanding of County Development objectives and Vision 2030;
    • Have good communication, organizational and interpersonal skills;
    • Have the capacity to work under pressure to meet timelines;
    • Have the capacity to work in a multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity;
    • Demonstrate understanding and commitment to the values and principles as outlined in articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution of Kenya; and
    • Be computer literate.

    How to apply: 

    Qualified and interested candidates should download and fill out the job application form provided on our website together with the required documents and send it to;

    The Secretary,

    Lamu County Public Service Board,

    P.O.Box 536-80500,


    Applicants must attach photocopies of the following documents:

    1. National Identity Card
    2. Academic, Professional Certificates, and Testimonials.
    3. Copies of clearance certificates from:
    4. Higher Education Loans Board (HELB); Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA); Criminal Investigation
    5. Department (CID); Ethics and Anti –Corruption Commission (EACC); and Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) and respective professional bodies.
    6. Any other relevant supporting documents

    Important information

    • The applications should reach the County Public Service Board on or before 24th February 2023
    • Those with Degrees from foreign Universities should attach proof of accreditation from the Commission for University Education
    • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted
    • Canvasing in any form will lead to automatic disqualification.
    • Youth, Women, and persons with special needs are encouraged to apply

    Deadline: 24 February 2023 

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    By George Munene

    Dutch hybrid potato breeding technology company Solynta and FreshCrop Limited, Kenya’s largest producer of seed tubers, have signed an agreement to collaborate on the development of hybrid true potato seedlings to put an end to the shortage of clean planting material in the region.

    The company aims to give farmers access to disease-free seed tubers grown from Solynta’s non-GMO breeding technology. These can be grown with specific beneficial traits and optimize their yield considerably, with limited risk.

    The partnership will allow FreshCrop to not be reliant on existing potato genetics by having access to new, robust potato varieties from hybrid true potato seed.

    Related News: Potato varieties in Kenya and their characteristics

    Related News: Potato research center introduces late blight resistant CIP-Matilde

    “Existing potato diseases diminish yield and affect the overall potato quality considerably. We are continuously looking for new ways to provide our customers with solutions to their problems,” Chris Gasperi, founder, and CEO of FreshCrop, said in a news release. “We are currently working very closely with Solynta to ensure FreshCrop brings the most innovative and adapted products to its customers in the Kenyan market.”

    FreshCrop noted that it had the production and distribution infrastructure in place to facilitate easy and fast distribution of clean starting material to the rural communities of Kenya, meaning all farmers can benefit, even in the most remote areas. 

    Related News: Potato growers use thermal imagery to produce potatoes with less water

    Linking the Solynta innovative seed technology with FreshCrops distribution network, the companies noted, will make the local potato supply chain more efficient, sustainable, and flexible.

    “We strongly believe in empowering local farming communities by providing clean high quality starting material that is adapted to local growing conditions. We believe we can add value to local farmers with the introduction of specific genetic traits that are tailored to the Kenyan climate and soil,” Charles Miller, Solynta’s director of business development, said.

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