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    Amiran’s annual yard sale will be taking place from 31st October to 1st November giving farmers discounts of up to 70 per cent on selected items. These will include seeds, chemicals, biogas and irrigation systems and greenhouse items.

    The second such yard sale from the farm input and agri-consultancy provider will also feature communication equipment from Amiran Communications.

    The yard sale will be held at the manufacturer’s facilities at Old Airport North road off Mombasa road.

    To work out ways you can place off-site orders on the day or any queries you might have, reach out to Amiran on their toll-free line; 0800720720  

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    By George Munene

    A multifunctional crop thresher serves as an innovative solution sparing farmers long hours and energy spent shelling cereals and pulses such as maize, beans, green grams, wheat, sorghum, millet and chia. As a one-off cost, it is also a great investment to the expensive repeat hiring of casual labourers and ensurers grains are shelled and stored on time avoiding post-harvest losses which account for cereals, legumes and pulses losses of up to 20 per cent in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    The basic, easy to use machine runs on a three or five horsepower electric motor (depending on the workload) or a 200 cc petroleum engine and is able to shell 150-100 kilograms worth of dried produce in under an hour.

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    The petroleum driven engine consumes slightly less than ½ liter of petrol for an hour’s worth of work.

    “The machine is intuitive, making its operation easy for any farmer and apart from regular greasing, requires little in the way of maintenance," explains George  Mwao of Benmwao Machinery and construction.

    The multifunctional crop thresher imported in from China costs Sh70,000-50,000, with the electric motor driven thresher costing slightly more than the one running on petrol.

    Benmwao Machinery Services: 0724724960

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