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    hello tractor

    By George Munene

    The Hello Tractor platform is an innovative tool for tractor owners and farmers that helps track all their tractor(s)’ activities remotely, enabling them to easily manage their fleet. 

    Through the Hello Tractor app, tractor owners can hire out their tractors at a fee. This allows small scale who do not own tractors to book them as agri-mechanization service providers.

    Founded in 2014 by social entrepreneur and CEO Jehiel Oliver, Hello Tractor is an award-winning IoT platform that has been in the Kenyan marketplace for three years but started commercial operations officially in 2019.

    “With 300 farmers already onboarded, the reception thus far has been great. Tractor owners now have a platform that can provide them with data that allows them to manage their tractors. They are also able to earn from providing services to farmers. Farmers for their part have access to affordable mechanization services they can rely on,” said Kelvin Murithi of Volcano Growers, a Hello Tractor Partner.

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    It has enabled small-scale farmers to be able to mechanise their farming; preparing their farms in time with the proper equipment which in turn increases their yield.

    Tractor owners for their part are able to more efficiently manage their fleet which saves them money. 

    For booking agents, there is a commission earned every time they request services on behalf of farmers.

    Once a tractor is fitted with the monitoring device it is then onboarded onto the Hello Tractor App. This application allows the owner to manage their fleet; they get reports on tractor activities, alerts, and indicators on tractor movements, as well as reporting and analytics on tractor and fleet engine hours, working area, and work time. 

    The tractor’s performance is also measured; cumulative work area with accompanying land maps and work time as well as informing on the tractor’s uptime/efficiency. 

    Addedly, a farmer can get booked for ploughing jobs using the Hello Tractor App which supplements their income.

    Other features include an exact update on fuel usage, with alerts in case of a sudden drop in fuel levels. 

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    There's also a tractor immobilization feature that allows the owner to remotely turn off the tractor. They can geofence the tractor to work on specified regions and create an alert that notifies them when the tractor leaves the area. They can then immobilise the tractor if this is not adhered to.

    The tractor owner can even download work reports for a select time period.

    The Hello Tractor device is charged a one-time fee of Sh12,100. The entire bouquet costs Sh 34,100--an annual subscription fee of Sh  22,000 and the device’s fee and its installation.

    It is available in all major towns across Kenya.

    Hello Tractor: 0720402693 


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    jab planter automatic

    By George Munene

    A Ngara company is offering country-wide delivery of double-barreled seed and fertilizer planters that enable quicker, cheaper and easier standing planting. A jab planter can sow 8000-10 000 sq m per day--an efficiency rate that is four to five times faster than conventional planting methods. 

    The planter can be used for both seeding and applying fertilizer concurrently and is available for Sh4500.

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    Double barrel jab seed planters have an adjustable planting depth and seed quantity that is adjustable and can be used to sow large plots quickly and easily. This lessens seasonal planting hustle for farmers as well as reducing their planting cost as less time is spent on seeding and fertiliser application.

    Jab planter

    The tool needs planting soils to be loose and cultivated, it is especially effective in sandy soils and is best suitable for seeds such as maize, beans and peas. It can also be used to disperse selective fertilizers together. 

    The planter has spring-loaded tips that are pushed for seeds and fertilizer to be deposited automatically into loose soil. 

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    It is not meant for small seeds and may be uneconomical for farmers looking to sow smaller plots of land. It takes a basic level of mechanical ability to adjust the planter.

    Hand planters are especially popular on farms in Asia.


    For more information and inquiries: 0702584146 

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    photo bateau asobo 1

    By George Munene

    ASOBO, a Mbita based start-up founded in 2019 leverages electric engine power that reduces the daily cost of operating fishing boats by around 25 per cent.

    Given the upfront cost of purchasing the electric motors are high; the company offers the e-boarders as a long-term rental with the daily rental rates on average lower than what fishers currently spend. This enables them to save money in the long run.

    Included will also be the full financing of the system, daily recharging of the batteries, all necessary maintenance and repairs, training of boat owners and crew and a 24/7 helpline with rescue back-up.

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    Speaking to How we made it in Africa company co-founder Laurens Friso explains; “The primary issue for the consumers is cost, and fuel is by far the biggest contributor. Fishers have very little leverage when buying petrol or diesel. There is also a high degree of unreliability and maintenance expense that comes with a traditional petrol or diesel engines, along with a high upfront cost. With our electric engines, the daily cost is on average around 25 per cent cheaper, and our service model means the costs are a lot more predictable, which makes things a lot easier if, for example, there is a bad catch on a particular day.”

    Using electric outboard engines – e-Boarders – powered by renewable energy also improves the livelihoods of people depending on Lake Victoria by greatly reducing harmful emissions and pollutants of the lake’s ecosystem. This is especially important given 76 per cent of the lake’s fish species are threatened by extinction which will have a bearing on the livelihoods of 30-50 million people.

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    Fishermen are able to acquire the electric outboard engines on a pay-as-you-go basis. Their incomes the company points out will increase as tens of thousands of small-scale fishers in Lake Victoria often waste money on inefficient, inconvenient, unreliable, and highly polluting petrol outboard engines. The electric-powered engines promise predictability, reliability, and affordability, whilst being comfortable and safe.

    The e-boats run on 24-3500 battery with 3.5 kWh that comes with a backup service in case anything goes wrong. They are developed by Torqeedo, a German global leader in developing electric outboard motors.

    Phone: +254 114 833 688

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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