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    New platform helps link avocado farmers to local and export buyers

    avocado society of kenya

    By George Munene

    Avo Pesa is a new platform that connects avocado farmers to local and international avocado buyers. Founded by The Avocado Society of Kenya (ASOK), a registered association for avocado growers, exporters, and other value chain players, Avo Pesa will help streamline marketing inefficiency within the avocado sector by connecting farmers directly to large scale buyers, improving the long-term profitability of avocado agribusiness in Kenya.

    “All farmers do is register on ASOK’s website, giving their name, contact details, and location. Their expected harvests and offer price as well as the avocado variety, ” explained Newton Maina, a company executive, and agronomist.

    The platform also registers both local and international avocado buyers. 

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    More farmers are setting their sights on avocado farming as the fruit’s profits continue to soar. Data from the Horticultural Crops Directorate showed that avocados made up half of fruit exports in Kenya, with the country being among the top five global producers of the fruit in 2020. 72,000 tons of avocados were exported last year, up from 59,000 tons the previous year earning avocado farmers and exporters Sh15 billion dollars.

    “Until the end of the season we will be experiencing a seller’s market and farmers should capitalise on this depressed avocado supply,” Maina said. 

    Avocado prices are at their lowest at the start of their harvest; between February and March. 

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    The Avocado Society of Kenya’s membership encompasses growers, exporters, government entities, and private sector players. So far the firm has onboarded 8,571 growers, 155 corporate members, 25 international members, and exports the fruit to 7 major international destinations. 

    Farmers can access Avo Pesa here: Farmer sell request

    Buyers can access Avo Pesa here: Buy Kenya avocados

    The Avocado Society of Kenya: 0722292360

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