FarmBiz Society open for members


In January 2020, FarmBizAfrica is opening its new business club for entrepreneurial farmers, providing free and subsidised business support.

To help your business soar, FarmBiz Society provides:

FarmBiz Society has been designed to ensure every member earns far more in benefits than they pay for their membership: the point is that together we can do more and earn more.

It costs Sh3,600 to join FarmBiz Society for one year. You will receive your membership number, membership card and membership guide, as well as your personal log-in and private online account on the FarmBiz Society members’ website.

To join FarmBiz Society, click here.

You can also join FarmBiz Society for free if you successfully recruit eight new members to the society. Your membership will be activated once your eight recruited members have all joined. From that point, you will be a full FarmBiz Society member and eligible for all the benefits of FarmBiz Society, the same as any fully paid member.

FarmBiz Society members can also become FarmBiz Society agents, once they have joined, and earn Sh400 for each member they recruit. Their agency payment is made within two days of their recruited member joining the society.