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    Nakuru company recruiting organic compost makers


    By George Munene

    A Na­k­uru based com­pany, Gri­in­com com­posters, is look­ing to re­cruit and train, in­di­vidu­als in com­post mak­ing. With the pro­gram set to be rolled out in all 47 counties in Kenya, it is sched­uled to begin from the 14th of Novem­ber that will cost par­ti­cipants Sh20,000.

    The com­pany which has been in op­er­a­tion for seven years provides farm­ers with train­ing on util­ising local re­sources in the mak­ing of com­post and ways of im­prov­ing crop pro­duc­tion as well as pest man­age­ment. “The drive be­hind this pro­gram is to cut on the costs of trans­port­a­tion of or­ganic fer­til­isers across the coun­try from our base in Na­k­uru,” Mar­tin Waweru, one of the com­pany’s founders ex­plains.

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    The ma­ter­i­als that will be re­quired to com­post not less than 1.2 tonnes are:

    Com­post­ing Space

    Open field or green­house space, 10x20 meters, ex­posed to dir­ect to sun­light.

    An­imal Waste

    • Cattle ma­nure (two tonnes)
    • Goat/ sheep drop­pings (five 90kg bags).
    • Poultry drop­pings (five bags)
    • Rab­bit drop­pings (op­tional based on avail­ab­il­ity)

    Green Mat­ter

    • Tithonia (five bags, green)
    • Sting­ing nettle (two bags, green)
    • Green farm residues op­tional (check on nu­tri­ent value).
    • Green Mar­ket waste lim­ited to non-cit­rus fam­ily

    Dry Mat­ter

    • Maize stalks, bean husks or 15 bags

    Wheat / bar­ley straws

    • Dry mar­ket and farm residue
    • Wood ash (5kg)
    • Egg shells (10kg—lim­ited to boiled/cooked, NOT from hatch­ing)

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    • Cream col­oured pollythene, not less than 8x12 meters in good shape.
    • Gri­in­com Com­poster 20­l­iters—Sh 2,000 for qual­ity con­trol of de­com­pos­i­tion pro­cess.

    A 50 kilo­gram bag of Gri­in­com or­ganic fer­til­iser costs Sh1500 with a cost pro­duc­tion mar­gin of Sh250-300. The com­pany then charges Sh500 for for­ti­fic­a­tion and pack­aging, this leaves the farmer with a Sh700 profit for every bag. The com­pany also help farm­ers with cli­ent sourcing.

    Gri­in­com com­posters: +254 700 658906

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