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Ukambani farmer turns cattle keeping hobby to award winning business

Cows at Aahan Farm

A more than decade-long cattle rearing hobby of rearing cattle has transformed into a fully ventured award-winning commercial dairy farming, with Kalia Farm becoming a milk powerhouse in the semi-arid Ukambani region, and creating a dozen jobs in an area buffeted by vagaries of weather.

Dr. Nelson Nyamu the man behind Kalia Farm has won numerous awards as one of Kenya’s leading dairy farms. His zeal and passion to move agriculture in Machakos County from an agonizing venture to smart farming have earned him international recognition. “Farming is my passion, keeping cows is my forte. I have seen lives transformed. That’s why I am in this to stay,” added an excited Nyamu.

Dr. Nyamu, a physiotherapist by training and the managing director for Physical Therapy Services Limited which runs a private practice that deals with both clinical work and sales of rehabilitation equipment throughout the EA region, also doubles up as the Managing Director for Kalia Farm, which he visits on weekends at least twice a month. “Sometimes the work schedule at my clinic is very tight, but I have never failed to go check on the progress of my farm at least two times a month.

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This farm is not just a side business, it’s a labour of love, and it’s what gives me purpose in life. I have always had a passion for dairy farming and I am glad I have actualized it. There is no turning back,” Dr. Nyamu added. Kalia Farm which started in 1998 with just one cow, then moved to six which Dr. Nyamu says by then was just a hobby, before going fully commercial. The farm stands on 2.5-acre land with the diary taking about half an acre, a one-acre house compound, and the rest of land on lucerne bananas and other fruit trees.

For Dr. Nyamu the Lucerne, categorized under wonder shrubs, has been his saving grace at a time when the cost of commercial feeds has been at unprecedented highs. The shrubs are mixed with other feeds and are known to increase milk yields due to their unparalleled nutritional value. “I have saved a lot with these bushes that’s why I tend to them with zeal. Since learning about them and adopting them I have learned the wonders of upping milk yields,” he added.

Little wonder then that the 105 Holstein Friesian cows that he has managed to produce over 600 liters of milk on average per day which is supplied to various institutions in the county and beyond. His target by next year is to up the yields to1000 a day, which will enable him to start adding value to the milk in order to reap the untapped benefits of value addition. “t is very motivating to mentor and see other farmers come up to diary systems that work very well for them,” said Dr. Nyamu who has now employed 10 employees including a manager, a maintenance guy, and house help.

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But the long distance from Nairobi which means getting some inputs has been costly, coupled with some of the suppliers for feed concentrates interfering with the quality of the feeds affecting his animal’s production capacity has been his biggest challenge.

Elated about the National Farmers Awards which he hails as a step in the right direction in motivating farmers, Dr. Nyamu says he is in dairy farming to stay and thanks his wife for being the force behind his success.  “Success and my love for dairy cows and my family have been my motivation plus striving to prove that in semi-arid areas diary can do very well since the milk price is always better. Hard work pays and excellence comes from doing the same thing right many times,” he concluded.

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