Farmers boost yields with new climate smart push pullFarmers boost yields with new climate smart push p...
28 Jul 2015 11:00 - By Farmbiz Africa

Kenyan farmers are among East African farmers who have adopted a new climate smart push pu [ ... ]

Livestock association gives sector face liftLivestock association gives sector face lift
27 Jul 2015 10:28 - By Farmbiz Africa

Over 700,000 livestock farmers across the country now counts on improved breeds, easier ac [ ... ]

Alex Otieno, who had stayed for five years without a job now earns Sh480,000 every year after finding the magic in cassava root which he has been adding value to and...

A section of mango farmers in the country are using low cost plastic bottles as traps to fight the notorious fruit flies responsible for over...

Tephrosia Vogelii is a herb long used by pastoralists to fight ticks in their livestock that is now moving into the mainstream as interest rises in local and organic...


Sorghum value addition opens new frontiers for Kenyan farmers
By Farmbiz Africa - Wednesday, 29 July 2015
SorghumThe Kenya Agricultural Livestock and Research Organization, KALRO, is championing the value addition of sorghum, especially making of sorghum sausages as farmers record success in growth and market for the crop. Sorghum has been one of the most successful crops in adoption across the country, especially in the arid and semi arid areas. This has been due to its drought resistant traits surviving where ordinarily other crops have failed. Introduction of new high yielding varieties of the crop has further worked to boost production. One such variety, the Sorghum Gadam, whos...Read more...



A farmers' group give agricultural skills to pupils to ...

Mwangaza Farmers Group Organization (MFAGRO) a local organization in Vihiga County has introduced practical agriculture lessons in public primary schools in the region in a bid to impart farming skills to the young generation, making them to actively participate in food production. The p [ ... ]


Farmers boost yields with new climate smart push pull

Kenyan farmers are among East African farmers who have adopted a new climate smart push pull technology by growing the Greenleaf desmodium alongside the drought tolerant Brachiaria cv Mulato grass near maize fields taming the voracious stem borer by 95 per cent while harvesting two and hal [ ... ]


Back in the Day, Tilling Land Was a Communal Activity C...

Most of us who grew up in the village, and who are old enough, must have witnessed this first hand. Groups of people rising to till one villager’s farm, before moving on to the next. It used to take the form of a merry-go-round and within three weeks all the farms in the village were ti [ ... ]


Purple tea earns Meru farm 10x more in exports

A farm in Meru is earning ten times more in purple tea compared to black and green tea, as the demand especially in the export market now hits Sh2,730 a kilo compared to Sh275 for the other teas. This, even as local farmers remain adamant at growing green and black teas which have faced tu [ ... ]