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Tropical sugarbeet: New crop opportunity for all counties

The introduction of tropical sugarbeet varieties has opened up its cultivation to millions of farmers in Rift Valley, Central, and Nyanza. Given that sugarbeets are more economical in sugar production...

Kenya’s potato late blight resistance ticking time bomb for Sh50B agri-sector

Kenya’s potato production has shrunk from 22.4 tons per hectare in 2008 to just 8.4 t/ha in 2022. This is four times lower than the country’s 30 to 40 t/ha

Seed-coating organic fertiliser increases germination rates, upping yield 30%

On average, 76 per cent of market-bought seeds planted by Kenyan farmers germinate. Well below the acceptable 100-85 per cent maize germination percentage. This is a big financial blow to

Kenyan growers cash in on ideal weather for world’s fastest-growing superfruit

Since its classification as a superfruit in the early 2000s the global blueberry market is one of the few horticulture sectors that has seen consistently rising demand and prices. The


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