Profit and loss sharing credit model entices youth to farming

Farm Capital Africa, an investment platform for sustainable agribusiness activities, is redesigning lending culture in the continent, thanks to its  unique model where it offers its clients both capital and technical expertise to boost their agricultural activities, share profit and losses [...]


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Pastoralists dump cows for gum tree as demand soars
Julius Omondi for Farmbizafrica

The soaring demand for a naturally occurring component from the barks of Acacia tree, which is used across pharmaceuticals, drugs and photography industries, has given pastoralists from the Karamoja r [ ... ]

Crop rotation becomes Bungoma farmer’s silver bullet
Harrison Agundo for Farmbizafrica

A radio program has been the spark that has changed the fortunes of a Western Kenya farmer who has doubled yields through crop rotation. Over the years, Agnes Khisa from Bungoma, Western Kenya, grew  [ ... ]

Scientists target silkworms to contain Malaria
Julius Omondi for Farmbizafrica

Scientists at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology are using the small factories that silkworm use to produce silk, to manufacture unique antigens on the spot that are key in diag [ ... ]

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