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June-July: Agriculture Event Calendar

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From agricultural shows to seminars on dairy technology and food processing, these are our picks of June and July events to increase farmers’ yield and incomes.

Saturday, June 22nd
  1. Event: Young Farmer Clubs of Kenya (Y.F.C.K) National Rally

Location: Jamhuri Park

Purpose: An event for YFCK members and high schoolers to come together and learn agricultural activities that can help promote food security.

Thursday, June 27th (9:00 am)

Njoro Avocado Farmers & Marketing Co-operative Society

Event: Inaugural Njoro Avocado Field Day

Location: Maru Avocado Orchard at Sosiot Village, Njoro

About the Event: In Collaboration with Njoro Ward Agriculture Office, Nakuru County, we invite you to come and talk avocado

Jeremiah Ndugu Chairman – 0722 399 441

Wednesday, July 3rd- 7th

Event: Nakuru National Agricultural Show

Location: Nakuru

Charges: Adult Sh250, Children Sh200

Special party rates for schools and farmer groups of 10 and more: Adult: Sh200, Children: Sh150/, Essential sticker: Sh3,000

Wednesday, July 3-4th , 2024

Event: 4th Edition of the National Agriculture Summit

Location: Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi

Organiser: Agriculture Sector Network (ASNET)

About the event: Excited to announce the upcoming 4th Edition of the National Agriculture Summit. This year’s theme is “Embracing Sustainability: Innovations, Research, and Competitiveness in Agriculture.” Looking forward to insightful discussions and collaborations to drive agricultural sustainability. Save the date!

Contact us at 0721975146 or

Thursday, 4th July, 2024

Event: EAGC Agribusiness Expo -Lower Eastern Region

Organiser (s): Feed the Future Initiative

About the event: Farmer Training on Climate Smart Technologies and Practices for Sustainable Food Systems

  • Crop Demo Plots
  • Livestock Demo Units
  • Machinery Display
  • Exhibition Arena
  • B2B Meetings

Location: KALRO Katumani

Charges: Free Gladys: +254 710 607 313 | +254 712 652 317

Friday, 5th July

Event: Potato Farmers’ Field Day

Organiser: National Potato Council of Kenya

About the event: Learn from experts, explore new techniques, and network with fellow farmers

Location: Kapkalan B, next to Tumeiyu Railway, Kabiemit Ward, Elgeyo Marakwet County

Charges: Free

Wednesday, July 10th

Event: East Africa Grain Council Agribusiness Expo

Location: Machakos County, KALRO Katumani

Organiser: Warehouse Receipt System Council

About the event: Climate Smart Technologies & Practices for Sustainable Food Systems

Contacts: +254 710 607 313/ +254 712 652 317

Thursday, July 11th, Time: 15:00 PM EAT

Event: The burden of acid soils for crop production in sub-Saharan Africa

Location: Zoom Webinar

Organiser: Alliance Bioversity & CIAT CGIAR

Speakers: Dr. Joao Vasco Silva International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, Zimbabwe
Dr. Jordan Chamberlin International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, Kenya

Registration Link:

Thursday, July 11th- 14th

Event: Southern Kenya Branch Show

Location: Kisii

Charges: Adult Sh250, Children Sh200

Special party rates for schools and farmer groups of 10 and more: Adult: Sh200, Children: Sh150/, Essential sticker: Sh3,000

Thursday, July 11th from 2pm-4Pm

Event: Webinar on “Pastoralists’ Adaptation to Climate Change in East Africa”

About the event: Pastoralists’ adaptation to Climate Change in East Africa

Organiser(s): The Community of Practice for Climate Action East Africa.

Speakers: Keynote: James Orre: Rebuilding Pastoralist Livelihoods-Kenya Keynote: Liban Golicha (PARAAN): How is Climate Change affecting pastoralist communities? Basele Stephen Galgesa, Pastoralist Peoples’ Initiative: Traditional knowledge for climate change adaptation
Dr. Clement Lenachuru, Baringo Women and Youth Organization: Reseeding of rangelands and seed management Manei Naanyu, PELUM Kenya: Management of invasive species in the rangelands Beatrice Nabukenya, Caritas MADDO (Triple C Project): Pasture improvement & hay/silage making Jasson Rwazo, Missenyi District Council (Triple C Project): Adoption of water harvesting techniques Roine Mbuyuk, PADEECO: Restocking with drought resistant livestock

Meeting ID: 397 751 281 697 Passcode: 8avUuZ

Thursday, July 18-19th

Event: The Amagoh Dorper Conference

Location: Day 1 Venue: Plenary @Sarit Expo Centre Westlands, Nairobi
Day 2 Venue: Amagoh Farm, Kantafu along Kangundo road (Practical)

About the event: Dorper Excellence: Strategies to unlock flock potential and maintain quality consistency
Dorper Breed Standards
Market Opportunities
Feed & Reproduction

Speaker(s): Phil Rawlins– Internationally accredited Dorper Sheep Inspector & Judge from South Africa.

Charges: Sh15,000
Account: 6374250026

For sponsorship opportunities, registrations, and enquiries contact 0112 955 240

Wednesday, July 24th- 28th

Event: Kisumu Regional Show

Location: Kisumu

Charges: Adult Sh250, Children Sh200

Special party rates for schools and farmer groups of 10 and more: Adult: Sh200, Children: Sh150/, Essential sticker: Sh3,000

Wednesday, July 24- July 26

Event: Discover the Future of Dairy: Join us at the International Exhibition on Dairy Technology and Innovation in Kenya!

Organiser: Dairytech Africa

About the event: This groundbreaking event is a convergence of visionaries, experts, and innovators in the dairy industry, showcasing the latest technological advancements and innovative solutions. From state-of-the-art milking equipment to sustainable dairy farming practices, DairyTech Africa presents a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and discovering cutting-edge solutions.

As Kenya and Africa as a whole embark on a journey towards dairy self-sufficiency and quality enhancement, this exhibition serves as the epicenter for shaping the future of dairy production. Join us in this exciting endeavor to revolutionize the dairy sector and make a significant impact on the global dairy landscape.


Location: Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nairobi

Charges: Free

Wednesday, July 24- 26

Event: International Exhibition on Food Processing, Manufacturing & Packaging

Organiser: Footec Africa

About the Event: The main theme of the exhibition is “Ensure Sustainable Food Systems and Improved Nutrition with Technology”. The theme is aligned with the Government’s Big 4 Agenda Initiative with a specific focus on two of the four pillars i.e. Food & Nutrition Security; to drive smallholder productivity, reduce the cost of food, and enhance large-scale farming and Manufacturing; specifically, the Agro- Processing where the government intends to generate over $200 Million annually in value additions.


Location: Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nairobi

Charges: Free

Monday 29th July-02 Aug

Event: Training on Causes And Minimization Of Post-Harvest Losses


About the Event: Foods are very prone to loss and waste. Such loss and waste does not only lead to reduced farmers’ incomes and increase consumers’ expenses but also present many negative economic and environmental challenges. While the number of food-insecure populations remains unacceptably high, massive quantities of food are lost due to spoilage and infestations before they can be consumed. Reducing food losses and waste is a proven way of ensuring food security. This training course is designed to shed light on the causes of postharvest losses and strategies that can reduce such losses.


5 Days

Course objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• Understand the concepts of food losses and control.

• Understand the importance of attentive harvest, packing, storage, and transportation to provide quality products.

• Understand how food management practices affect post-harvest conditions.

• Understand how food safety practices begin in the field and carry through harvest & post-harvest handling.

• Reduce losses (both physical and in market value) between harvest and consumption.

• Protect food safety and learn appropriate handling technology for a given produce taking into consideration the available technology of the locality or country.

Course Outline

Module 1:

Basic concepts

• Food waste

• Food loss

• Food waste and loss

• Food quality loss or waste

• Physical loss

• Economic loss

Module 2:

Causes of post-harvest losses

• Primary Causes

• Secondary Causes

Module 3:

Methods of post-harvest loss and waste minimization

• Drying techniques

• Packaging and protective storage

• Refrigeration and cooling

• Use of chemicals

• Biological controls

• Canning

• Irradiation

• Freezing

• Pasteurization

• Sterile filtration

Module 4:

Field trip

Module 5:

Implications of reducing food loss and waste

• Food availability

• Food safety and security and livelihoods

• Food prices

Location: Fahari Palace Serviced Apartments, Westlands Church Road, Nairobi

Charges: Sh90,000


More information:

Contact: +254 732 776 700 / +254 759 285 295

If you have an event you would like us to publicise, please send details to info@farmbizafrica. This service is free. The only condition for acceptance is that the event will help farmers build knowledge and income.

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