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Potato seed supplier introduces new early maturing, drought-tolerant variety

Arizona potato

By George Munene

Agrico Potato Services Africa Ltd, a leading supplier of certified Irish potato seed has introduced a new potato strain to its roster; Arizona. Now available for retail and the local market it is an early maturing variety (90-95 days) and suited to various climate conditions, thanks to its heat and drought tolerance.

The yellow-skinned potato gives a high yield with big-sized shallow-eyed tubers. 

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It is a table potato; suitable for cooking, mashing, or using in stews; all of which make it marketable to local markets.

In three months, and under good agronomic practices, Arizona has a yield potential of up to 20 tons per acre. This is juxtaposed to the popular Shangi potato variety which usually matures in four months.

The new variety is susceptible to late blight, farmers will therefore need to employ strict preventative spraying schedules to guard against the fungus.

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Certified Arizona seeds will be available to farmers from September, but its ware potatoes can be bought from Agrico at SH1,500 per 50kg bag

Agrico Potato Services Africa Ltd: 0742844207 to order.

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