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Farm Company launches mini tractor for smallholder farmers

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Multipurpose handpushed walking tractor/PHOTO/FILE

G.North and Son Limited, a company with more than 50 years’ experience in importing and supplying of high end technologies in the fields of agriculture and  Irrigation has unveiled a walking multipurpose tractor which may save smallholder farmers Sh2000 per acre in tillage costs.

David Machuki, G.North Nakuru’s Plant Manager said the hand driven walking tractor which was introduced two years ago costs Sh300,000 and can be used to plough, transport farm goods, harvest and pump water.


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“The walking hand pushed tractor which is operated while standing behind it is a 12 horse power machine. It consumes four liters of diesel to till one acre of land. Based on the current cost of Sh99 per liter of diesel, a farmer will require only Sh400 to plough one acre of land as compared to leasing a tractor which costs an average of Sh2,500 per acre,” said David.

“The tractor is specifically designed for smallholder farmers who cannot afford to purchase the normal tractor which costs Sh1.5m on the lower end but may vary depending on the brand and size,”

G.North & Sons Limited imports the tractors from Turkey which are then shipped in to the country for re-sale to smallholder farmers.

The two-wheeled tractor has a single axle with a power take off shaft that can attach various farm implements such as rototillers, disc plows, root tuber/harvesting plows, harrows and seeders. In this, farmers can perform explicit duties in the farm efficiently while minimizing costs.

It can transport up to one tonne of goods if connected to a trailer which comes with an additional cost of Sh250,000. When connected to a trolley, the user operates on top of it and can engage a four wheel drive and full gear for it to move easily.

“To maintain it, it is important to wash it after every use; oil should also be applied to moving parts regularly at least once in a week to reduce friction, there is also need to check the depth of the oil before and after use to ensure the machine is not operated below capacity,” opined David.

As a majority of farmers in the country use traditional jembes to plough, the launch of the tractor will come as a relief that will boost farmers’ income while at the same time maintain food security.

Interested farmers can contact David on +254 725 298579

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