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Amiran introducing acid free fast maturing kale

Health Effects of eating Sukuma Wiki Meal
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By George Munene

Amiran Kenya will be introducing Ahadi Collard F1, a hybrid fast-maturing sukuma wiki that is ready for harvest in just 30 to 45 days after transplanting compared to the usual 55 days. The new kale will be less acidic than most existing varieties in the market hence suited for ulcer patients.

“It has a pleasant taste coupled with having low acidity and soft leaves compared to all other sukuma wiki varieties.” 

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These are both preferred traits that will serve to make it a favorite with Kenyan consumers.

Ahadi F1 is compact with shorter internodes increasing each plant’s leaf carrying capacity while having dark green medium-sized leaves. 

The variety is also heat and cold tolerant whilst being resistant to stem rot.

Sukuma wiki is Kenya’s most consumed vegetable with very little in production costs. Once harvesting starts, a farmer can enjoy a full year’s harvest without needing much replenishment.

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A farmer can harvest up to 8000kgs per acre of kales in a year with good agronomic practices. The farmgate price of a  kilogram of sukuma wiki averages about Sh30 per kilogram.


Contact Amiran on 0800720720 for more information.

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