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Calving detector, new way to manage calving

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        Calving detector, new dairy technological method to monitor calving in cows.

Farmers can now know when their cows are about to give birth from whatever distance they are, thanks to calving detector.

Described by dairy experts as individual-cow maternity monitoring device, calving detector was developed by a French manufacturer Medria and it has been tested in most parts of the world.

This system uses thermometer equipped boluses inserted intervaginally in cows, typically a week after their anticipated due date.

“With this set and connected with mobile phones, a farmer will receive a text message on activated bolus and the time and date it was inserted,” said Justine Kinaro, vet nary expert.

He says texted alert message can be sent to up to six pre-programmed cell-phone members.

The thermometer will detect a significant drop in temperature signaling labour time and that delivery is eminent within about 48 hours.

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Another text message is sent when the animal’s water breaks and the bolus expelled. This can be programmed with allowance of time for natural labouring.

“This can help farmers at night and while away in other functions to monitor their cows which are about to give birth,” said Kinaro.

Necessary assistance can therefore be arrange for to the cow if need be.

Kinaro says that these gadgets are still unavailable in Kenyan market and that dairy farmers can make orders for these gadgets at $15 which is about Sh1547.

Anyway for farmers who cannot afford this, it is advisable that they can monitor by themselves a number of activities exhibited by the cow when about to give birth.

These include increased lying and standing events, increased tail movements and decreased rumination.


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