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Company offers Kwale beekeepers training and market for their produce

the hive improved beehives
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Trainers taking farmers through on how to harvest honey. The Hive Group, a bee farming company to help farmers in Kwale County to improve on production and sales of bee products. Photo courtesy.

Hive Group, a bee farming and investment company has partnered with Kwale County government to help farmers in the area boost production of bee products such as honey, wax, and venom among others and further provide them with ready market by buying the products from the producers.

According to Hive Group CEO Christopher Nzuki, the company will kick start a 100 kit programme that will see 60,000kg of honey harvested per year. Each kit will have the capacity to harvest 600kg.

The company will buy the produce from farmers at Sh450 per kilogram. It will also offer training to the county staff and other designated officers to build their capacity prior to commencement of the programme.

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Davis Mwangoma, the county’s CECM said that the move will radically commercialize bee farming in the area creating a ready and steady market. He called on farmers to take up the initiative to meet the high demand for honey and bee products.

Speaking during the meeting, Governor Granton Samboja lauded the efforts and progress made and requested Qwetu SACCO representatives present to develop an asset financing product centred on the bee farming to enable the County Government partner with them and assist women and youth gain by venturing into bee farming.

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County First Lady H.E Stella Samboja advised the Hive Group to incorporate women in the program to empower them.

Also present were CECM for Finance and planning Vincent Masawi and CECM Trade and Tourism Gertrude Shuwe.

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Hive Group can be reached on +254 706 349 748/+254 731 905 263 Email us [email protected]

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