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Dubai fresh produce importer looking for avocado, orange and dragon fruits suppliers

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Green Roots Trading Llc, a Dubai-based vegetables and fruits importer is looking for exporters who can supply them with avocado, orange and dragon fruits to meet the increasing demand in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) country.

During the warm winter months when many tourists visit the country demand for fruit and vegetables is always higher especially avocados and blueberries whose demand are on the rise in the Gulf States, according to Shoaib Qureshi, the company’s co-founder.

“We have been importing most of our fresh produce from Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey and Iran but we are now looking to import from African countries especially form Kenya-which is well known for quality avocado production and South Africa-known for oranges,” said Qureshi.

According to the latest statistics, Kenya is the largest African exporter of avocado while South Africa is the world’s third-largest citrus exporter.

“The demand for Kenyan avocados has been on an upward trend for the last three years as exporters, as well as growers, have done their best in meeting the international market standards,” said Asif Amin, Managing Director of Kenyan based Keitt Exporters Ltd.

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For oranges, the preferable varieties in Dubai include citrus and Valencia while Hass and Fuerte varieties of avocadoes are acceptable.

“We can work more than 5-10 containers which are around 120-240 tonnes per month but for the start, we can start with one container,” said Qureshi.

Green Roots Trading work with their exporters on commission which is payable after three working days upon delivery and verification of the produce.

“Our prices depend on the global market rates hence there is no fear for shortchanges in the business that we have been doing for years now.”

Photo: Citrus oranges. Photo courtesy.

Green Roots Trading can be reached on [email protected] or +971 4333 2288 while Qureshi on +971 50 153 2334.

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