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High yielding bull breed sires a heifer that can produce up to 57 liters of milk per day

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An Eldoret based company Bles Dairies has introduced a new high yielding bull breed with sexed semen that can sire a heifer that can yield up to 57 liters of milk at second lactation period.

According to Kenya Dairy Board, the regulator of the dairy sector in Kenya, the country’s smallholder farmers’ rear cows which produce six to eight liters of milk per day and the production needs to be improved if farmers are to earn maximum profits on their investments.

“The bull which was introduced into the market two years ago has a 95 per cent conception rate and its heifers have a fast growth rate being ready for service at 15 to 16 months compared to other breeds which take up to two years,” said Titus Maiyo, the Sales Manager at the company.


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Danshot bull breed. Photo/courtesy

A heifer sired from the bull produces between 32 to 40m liters per day on first lactation period, up to 50 liters on second lactation and 50 to 57 liters at its peak.

Danshot bull breed is an import from Netherlands and has so far been used to sire 46 calves in Moiben, Uasin Gishu County with the demand being high according to Maiyo.

One mature Danshot bull costs Sh330,000 inclusive of transport costs when imported from Netherlands but smallholder farmers can obtain its semen at Sh5,500.

Bles Dairies is one of the players in the international dairy sector with over 25 years’ experience in dairy development.

The company focuses on breeding productive, durable and healthy cows with longevity and is also involved in consultancy through the transfer of know-how i.e. how is essential as the demand for a sustainable and profitable milk production and processing is increasing with a growing global population.

Overall, the dairy industry in Kenya contributes approximately four percent of the Gross Domestic Product and provides 750,000 and 500,000 direct and indirect jobs respectively.

In the first three month of 2018, milk production increased by 26 per cent from 47m kilos recorded in January to 60m liters in March according to the Kenya Dairy Board.

Titus Maiyo can be reached on +254 728 686 020

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