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Kenya to host Eastern and Southern Africa Dairy Association conference this month

Esada dairy conference
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Kenya is preparing to host one of the biggest dairy meetings in the continent organised by the Eastern and Southern Africa Dairy association –ESADA to take place in Nairobi with the aim of reviewing new technologies for the sub-sector while triggering production among small and large players in the industry.

The conference which will take place from 20th to 24th August will bring together more than 600 delegates from over 40 countries to discuss and highlight strategies, best practices and showcase new technologies.

Under the theme; African Dairy, the grand transformation, the event underpins that the technological advancement and improvement in practices in the dairy sector is imperative in unlocking the potential of the dairy industry in the continent.

It will be held at the Kenyatta International Conference and exhibition Centre and it fits into the government’s Big Four agenda that seeks to increase agriculture production.

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Among other reasons why Kenya has been chosen to host the event this time round is that the dairy sector in Kenya is one of the most advanced in East and Central Africa only coming second to South Africa. However, unlike South Africa, the local industry is controlled mainly by smallholder farmers who are slow in adapting to new technologies to boost production.

While processed milk is slowly being adapted by general population, the consumption of raw and unprocessed milk has remained the norm in Kenya even as the regulator, the Kenya Dairy Board launches campaign to cramp down on such sales. Ugandan processed milk has also made inroads into Kenyan shelves.

ESADA has over the past twelve years put together successful dairy events that seek to promote dairy farming, production and consumption in Africa. So far, similar events have been held in Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

The association’s aim is to educate, connect, empower and enlighten stakeholders in the dairy industry across the value chain.

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This conference and exhibition seeks to afford African dairy processors, service providers and industry suppliers a unique opportunity to showcase their products for benchmarking and to network and share knowledge and experiences.

It will also highlight opportunities for dairy sector investment in Africa with a focus on Kenya and the Eastern African sub region which has huge potential as well as provide a platform for African and the global dairy community to discuss and recommend solutions to policy, regulatory and industry bottlenecks that impede trade in dairy products.

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