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New feed technology that increases weaning weight by 2.7kg in pigs


Piglets. Photo courtesy.

Cooper K-Brands Ltd (CKL), an animal health company in East and Central Africa has introduced a new technology dubbed Diamond V Fermentation Technology used to create all-natural, nutritional health products that boosts pigs’ weaning weight by 2.7kg than the ordinary feeds.

The technology is centered around microbial anaerobic fermentation that metabolites bioactive compounds synthesized during the fermentation process that are highly stable making a totally unique method.

The resultant functional metabolites or bioactive compounds comprises of organic acids, antioxidants (polyphenols), nucleotides, peptides or proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates among others.

“The unique metabolites created through this exclusive fermentation process improves health and performance of animals especially in pigs during their gestation and lactation period.”

During the period it enhances immune function, gut microbial balance and activity and improves intestinal morphology.

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In sows, an adult female pigs that have farrowed one or more litters, Diamond XPC help increase litter size, weaning weight and reductions in fecal Clostridia perfringens while in nursery pigs it improves gut health, reduces need for injectable antibiotic treatments and improves performance.

In addition, Diamond V Fermentation Technology also helps in overcoming today’s swine disease and stress challenges by offering stable gut environment under all conditions, during every phase of production.

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Healthy populations of beneficial gut bacteria help pigs resist stress and perform better.

Researchers assert that Diamond V’s unique product technologies support swine health and performance throughout the production cycle. These natural technologies have multiple modes of action that promote beneficial bacteria in the gut, improve overall gut integrity, and support a balanced immune system.

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Cooper K-Brands Ltd (CKL), can be reached on +25420420600/722209840/734330044

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