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State constructing Lamu livestock pre-export zone to tap export market

livestock pre export zone

By George Munene

Kenya has begun construction of a livestock pre-export zone in Lamu County. The Sh 3 billion project will enable for processing of slaughtered livestock to suit the consumer-driven demands of traders. This value addition will also enable the exportation of animal products through the newly opened Lamu port and in turn, improve the incomes of livestock farmers in the region.

The Bar’goni Livestock Pre-Export Quarantine project will be sited in Lamu West and is slated for completion in June next year. It will contain livestock holding pens, livestock housing and feeding troughs, and disease-control veterinary fences as well as feed storage housing, mixing machinery, and a mini-lab.

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“As construction work commences on the livestock pre-export zone we hope local livestock farmers, especially those in adjoining arid and semi-arid lands, will invest in the livestock sector to help improve their livelihoods”, Harry Kimtai Principal Secretary State Department for Livestock said.

The quarantine facility is also useful in ensuring livestock commodities meet internationally set animal health handling standards.

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