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Village chicken auction market helps small scale farmers fetch better prices

chicken auctioneers
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Chicken auctioneers at Kiling’ot auction Market in Baringo County. Photo, Ebru TV.

Small scale farmers in Kiling’ot village, Baringo County who started a chicken auction market in the area in 2014 just to sell the birds among themselves at Sh200 a bird are now able to reach more buyers who offer as high as sh1,000 a chicken.

The market was started by farmers who did the potential to rear goats to enable them to participate in the bigger annual Kimalel Goat Auction event where attend the market to sell the flocks.

Kiling’ot chicken auction happens every month when buyers bid for the price of a chicken lower price until the price goes up when the highest bidder who beats the rest walks away with the chicken. The process is repeated until all the birds are sold.

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Today the least cost of a chicken is Sh600 with the highest cost is Sh1,000 with most buyers coming from buyers from Ossen, Kabarnet, Kabartonjo, Marigat and Nakuru.

In a given auction event farmers can sell up to over 500 chicken.

In addition, farmers get the opportunity to meet with agricultural extension officers from the county who help them on good poultry keeping which has improved their livelihood.

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