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Agriculture expert devices 30% cheaper feed that boosts animal production

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By George Munene

Fred’s Animal Nutrition, a Thika-based animal feeds manufacturing company is helping reduce the feed cost burden for farmers by manufacturing 30 per cent cheaper poultry, pig, and dairy feed that give farmers better production than conventional feed suppliers.

“A 70-kilogram bag of our layer mash costs Sh3,800 compared to traditional millers who are currently selling it for Sh4,000. This is between Sh30-20 less a kilogram, but gives our farmers better production,” said the project’s co-founder Okuta Ngura– an animal health expert and poultry farmer for 13 years. 

70-kilogram bags of the company’s growers mash will set you back Sh3,500. For pigs, sow and weaner feed costs Sh2,500 and lactator Sh2,800. All are priced lower than what is currently on the market.

The company currently has a clientele of about 60 farmers. 

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To solve the feed quality versus price riddle which has dashed many farming dreams in Kenya the company uses a novel concept of reducing many of the expensive sources of crude proteins in feeds such as soya and fish meal with amino acids.

“By focusing on low protein diets for animals we are able to cut down on the most costly component of feeds and improve feed efficiency, ”Ngura explains.

Bone meal and Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP), expensive sources of protein and calcium, are also replaced by the cheaper phytate phosphorus which is activated by enzymes.

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Maize used in the rations is reduced with vegetable oils such as sunflower which have double the energy of carbohydrates further lowering the cost. 

“We have just purchased a sunflower oil pressing machine to meet this anticipated demand for oilseed. Through this we will be hoping to create a market for sunflower growers in the country,” he informs.

The company also sells feed ingredients and mixes them for farmers.

Ngura poultry care: 0729 568151

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