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Agro-company launches portable water harvesting and storage tanks

mesh water tank

Mesh Water Tank. It is used for water harvesting and storage and it does not require a concrete base. Photo: Zablon Oyugi.

An agro-company in Nairobi has launched portable water harvesting and storage tanks of different sizes called Mesh Water Tanks with volumes of 10,000 to 200,000 litres. The tanks, contrary the ones already in market, are ideal for installation on surfaces with low load-bearing capacities making a concrete base unnecessary.

According to John Maina, technician at AQuapro, the company which makes and sells the tanks among other products, Mesh Water Tanks are made from 1.0mm High-density polyethylene (HDPE), Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coated mesh combination and a dam liner to prevent rust.

“The walls of these type of tanks are built from 3m long PVC-coated galvanised steel structures and a lining which is UV treated for high-clarity purified water free from rust contaminations,” said Maina.

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However, the dam liner is supposed to be changed after every 25 years because of algae development that occurs with time.

In addition, the tanks have a closed roofing which can be made to collect water into the tank and preventing litters from entering the tank. The roofing also makes the tank suitable for grain storage if the user would want it so.

Unlike most tanks in the market, Mesh Water Tanks can be moved from place to place on a seasonal basis and they are cost effective.

Maina says, currently normal plastic tanks in the market with capacity of 10,000 litres costs Sh95,000, but ours with capacity of 25,000 litres goes for Sh96,000 and still users can be able to move it freely from point to point depending on activities to be done.

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The prices which vary depending on the tanks’ capacities are inclusive of installation and technician fee while buyers are expected to cater for transport costs which is affordable as the company allows them (buyers) to choose their preferable means of transport.

“We allow our customers to choose their cheapest means of transport either by private, public, courier services, or our company transport services,” said Maina.

To make their clients more comfortable, the company through their technicians offer brief trainings on how best the tanks can be used and maintained and in any case of difficulties thereafter, the technicians are always available for consultations.

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So far the company has sold over 100,000 such tanks in a period of less than five years to government and private institutions such as polytechnics, colleges, schools, prisons and farms.

“We have been recommended widely more so by the Ministry of Internal Security after we supplied them with some tanks a year ago that went to the various prisons,” Maina said.

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