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Bulb-like camera could help arrest crop, animal thieves

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A camera disguised as a light bulb is being sold as the perfect security against crop and animal theft, in areas where these crimes are rampant.

Stephen Adero, the man selling the gadgets, swears by their effectiveness, noting that they are both cheap to install, compared to conventional closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs).

“The camera is unlikely to attract attention because it can easily pass for a light bulb. It also does not have complicated set up instructions too-all you need to do is screw the camera directly into any standard lighting fixture, and you start recording immediately,” said Adero. 

The Light Bulb Camera gets its power directly from the lighting fixture and requires no power cords or batteries required.

“In addition, it has built-in Infrared light emiting diodes (LED) lights, which enable it to record at night,” said Adero.
All the footage collected is stored in a an expandable memory slot that can accommodate a MicroSD card of upto 32GB.
The gadget, which retails at Sh13,500 could probably tame the crop theft that has been plaguing Taita Taveta farmers, most of whom have ditched banana and fruit farming due to losses incurred.

“Our farmers mostly depend on banana farming for their livelihoods, and any form of interference with their production, such as through theft, adversely affects them,” said Taita Taveta Governor John Mruttu during a recent public address.


Interested farmers can reach Adero through phone number: 0726236644


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