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Highly Commended CNN Multichoice African Journalism Awards



Farmbizafrica has received the Judges’ high commendation in the Environment award category of the CNN Africa Multichoice Journalism 2014 award.

This, following a story by Bob Koigi about a correctional facility in Western Kenya that is transforming delinquents who are then not only correcting their behaviours but adverse human activities that have had an adverse environmental impact on farms and families.

“The strong story telling skills of this journalist was among the reasons he received the judge’s commendation. He transports the readers there and walks them through what these young boys are trying to do to save the environment. The clarity and story structure makes the story a beautiful read,” said Ferial Haffajee, Chair of the independent judging panel.


An excited Bob Koigi who has now won six awards thanked his team, his boss Ms Jenny Luesby and his grandmother who he says has been his pillar of strength and inspiration. “I loved every bit of this story, and most importantly the fact that these young people had realized the power of a second chance. They were not just saving themselves but an entire region who has been teetering on the brink of an environmental catastrophe. Such stories are the reason I wake up every morning. I love telling them,” said Bob Koigi.

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