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Company launches new organic fertiliser that increase production and preserve soil

Zelena fertiliser increas kales growth

Emloyee of Zelena Grow holding a kale vegetable which has been raised by the company organic fertiliser during this year’s Nairobi International Trade Fair at Jamhuri Grounds, Nairobi. Photo: Zablon Oyugi.

A Nairobi organic company has launched 10 types of organic fertiliser for all types of crops to improve quality and quantity of production as well as preserving worth of soil. This comes at a time when many farmers are crying foul of synthetic fertilisers which wear out soil.

According to a 2013 study by a German foundation, mineral fertilizers have never been used as much as they are today, and in developing countries they are experiencing a renaissance. But the efficacy of mineral fertilizers and the problems they entail have long been a matter of contention.

Zelena Grow fertiliser which are made from seaweed, Laminaria japonica and which include top foliar, root promoter, victory, root manager, organic micromix, grow nurse, boron plus and zeplus in liquid form and mazao bora in solid form have no effect on soil.

“To meet the demands of improving yields without compromising the environment, Zelena Grow fertilizer is environmentally friendly fertilizers,” said Octavian Mwabende, Zelena agronomist.

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For instance, root manager which can be used to soak seeds before planting helps promote rapid development of plant root system, absorption of nutrients, maintains plant’s health through provision of uniform macro nutrients, resistance against bacteria and disease, improve soil’s holding capacity of nutrients and water and increase coil fertility.

“Our fertiliser have micronutrients such as boron, zinc, phosphorous, potassium, nitrogen amino acid and natural plant hormone, auxin for plants’ growth promotion,” said Mwabende.

The company which started operations on February this year is a brainchild of two agro-entrepreneur Charles Mutie and Rehema Nur has its headquarters along Mombasa road imports most of its products from Israel.

The fertilisers are applicable in a wide range of plants such as vegetables that include kales, cabbages, spinach, fruits, flowers, maize, and legumes among other crops.

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