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Digital marketplace enrolling farmers to meet global demand

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By George Munene

Kenyan agritech selling platform Selina Wamucii has been struggling to meet gloabal market demand for agricultural produce and is seeking to onboard even more farmers. The online platform sets them up with both local and export markets.

The platform seeks to iron out the market inefficiencies within agriculture in Africa that leave farmers holding the shorter end of the stick by not getting the full value proposition for their produce. 

As officially registered, organized groups of more than 50 members, farmers can sell directly on the platform, participating in the entire growing, harvesting and market’s supplying value chain within their countries, Africa and the wider export market.

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Founded in 2015, Selina Wamucii is a Kenyan agricultural company and social enterprise that sources, grades and markets fresh produce from small holder farmers, pastoralists as well as fishing communities across Africa, selling to both local and global vendors and distributors,

Talking to Disrupt Africa, Gaita Kariuki the company’s co-founder explained: “Buyers are looking for quality produce at better prices whilst farmers seek for a truly farmer-centric company that treats them fairly, especially when it comes to payments; technologies including artificial intelligence, data, and algorithms streamline the extremely fragmented African agricultural supply chain. The benefits of an efficient sourcing chain are passed on to both the farmer and the buyer. We were the first company to pay our farmers better prices than what was being offered by anyone else, and on the same day their produce is picked and delivered.”

The demand for its family farm level sourced agri-produce has over the years seen great market uptake, with the platform nowhere near meeting the capacities demanded by the market. To broaden its supply base Wamucii is working to integrate farmer cooperatives, agro-processors and organisations working directly with farmers at all levels.

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With five years of experience in the agriculture value chain, a footprint across Africa and buyers around the globe, the platform also gathers AI driven price outlook insights.

To be on boarded onto the Selina Wamucii farmers program fill in the form here;

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