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Exporter wants runner beans

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Runner beans growing in a farm. A marketer is looking for 12 tonnes of runner beans per month for export from Kenya. PHOTO BY GARDEN ACTION.

A horticultural produce marketer is looking for farmers to supply him with at least 12 tonnes per month for export.

Dennis Mutwiri said the demand for the less cultivated bean is rising because the supply is low as farmers are growing other varieties sold while dry.

At least three tonnes of the beans are required per week.

The runner beans, which must be fresh, are harvested and sold while green and with the pods intact. 

Farmers will earn Sh40 per kilo for grade one beans; grade two produce will fetch Sh30 per kilo.

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The Nairobi’s Embakasi-based marketer is willing to collect the beans from the farmer at no extra cost.

“After confirming, I can collect the beans and pay for them on the spot or as the farmers may want it done, that is, per week or per month,” he said.

The United States of America early this year allowed for Kenya to export fresh produce including fresh runner, green and shelled beans into that country starting November 2016.Baby carrots and baby corn were allowed too.

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The step expanded the list of consumers of the horticultural produce from the traditional European Union as well as the Middle- East markets, after Kenya complied with the chemical residue regulations.

Mutwiri said the demand is even higher than their target and therefore, he has no limit of how much one can supply.

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The beans, which can also be grown as ornamental plants, a can be sliced and added to dishes like rice. According to the BBC, they are best eaten when young and tender, and the skin is green.

Mutwiri can be reached on +254724306613

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