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Factsheet: Understanding Soil Liming

Despite the benefits of liming adoption, only about eight per cent of farmers utilise it on their soils. This is due to the limited knowledge and awareness about lime application and benefits of lime. 

The abundance of lime in Kenya,  which can sustain the country for over 900 years accelerates the need to tap into this valuable mineral. 

The cost of lime per bag is also low at just Sh.300. For one hectare a farmer requires about 20 bags. 

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To avoid over liming soil testing is required to determine the specific amount of lime needed to be added. The type of crop and variety are also essential in determining the amount of lime needed. 

To increase liming in farms 30,000 smallholder farmers across Kenya have been trained by Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) on the knowledge about liming and are expected to pass the knowledge to neighbouring farmers. 

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Through liming and availability of subsidized fertilizer crop production can be doubled assuring the country’s food security and boosting agri-business significantly. 

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