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Farmbiz competition: Sack farming innovators

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By the Farmbiz Team

FarmBiz Africa is today launching a competition to find Africa’s top farming innovators in vertical sack farming, with a prize of a 2,000-litre water tank to the winner, and innovator award certificates for runners up.

Vertical sack gardening can transform output and water use for relatively small investments, so we at FarmBiz are keen to help every reader in adding vertical sacks and making their space go further in crops and yields – but which crops can be grown in sacks is still an experiment that is under way.

For example, this week, Tomi from Nigeria wrote to us to ask if he could grow pumpkins in vertical sacks.We don’t know: but maybe you do.

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If you are using vertical sacks, you can enter our competition by sending us information about what you are growing, with photos and details of how well it is working, and information about any challenges you have had and how you have solved them, or not.

We will report the best and most innovative examples and award you a ‘Sack Farming Innovator’ certificate.For the very best entry, achieving the most, or growing the most unexpected or valuable crop, we will award the top prize for this competition, which is a 2,000 litre water tank to help the winner in irrigating their sacks.

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We will publish the stories of all the innovators awarded certificates and announce the full results of the competition by 30th July 2020.

Please enter early and tell us about your own sack farming, to

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