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FarmBizAfrica announces vertical farming winners


By FarmBizAfrica

FarmBizAfrica has today announced Kabete farmer Onesmus Muthuri as the winner of its first Farming Innovation competition, which set out to find farmers pioneering in vertical sack farming.

Onesmus, who began vertical farming to grow organic fruit and vegetables for his daughter, who was suffering from gastric issues, quickly found new ways to grow more, planting often in old plastic bottles and containers mounted in wooden frames.
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He found he was using minimal water and generating enough from his tiny flower area to begin selling crops too. He has also now launched a business Tawa Gardens to help other urban residents get into vertical gardening by finding the best spaces in their homes and the ideal frames and growing containers, as well as advising them on planting, care and harvesting.

Onesmus, who says he spends just 20 minutes a day tending his own prolific vertical farm, wins a 2,000 litre water tank as the first prize in the FarmBozAfrica Farming Innovators competition.


We were honoured with many entries to the competition and have also awarded Runners Up positions and certificates to the following entrants, who you can read about on the links provided.

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