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FarmBizAfrica is recruiting freelance reporters and researchers

From FarmBizAfrica HR Team

FarmBizAfrica, which is now Africa’s largest farming news service, is recruiting freelance reporters and researchers to help serve our half-a-million readers and growing number of Society members.

We are looking for a gifted researcher, interviewer and writer, to write paid articles for our platform.

In this, we believe infomration can change the continent, a story at a time, and a farmer at a time, by setting our agricultural producers onto new paths of greater earnings and knowhow: for which reason, we need writers who can capture the detail farmers require in order to make smart business and production decisions.

We are happy to consider students with agricultural backgrounds, or who have trained as journalists. We will test for strong writing skills, and we know from our years of experience leading in farmers’ news that the more knowledge about agriculture our writers have, the better. Maybe you are an extension officer, just about to retire, or an international agricultural researcher who just got hit by a Coronavirus reduncancy.

But whatever your background, if you can find and write stories that help farmers increase their yields and increase their earnings, we want to hear from you.

Above all, the real deciding factors in joining us as a paid contributor are,:can you ask probing and revealing questions of those you interview on behalf of our readers? Can you find and develop story leads, by talking everywhere and to everyone about changes underway? And do you have an innate or researched appreciation of which changes are likely to have the biggest impact on the most farmers?

We are also looking for entry level researchers to help with market research for our Society members, and for our other company databases.

If you are interested in either of these opportunities with FarmBizAfrica, please write to us at [email protected]

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